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  • a

    An absence is when something or someone is missing, lacking, or not present. It could also represent one who is absent minded or preoccupied.   Positive: Dreaming of someone being(…) – Read More

  • ACID
    Acid is a sour substance that or liquid that has a pH balance less than 7. Acids are commonly known for dissolving other compounds.   Positive: Dreaming of acid could represent God(…) – Read More

    Adolescence is the time where a child transitions into their teenage years or adulthood and when puberty starts.   Positive: Dreaming of the adolescent period of life can represent God(…) – Read More

    An adventure is an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.   Positive: Dreaming of going on an adventure can represent that you are ready to try something(…) – Read More

    An agreement is an arrangement, a promise, or a contract made between two or more people. In a dream, an agreement could represent a promise or a covenant.   Positive: Dreaming of an(…) – Read More

    An ailment is a sickness or illness, typically a minor one.   Positive: Dreaming of an ailment could represent Jesus as our healer. It could symbolize Jesus delivering one from(…) – Read More

    The air force is a branch of military that deals with air warfare. In the Bible, the Lord sends angels through the air to deliver messages.   Positive: Dreaming of the air force could(…) – Read More

    Algum is a tree that is probably cypress or red sandalwood. It is a type of wood that is referred to in the Old Testament and described as temple timber.   Positive: Seeing algum wood(…) – Read More

    An almond is the fruit of a small tree in the rose family. The edible kernel is used as a nut. In a dream, an almond can represent God’s natural provision.   Positive: Seeing almonds(…) – Read More

  • ALOE
    Aloe is a southern African succulent in the lily family. It has several uses in health and beauty. Biblically, aloe is symbolic of fragrance.   Positive: Dreaming of aloe may represent(…) – Read More

    An altar is usually a raised structure or place where sacrifices are offered or incense is burned. It is usually a place of worship. Note what material the altar was made of in the dream.(…) – Read More

    Altitude is the height of an object that is vertically lifted above the ground or sea.   Positive: To see a high altitude in a dream could mean that you have begun to seek those things(…) – Read More

    Amputation is the removal of something by cutting.   Positive: Dreaming of amputation could represent that God is cutting off the parts of your life that are not bearing fruit to allow(…) – Read More

    An anchor is a device usually made from metal and is attached to a ship or boat by a rope or cable and submerged under the water to secure the boat in a certain location.   Positive:(…) – Read More

    An antique is a relic or artifact from the past that is often collected. Antiques can range from jewelry to household items to furniture to cars. Note the setting of the dream and where you(…) – Read More

    Also Clothing. Apparel is one’s personal attire or the clothes they wear on their body. Apparel can also refer to the clothing that is sold in stores or on the internet.   Positive:(…) – Read More

    Apples are fleshy round fruits that are usually red, green, or yellow, and grow on trees. Apples can symbolize the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.   Positive: Dreaming of apples(…) – Read More

    Archery is the activity or skill of shooting with a bow and arrow.   Positive: Dreaming of archery could indicate one who is highly skilled in their profession. It could describe a(…) – Read More

    An argument is the act of engaging in a verbal conflict with another person. It is also defined as a series of facts, reasons, and statements to contend for a certain(…) – Read More

    The Ark of the Covenant was a sacred gold-covered wooden chest as described in the book of Exodus as containing the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments.   Positive: Dreaming of the(…) – Read More

    Armor is a defensive covering for the body often used in war for protection from the enemy’s weapons. The Bible refers to the armor of God.   Positive: Dreaming of being clothed in(…) – Read More

  • ARMY
    An army is a large group of armed personnel that are trained for war especially on the ground. The Bible refers to the end-time army in Joel 2.   Positive: To dream of an army may(…) – Read More

    Ashes are the remains of something that has been burned by fire. Ashes often represent grief, repentance, or humiliation.   Positive: Dreaming of ashes could represent memories of your(…) – Read More

    An atomic bomb is a bomb with explosive power that occurs by the sudden release of energy when the nucleus of a heavy chemical element splits.   Positive: Dreaming of an atomic bomb(…) – Read More

    Atonement is the reparation for an offense or sin. It is also the reconciliation of God and man through the sacrificial death of Jesus.   Positive: Dreaming of atonement may represent(…) – Read More

    An auction is a sale of property to the highest bidder.   Positive: Dreaming of an auction could represent that you are stepping out of your comfort zone to get something from God. It(…) – Read More

    Authority is known as power and often mentioned in the Bible. It can symbolize power, control, anointing, strength, force, and command.   Positive: Dreaming about authority could(…) – Read More

    Autumn is the season between summer and winter in which the leaves begin to change colors and fall of the trees. The temperature begins to cool down in this season.   Positive:(…) – Read More

  • AXE
    An axe is a tool that is used for cutting. It has a heavy edge which is fixed to a handle used especially for splitting wood.   Positive: Dreaming of an axe could represent the word of(…) – Read More

  • b

    A baby bottle is a bottle with a special lid that simulates a breast and is meant for babies to drink out of.   Positive: Dreaming of filling a baby bottle could represent that you are(…) – Read More

    A backflip is a backward somersault, especially in air.   Positive: Dreaming of a backflip could represent stepping out of your comfort zone to assist others. It could symbolize that(…) – Read More

    A backpack is is a type of back designed for use while being carried on the back. Backpacks are mostly used by students or travelers.   Positive: Dreaming of a backpack filled with(…) – Read More

    Bacteria is a single-celled organism found in almost all environments. There are both beneficial bacteria that keep your body healthy and harmful bacteria that can cause infections in(…) – Read More

    A balance is an instrument for weighing and a means of judging or deciding. It is important to note what two things the balance is weighing.   Positive: Dreaming of a balance in a(…) – Read More

    Baldness is the state of one having no hair on their head. Being bald in a dream can symbolize different things.   Positive: Dreaming of a bald head can represent(…) – Read More

    A balloon is an inflatable bag filled with air or gas, like helium, which is usually used as a toy or for decoration.   Positive: Dreaming of a balloon could represent God showing you(…) – Read More

  • BALM
    Balm is either an ointment with a fragrance or a salve used to heal as well as soothe the skin.   Positive: In a dream, balm could represent a miracle of healing.   Negative:(…) – Read More

    A banner is an object, character, figure, or color used to represent abstract ideas or concepts which can represent an idea, tribe, or nation.   Positive: Dreaming of a banner may(…) – Read More

    Barley is a grain that is used especially today in malt beverages, breakfast foods, and stock feeds.   Positive: Dreaming of barley may represent Passover, humility, or(…) – Read More

    Baseball cards are a type of trading card that feature baseball players and are collected and traded and sometimes worth a lot of money.   Positive: Dreaming of baseball cards can mean(…) – Read More

    A basket is a receptacle made of woven material. They are usually lightweight and made of wood.   Positive: Dreaming of a basket could indicate God’s provision in your life. It could(…) – Read More

    A bassinet is a bed for a baby to sleep in that is shaped like a basket.   Positive: Dreaming of a bassinet could indicate that a new beginning has started. It could represent a(…) – Read More

    A bathing suit is also known as a swimsuit and is clothing designed to be worn by people engaging in a water-based activity, water sports, or sun bathing. It is usually made of man-made(…) – Read More

    A bathrobe is a loose, often absorbent, robe worn before and after bathing or as a dressing gown.   Positive: Dreaming of a bathrobe could represent a covering over your life. It could(…) – Read More

    A battery is a container that holds cells in which chemical energy is converted into electricity. Batteries are used as source of power.   Positive:  In a dream, batteries can(…) – Read More

    A bayonet is a knife or a small sword that is used as a spear when attached to the end of a rifle.   Positive: In a dream, a bayonet could symbolize a weapon used to destroy a(…) – Read More

  • BEAM
    A beam is a long piece of material, usually wood, that is used in construction and for support.   Positive: Dreaming of a beam may represent the strength and support you have from the(…) – Read More

    A beard is the hair the grows on a man’s face, usually excluding the mustache. Beards usually represent masculinity.   Positive: Dreaming of a beard could represent the condition of(…) – Read More

    Beastiality is the act of sexual intercourse with an animal.   Negative: Dreaming of beastiality represents inordinate lust, deviant sex acts, sin, and obscenity.   (Leviticus(…) – Read More

  • BED
    A bed is a piece of furniture on which one sleeps. It is often symbolic of rest. A bed could also be referring to the bottom of a body of water or ground where plants are(…) – Read More

    A bedspread is a usually ornamental cloth cover for a bed.   Positive: Dreaming of a bedspread could represent that you are under a godly covering. It could represent relaxation and(…) – Read More

    A bell is a hollow metal device that makes a sound when struck. Bells are often used as musical instruments, signals, or alarms.   Positive: Hearing or seeing bells in a dream may(…) – Read More

  • BELT
    In the physical realm, a belt is a piece of material, usually leather, that is worn around the waist and used for fashion or to hold up one’s pants. In the spiritual realm, a belt can(…) – Read More

    A bikini is a women’s two-piece bathing suit used for swimming or going to the beach.   Positive: A bikini in a dream could represent pleasure or enjoyable(…) – Read More

    Bingo is a game of chance that is played with cards that have numbered squares where numbers are drawn at random and if five squares in a row get called the person who has that board(…) – Read More

    Binoculars are a handheld instrument with two telescopes that have the ability to magnify and focus on things in the distance.   Positive: Dreaming of binoculars could represent having(…) – Read More

    A blemish is a noticeable imperfection, stain, or flaw, usually relating to one’s skin such as a pimple or a cut.   Positive: Seeing a blemish in a dream could represent the Lord(…) – Read More

    Blindness is having the inability to see with your eyes. It could be temporary or permanent. It could be where your vision is blurry or completely black.   Positive: Dreaming of being(…) – Read More

    A blister is a small bubble on the skin caused by friction, burning, or other damage. Metaphorically, a blister could represent someone or something that is annoying.   Positive: Seeing(…) – Read More

    A blizzard is a heavy snowstorm that involves decreased visibility.   Positive: In a dream, a blizzard could represent repentance. It could symbolize God cleansing a situation or(…) – Read More

    Body odor is an unpleasant smell coming from the body of a person who is unclean or sweaty.   Positive: Body odor in a dream can be God showing you areas in your life that need to be(…) – Read More

    A bonnet is a soft cap worn by babies or women to cover and preserve their hair.   Positive: Dreaming of wearing a bonnet could represent protection from harm or danger. The bonnet(…) – Read More

  • BOOK
    A book is a set of written, printed, or blank sheets of paper bound together with a front and back cover. Pay attention to the title or contents of the book in your dream.   Positive:(…) – Read More

    A bookmark is usually a strip of paper that is put between the pages of a book to help one find the page they last read.   Positive: When dreaming of a bookmark, it may represent God(…) – Read More

    A bookshelf is an open shelf for the purpose of storing and displaying a collection of books. It could represent one’s ideals, beliefs, and knowledge.   Positive: Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

    A boom gate is something that keeps vehicles from entering a place or crossing a certain point. When a car reaches a boom gate, it will not open until the car has permission to enter.(…) – Read More

    A bottle is a typically glass or plastic container use to hold liquids. When people think of a bottle they usually think about baby bottles or bottles of alcohol.   Positive: Dreaming(…) – Read More

    A bow and arrow is a weapon system that contains a device that uses elasticity for launching something (bow) and projectiles (arrows) which are launched. Often used as a weapon or sport of(…) – Read More

    A bracelet is a piece of jewelry, a band, or a chain that is worn around the wrist. Note what the bracelet is made out of in the dream.   Positive: Dreaming of a bracelet can represent(…) – Read More

    Also Brier. A bramble is a prickly shrub that grows on plants of the rose family including raspberries and blackberries.   Positive: Seeing brambles in your dream that you are avoiding(…) – Read More

    Bread is a food that is usually baked and leavened made mainly from flour or meal. Bread is talked about several times in the Bible literally and figuratively. Jesus is described as the(…) – Read More

    A breastplate is a type of armor and usually a metal plate which is used for defense of the chest. A breastplate is also something worn in ancient times by the Jewish high priest which had(…) – Read More

    Breath is the act of breathing and the air that exits one’s lungs when they exhale. Breath represents life as stated in Genesis when God breathed into Adam the breath of(…) – Read More

    A brick is a strong paving material which is often used in building homes and other building structures.   Positive: Dreaming of bricks may represent having a firm foundation in(…) – Read More

    A bridge is a structure that carries a pathway or road over a depression, body of water, or other obstacle. Bridges are a means of connection or transition.   Positive: Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

    A briefcase is a flat handheld carrier usually used in the business world for papers or books. Briefcases in a dream can be representative of a messenger or information that is concealed(…) – Read More

    In a dream, taking the broad way may mean that you are headed to destruction. It could also represent easy entrance or access.   Positive: Dreaming of a broad body of water could(…) – Read More

    A broken heart could represent that one’s heart is damaged or hurt emotionally. It can represent one’s character, spirit, thoughts, and emotions.   Positive: Dreaming of a broken heart(…) – Read More

    A broom is a bundle of fibers attached to a long handle or stick used for cleaning and sweeping.   Positive: Dreaming of a broom or sweeping with a broom could represent cleaning house(…) – Read More

    A bruise is an injury related to a rupture of blood vessels under the skin. When the Bible refers to bruises, it is usually related to victory. Bruises can also represent situations that are(…) – Read More

    A bubble is a small globule which is usually hollow and light and is a small body of gas within a liquid or something that is hemispherical. Bubbles often refer to many emotions or joyful(…) – Read More

    Bubble gum is a type of kid-friendly chewing gum that is used especially for blowing large bubbles.   Positive: Dreaming of bubble gum could represent fun and having childlike(…) – Read More

    A bucket is an object that carries or holds liquids or solids. It is usually cylindrical with an open top and could be made out of several materials. It can also be referred to as a vessel in(…) – Read More

  • BUD
    A bud is something that has not come to complete fruition yet, as in a flower, leaf, or other plant. Buds represent new beginnings and production.   Positive: Dreaming of a bud could(…) – Read More

    A bundle is a group of items conveniently wrapped together for carrying or storing. The bundle is often stronger together as opposed to being individual.   Positive: A bundle is(…) – Read More

    A burden is something that is carried that weighs you down.   Positive: Dreaming of a someone helping you carry something heavy could represent the Lord taking your burden from you or(…) – Read More

    A burrow is a place of rest, hiding place, or habitation. Animals often make burrows in the ground as a place of refuge or safety. Burrows could represent shelters or a place of security.(…) – Read More

  • BUSH
    A bush is a low densely branched shrub. Bushes are referred to in the Bible, most notably when God spoke to Moses out of the burning bush.   Positive: Dreaming of a green bush in a(…) – Read More

    Business is a commercial or mercantile activity. It can be an occupation, trade, or profession.   Positive: Dreaming of business can symbolize the works of the Kingdom establishment,(…) – Read More

    A business card is a small card in which one list’s their job or service and their contact information. This could represent advertising or bringing prosperity or growth.   Positive:(…) – Read More

    Butter is a solid emulsion of fat, air, and water which is made from churning milk or cream.   Positive: Seeing butter in a dream may represent doing the will of God or the work of God.(…) – Read More

    A button carries several definitions including an item used to fasten clothes, something pressed to operate electronic equipment, etc. Pay attention to what kind of button(s) you see in a(…) – Read More

  • c

    A cabinet is a private storage place with shelves and doors for storing objects or for the safe keeping of valuables.   Positive: If you are inside of a cabinet in a dream, it could(…) – Read More

  • CAKE
    Cake is a bread-like food that is made from dough or batter. It is often sweet and used as a special treat for holidays and birthdays.   Positive: Dreaming of cake could represent the(…) – Read More

    A calendar is a system for fixing the beginning, length, and divisions of a year. A calendar is used for organization, scheduling, planning, and keeping track of dates. When dreaming of a(…) – Read More

    A candle is a molded or dipped mas of wax containing a wick that may be burned.   Positive: A candle in a dream may represent the light, word, or Spirit of God. A candle can represent(…) – Read More

    Candy is a sweet treat, often made from lots of sugar. Candy can represent something sweet in one’s life. Too much candy can lead to health problems or sickness.   Positive:  Eating(…) – Read More

    A canteen is a bottle used for carrying liquids.   Positive: Dreaming of a canteen could represent one’s heart which could include communion and fellowship with God. A canteen full of(…) – Read More

    A cash register is a machine used for regulating and storing money. It has a compartmental drawer for cash and totals sales and transactions.   Positive: Dreaming of a cash register in(…) – Read More

    Also Bulrush. A cattail is a plant that is characterized by its long hollow grass reed and distinguishable spike of tiny flowers. They are used in many products from paper to blankets to(…) – Read More

    A cavity is an unfilled space within a mass. Cavities usually refer to teeth when there is an area of decay.   Positive: Dreaming of a cavity could represent one opening themselves up(…) – Read More

    A CD or a record is a disc used for listening to recorded audio. It could symbolize old times in one’s life depending on the type of music that’s playing.   Positive: Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

    A ceiling is the overhead lining in a room. When dreaming of a ceiling it can represent protection or a spiritual high place. It could also symbolize limitations you have set for(…) – Read More

    Cement is a binding element that is used as an ingredient of mortar or concrete.   Positive: Dreaming of cement could represent something that God is binding together. It could also(…) – Read More

    A chair is a seat that usually has four legs and a back and is used for sitting. In a dream, pay attention to what the chair looks like and what context it is shown in.   Positive:(…) – Read More

    Charcoal is a dark substance obtained by heating wood or other organic substances in the absence of air. Charcoal can be burned for fuel.   Positive: Dreaming of charcoal could(…) – Read More

    A charger is a device for charging batteries.   Positive: Dreaming of having a charger could indicate God giving you empowerment or strength. It could symbolize the Lord is giving you(…) – Read More

    A check is a written order directing a bank to pay money as instructed. Pay attention to who the check came from, where it is going, and the amount of money.   Positive: Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

    Cheese is a food consisting of coagulated milk separated from the whey. In a dream, cheese could represent works.   Positive: Dreaming of cheese may represent one’s works or doing the(…) – Read More

    A chimney is a vertical channel or pipe that conducts smoke and combustion gases up from a fire or furnace and typicall through the roof of a building.   Positive: Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

    Christmas is a Christian feast celebrated on December 25th celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.   Positive: Dreaming of Christmas time may represent a season of rejoicing, spiritual(…) – Read More

    Also Cassia. Cinnamon is the aromatic dried bark of tropical trees yielding a spice, oil, and flavoring.   Positive: Cinnamon or cassia in a dream can represent fragrance or fragrance(…) – Read More

    A circle is a closed plane curve that represents eternity or endlessness.   Positive: Dreaming of a circle may represent endlessness, eternity, or timelessness. A circle could also(…) – Read More

    A cistern is a device for water storage, especially underground such as a pit, well, or fountain.   Positive: Dreaming of a cistern may symbolize wisdom and storing up a supply of(…) – Read More

  • CLAY
    In the Bible, clay represent the people of God with God being the potter. Clay represents God molding us to His will.   Positive: Seeing clay in a dream may symbolize God’s desire to(…) – Read More

    A clique is a small group of people who have shared interests but are not very open to letting people join them.   Positive: In a dream, a clique could represent the anointing on your(…) – Read More

    A clock is a device that is used to tell and keep track of time. Note whether the clock is on time, delayed, fast, or broken. Also note what kind of clock it is. A grandfather clock may(…) – Read More

    A closet is a small room for privacy or storing clothing and shoes. In a dream, a closet could represent a prayer closet or secret place.   Positive: Dreaming of a closet could(…) – Read More

    Clothing is one’s personal attire or the clothes they wear on their body. Clothing can also refer to the apparel that is sold in stores or on the internet.   Positive: Dreaming of(…) – Read More

    Clouds can symbolize God’s presence and glory. A cloud in a dream could also symbolize God’s majesty and peace. They can represent guidance in a dream.   Positive: Seeing white clouds(…) – Read More

  • COAL
    Coal is a piece of glowing carbon or charred wood. Coal is known to be used as a source of energy.   Positive: Dreaming of coal may represent a good fire burning in your heart for the(…) – Read More

  • COAT
    Also Jacket. A coat or jacket is an outer garment that covers the body and keeps it warm. It could also be used for fashion. Coats and jackets could represent a covering or a(…) – Read More

    Coffee is a beverage made from coffee beans that is high in caffeine and known to give people energy.   Positive: Dreaming of coffee represent God trying to give you a wake-up call. It(…) – Read More

  • COLD
    Being cold is described as having a temperature that is uncomfortably low. When dreaming of cold it could represent being without love.   Positive: If you dream of cold water or a cold(…) – Read More

    A computer is an electronic machine or device used to store, process, and retrieve data. Computers can represent communication and education. Dreaming of computers can often represent(…) – Read More

    A concussion is a stunning, damaging, or shattering effect from a hard blow. It could also lead to a brain injury.   Positive: In a dream, a concussion could represent God jarring your(…) – Read More

    A conveyor belt is a moving band of fabric, rubber, or metal, used for moving objects from one place to another.   Positive: Dreaming of a conveyor belt could represent that you are(…) – Read More

    A cookie jar is a container normally made out of glass that stores cookies in order to maintain freshness.   Positive: In a dream, a cookie jar could represent pleasure from God. It(…) – Read More

    A cooler is an insulated container used for keeping food and drinks cold. Coolers can be used to protect objects from going bad. In a dream, a cooler could represent one’s(…) – Read More

  • CORD
    A cord is a long slender flexible material usually consisting of several strands woven or twisted together. In a dream, a cord can represent unity.   Positive: Dreaming of a cord may(…) – Read More

  • CORK
    A cork is a device used to close a bottle and keep its contents sealed.   Positive: In a dream, a cork in a bottle could mean that a person is sealed by the Holy Spirit. It could also(…) – Read More

  • CORN
    Corn is a grain of cereal grass used as a cash crop and for food all over the word.   Positive: Dreaming of corn can represent a harvest, increase, and blessing in one’s(…) – Read More

    A cornerstone is a stone forming a part of a corner or angle in a wall. Biblically, a cornerstone represents Jesus. Positive: Dreaming of a cornerstone can represent Christ as your foundation.(…) – Read More

    A cornucopia is a symbol of plenty which is originally a goat’s horn filled with flowers, corn, and fruit. Today cornucopias are used for fall décor.   Positive: Seeing a cornucopia in(…) – Read More

    A coupon is a small voucher or piece of paper that has the means to entitle the coupon holder to discounts on prices.   Positive: To dream about receiving a coupon could represent a(…) – Read More

    Cream is a color that is off white. The name comes from the cream which is the natural yellowish part of milk containing a higher percentage of fat and regarded as the best part of(…) – Read More

    A credit card is a card authorizing purchases on credit.   Positive:  Dreaming of a credit card could represent being “given credit where credit is due.” It could also represent an(…) – Read More

    Crooked, in the Word of God is used to describe someone who is out of God’s will. It means something that is not straight or on the right path.   Positive: Dreaming of being crooked(…) – Read More

    A crossroads indicates the place where two roads meet and one must make a choice in which one to take. In a dream, a right turn may represent a natural change while a left turn may represent(…) – Read More

    A crown is a royal or imperial headdress used to represent authority or rule. It could also represent a reward of victory or mark of honor.   Positive: Dreaming of a crown could(…) – Read More

    A crystal ball is a sphere usually made of quartz crystal traditionally used by fortune-tellers. A crystal ball can be symbolic of witchcraft.   Positive: Dreaming of a crystal ball(…) – Read More

  • CUP
    A cup is an open drinking vessel. A cup could represent the blood of Christ and communion.   Positive: Seeing a cup in your dream may represent health and life. It may also represent(…) – Read More

    A cymbal is a concave metal plate producing a clashing noise and is used as an instrument. Cymbals are mentioned several times in the Bible.   Positive: Dreaming of a cymbal could(…) – Read More

  • d

  • DAM
    A dam is a barrier that prevents the flow of water. It could be either manmade or  made by animals such as beavers.   Positive: Dreaming of a dam may symbolize one’s potential. It(…) – Read More

    Damage refers to the loss or harm of something resulting from injury to person, property, or reputation.   Positive: Dreaming of damage could represent that you are ready to overcome.(…) – Read More

    Darkness refers to something that is devoid of light. It also represents wickedness. Alternatively, it could represent the dwelling place of God.   Positive: Dreaming of darkness may(…) – Read More

    A database is a stored organized collection of data, accessed electronically from a computer.   Positive: Dreaming of a database could represent the Lord giving you strategy for(…) – Read More

  • DAY
    A day is a twenty-four-hour period or unit of time marked by a rotation of the Earth on its axis. Day time refers to the period of the day where the sun is out.   Positive: Seeing day(…) – Read More

    Deafness is a hearing disability where one lacks or is deficient in the sense of hearing.   Positive: If you dream about being deaf to certain sounds or certain people it may represent(…) – Read More

    Death is the permanent ending of all vital functions or the end of a life. Death could also represent ruin or finality.   Positive: Dreaming of death can be interpreted as a warning of(…) – Read More

    A debit card is a card issued by the bank allowing the holder to transfer money electronically when making a purchase as opposed to using cash. Debit cards allow the convenience of(…) – Read More

  • DEBT
    Debt is mentioned throughout the Bible several times and can mean a sin or trespass that has been committed. It can also mean something that is due and needs to be repaid.   Positive:(…) – Read More

    Also Beheading. Decapitation is to behead someone to execute, kill , defeat, or eliminate them. It could also represent the loss of a leader’s role.   Positive: If you see someone(…) – Read More

    Dehydration is the process of water being removed from a thing or a person. Dreaming that you are dehydrated could represent that you are spiritually dehydrated and in need of(…) – Read More

    Deliverance is to be freed from someone or something that previously confined you. This applies physically, spiritually, and emotionally.   Positive: Dreaming of deliverance can(…) – Read More

    A delivery is something that is dropped off or transported to another location. In the spiritual realm, it also means that God will deliver the things you’ve requested of him and prayed(…) – Read More

    Depth is a unit of measurement that describes how deep something is. It could represent depth of the water and is often used to describe how deep water is.   Positive: Dreaming of(…) – Read More

    A desert is an arid land with sparse vegetation. Deserts are mentioned several times in the Bible and can be symbolic of the wilderness or temptation.   Positive: Dreaming of a desert may(…) – Read More

  • DESK
    A desk is a structure used to support something. They are often used in schools or workplaces to do work on. Desks often represent learning or working.   Positive: Dreaming of a desk(…) – Read More

    Detergent is a cleansing solution used for dishes, clothing, carpets, etc.   Positive: Dreaming of detergent could represent God cleansing one of impurities in the mind, body, and(…) – Read More

    A diagnosis is the identification of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms. A diagnosis is the addressing of a sickness by name.   Positive: In a(…) – Read More

    A diamond is a jewel made of carbon and is the hardest known material. It is very high in value and brilliance.   Positive: Seeing a diamond in your dream may represent a gift of the(…) – Read More

    A diary is a personal journl that is a daily documentation of one’s life. It is usually kept private.   Positive: Dreaming of writing in a diary could represent one’s prayer life with(…) – Read More

  • DICE
    Dice are cube-like pieces used in games involving high risk or chance.   Positive: To dream of winning a dice game could mean taking a chance on God and stepping out by(…) – Read More

  • DIRT
    Dirt is loose Earth or the ground and can represent a state or quality of uncleanliness.   Positive: Dreaming of throwing dirt upon your own head may represent self-abasement. It may(…) – Read More

    A dirt road is a road that is not paved. It could represent one’s prevailing direction or approach in life. It could also be a place of teaching or learning.   Positive: Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

    A disease is a condition in a living animal or plant that impairs its normal functioning. A disease could represent spiritual sickness.   Positive: Dreaming of a disease could(…) – Read More

    A ditch is a long narrow excavation dug in the Earth, usually for drainage of water.   Positive: Ditches can be used as a place of safety during a tornado, therefore, seeing a ditch in(…) – Read More

    A domino is a flat rectangular block with dots on them used to play games. “The domino effect” can represent an event that leads to subsequent events as a result of being pushed(…) – Read More

  • DOOR
    The word “door” appears several times in the Bible and in dreams can have many different meanings depending on contexts. Doors can symbolize communication or the entrance to one’s heart. A(…) – Read More

  • DOWN
    Down is a direction that refers to something or someone descending toward a lower position physically or spiritually. It could represent entering a worse condition or emotionally(…) – Read More

    A down payment is specifically referred to as the first payment in a purchase made with credit. A down payment could be referred to as the first step in a process.   Positive: Making a(…) – Read More

    A drain is a pipe where liquid is drained often in sinks, reservoirs, or directly in the ground. Drains can represent exhausting oneself or someone else spiritually, physically, or(…) – Read More

    A drawer is a sliding box or compartment that can be opened by pulling out and pushing in. Drawers are often used for storage.   Positive: Dreaming of a draw may represent the inner(…) – Read More

    Dreadlocks are narrow ropelike strands of hair that are formed by matting, braiding, or twisting. Note the color of the hair in the dream.   Positive: Dreaming of dreadlocks may(…) – Read More

    Dreams are series of images you see in your sleep and are a form of communication from God to man throughout the Bible and today. Seeing a dream inside of a dream is significant and means(…) – Read More

    A drone is a wireless, remote-controlled aircraft, missile, or robotic device operated by a person.   Positive: Dreaming of a drone could represent that God has given you dominion over(…) – Read More

    A drought is a lack of water or rainfall that can lead to extreme damage to crop growth. Seeing a drought in a dream may be symbolic or literal.   Positive: Dreaming of a drought could(…) – Read More

    Drugs are a substance used for medication but are often illegally abused. They can be helpful or harmful.   Positive: Dreaming of drugs may represent medicine or(…) – Read More

  • DRUM
    A drum is a percussion instrument and was used a strategic tool of war to take over the atmosphere and invite the presence of the Lord to give the Israelites mercy in battle and cause(…) – Read More

    Drywall is a board made of several pieces of fiberboard or paper and bound to a plaster core, used especially for walls.   Positive: Dreaming of drywall could represent God’s strength(…) – Read More

    Dynamite is an explosive substance often used in demolition or excavation. Dynamite could represent something that has a powerful effect.   Positive: Dreaming of dynamite may represent(…) – Read More

  • e

    Early means to be near the beginning or before the usual or expected time. The Bible talks about the word especially regarding prayer or meeting with God.   Positive: Dreaming of(…) – Read More

    Also Wages or Paycheck. Earnings is money that is earned or worked for. The Bible talks about the fruits of one’s labor.   Positive: Dreaming of a paycheck or your earnings can(…) – Read More

    An earring is a piece of jewelry worn on the ears. The Bible mentions earring several times.   Positive: Seeing a gold earring in a dream may represent an offering unto the Lord or the(…) – Read More

    Earth is the third planet from the sun on which all humanity lives as distinguished from Heaven and Hell, created by God.   Positive: Seeing a dream about Earth could represent(…) – Read More

    An earthquake is a volcanic or tectonic shaking or quaking of the Earth. In the Bible, the Earth shook when Jesus died.   Positive: Dreaming of an earthquake could symbolize the(…) – Read More

  • EAST
    East is a cardinal direction relating to the sunrise and opposite of west. Consider elements of your own environment that relate to east.   Positive: Dreaming of the direction east may(…) – Read More

  • ECHO
    An echo is the repetition of a sound which is caused by the reflection of soundwaves.   Positive: Dreaming of an echo may represent something not returning void or a relayed message.(…) – Read More

    Ecstasy is a state of overwhelming happiness or delight. It can be a state where you are unable to control your emotions or reasoning and you become enthusiastic.   Positive: Dreaming(…) – Read More

    Effervescence in a dream could represent a new place in the Spirit or being spiritually refreshed. Effervescence could also represent life or God releasing abundance in your(…) – Read More

  • EGG
    An egg is the reproductive vessel in which an embryo develops and becomes an independent individual. Some eggs, such as certain bird eggs, are used as food.   Positive: Dreaming of an(…) – Read More

    The Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most significant landmarks. It is located in Paris which is known as a city of romance. The Eiffel Tower could also be representative of the pride of(…) – Read More

    Electricity is a fundamental form of energy which can be seen in both negative and positive forms. Electricity can occur naturally (lightning) or be produced (generator).   Positive:(…) – Read More

    An elevator is something that lifts or raises something up. Dreaming of an elevator going up could represent spiritual elevation, while dreaming of an elevator going down could represent being(…) – Read More

    An embryo is a vertebrate at any stage of development before birth or being hatched. Embryos especially refer to babies in the womb during the first eight weeks of(…) – Read More

    An emission is a described as a release or an outpouring of something such as gas, heat, or light.   Positive: To dream of an emission could represent that God is pouring out an(…) – Read More

    An engine is the main part of a machine that keeps it running. God looks at our hearts as engines because everything flows from our hearts.   Positive: Dreaming of an engine could(…) – Read More

    Entrapment is a word used sporadically in the Bible and refers to a person being trapped or trapping another. Whenever a person is being trapped in a dream it could represent someone being(…) – Read More

    An envelope is something that carries a letter or a message. In the Bible, the Lord refers to letters or messages as describing the state of one’s heart. Dreaming of envelopes may represent(…) – Read More

    An eraser is a piece of rubber that is used to erase marks, usually from pencil. An eraser is used to reverse mistakes. Note what is being erased in the dream.   Positive: Dreaming of(…) – Read More

    An escalator is a type of stairway that is attached to a continuously circulating belt. Escalators can transport large numbers or people and are an alternative to physical(…) – Read More

    An escape pod is something used to get out of a dangerous situation. In the Bible, an escape pod was usually a basket or an ark. Moses was put into a basket to keep him safe, Paul was(…) – Read More

    Also Dusk. Evening is the time of day where the sun sets and labor or work ends. It is the transition of day to night. In Hebrew tradition, evening is a time of sacrifice or worship for(…) – Read More

    An evergreen is a tree or a shrub that retains its green leaves throughout the year. Green is the color of life or renewal.   Positive: If you see an evergreen in your dream, it could(…) – Read More

    Evidence means confirmation or to have proof of something. To have evidence is to have proof or confirmation verifying your problems, questions, or concerns that you may(…) – Read More

    An explosion is a large-scale, rapid, or spectacular expansion or busting out or forth. An explosion could represent the power of God.   Positive: Dreaming of an explosion may represent(…) – Read More

  • f

    Fabric is used biblically in many different ways and comes in a variety of colors. It is important to note the color and pattern of the fabric.   Positive: Dreaming of fabric could(…) – Read More

    Facial tissue is soft, absorbable paper designed to be used on the face. It has several uses for cleaning and is disposable.   Positive: A tissue can represent the cleansing of one’s(…) – Read More

    A famine is an extreme scarcity of food.   Positive: Dreaming of a famine may represent one’s season of wilderness that they are in and God’s promise that awaits their trials. It may(…) – Read More

  • FAT
    Also Overweight. Being overweight is having excessive fat on one’s body that can lead to health problems, but is also symbolic.   Positive: In a dream, seeing someone who is overweight(…) – Read More

    A faucet is a device used for controlling the flow of liquid from a pipe by opening or closing an orifice or tap.   Positive: Dreaming of a faucet with running water could indicate a(…) – Read More

    A feast is a large dinner prepared for a celebration or ceremony.   Positive: In a dream, a feast could represent celebration or enjoyment. God could be calling you to not be so(…) – Read More

    A feather is a horny structure that forms the principle covering of birds.   Positive: Dreaming of a feather could symbolize inspiration or freedom. It could also represent peace. A(…) – Read More

    Feces is bodily waste that is discharged through the anus. This excrement can be discharged through the bodies of living things. Dreaming of feces could represent fertility and renewal or a(…) – Read More

    A fence is a means of protection or barrier used to divide property. Dreaming of a fence could represent God’s protection.   Positive: Dreaming of a fence could indicate an enclosure(…) – Read More

    Fertility is the capability of a living thing to grow or reproduce. Many dreams of fertility have to do with pregnancy, fruitfulness, or the opportunity for abundance.   Positive:(…) – Read More

  • FIRE
    Dream symbol of the day: Fire is the phenomenon of combustion manifested in light, flame, and heat. Fire can have natural or spiritual meanings for example when Jehovah spoke to Moses out(…) – Read More

    A fish tank is a tank filled with water and used for keeping live fish and other animals, usually as pets and/or décor.   Positive: Fish represent people or souls, so dreaming of a(…) – Read More

  • FLU
    The flu is any of several virus diseases marked especially by respiratory or intestinal symptoms.   Positive: Dreaming of being sick with the flu could represent that you are(…) – Read More

  • FOG
    Fog makes something obscure or confusing. It can indicate mind blinding, being distracted, or something that is hidden.   Positive: Seeing fog in a dream can mean the hidden things or(…) – Read More

    A forecast is a future prediction on weather events for a specific geographical area or region. Forecasts predict weather patterns to help people prepare for upcoming(…) – Read More

  • FORK
    A fork is an instrument with two or more prongs and a handle used for eating, pitching, or digging.   Positive: A fork in a dream may represent where one gets their strength or(…) – Read More

    Fragile means something that is breakable. If you see something fragile in your dream, it could represent vulnerability in your life.   Positive: Seeing something fragile in your dream(…) – Read More

    Dreaming of a frame could represent one’s limitations and boundaries. You or someone else may be putting restrictions on you. A frame could also symbolize vanity.   Positive: If the(…) – Read More

    French fries are strips of fried potatoes – a food that the entire world enjoys. French fries are not mentioned in the Bible, but in dream language the fact that french fries are adored all(…) – Read More

    Friday is the last day of the work week period and the beginning of the weekend which is often surrounded by high energy. Friday also represents the resurrection of Christ (Good(…) – Read More

    Frost is a covering of ice crystals on the surface of something. Frost could indicate an inability to progress or a lack of growth, hindered growth, or failure. It may also represent(…) – Read More

    Dreaming of a fruit tree can be symbolic of a believer. When you dream of a fruit tree it could be God showing you the fruit you’ve produced over time, attributes of your heard, children, or(…) – Read More

    Fungus is an organism that feeds on organic matter. It is related to molds, yeast, mushrooms, etc. Many types of fungi are harmful and toxic and exposure to humans can result in(…) – Read More

    A furnace is an enclosed structure in which heat is produced.   Positive:  Dreaming of a furnace could represent God’s protection power over your life, that no matter what happens, He(…) – Read More

  • g

    A galaxy is a very large group of stars and associated matter that is found throughout the universe.   Positive: Dreaming of a galaxy could indicate galactic powers or glory(…) – Read More

    Garbage is food waste or discarded, useless material. Dreaming of garbage could represent God showing you the areas in your life that need to be removed.   Positive: Dreaming of(…) – Read More

    Dreaming of gas fumes may represent God warning you about something poisonous in your life that you might not be aware of.   Positive: Gas fumes in a dream may represent that God is(…) – Read More

    Gasoline is a liquid used for fuel and dreaming of gas could represent fuel in your walk with God.   Positive: Dreaming of gasoline may by representative of pray and fueling your walk(…) – Read More

    A gemstone can also be referred to as a jewel or a precious stone. Gems are cut and polished and made for jewelry. The rarer the gem is, the higher value it is.   Positive: Dreaming of(…) – Read More

    A generator is a power source that is used mostly as a main or back-up source of energy.   Positive: Dreaming of a generator could represent the Father being a source of power in one’s(…) – Read More

  • GIFT
    A gift is something given to someone without the recipient exchanging anything for it. Gifts are often given to show acts or appreciation, love, and celebration.   Positive: In a dream,(…) – Read More

    A table that is made out of glass could represent a place to fellowship with others and be transparent. It could also represent sensitivity.   Positive: Dreaming of a glass table could(…) – Read More

    Gloves are a clothing article used to keep your hands warm. Gloves could represent a covering.   Positive: Seeing gloves in your dream may represent a covering that you are under. It(…) – Read More

    A golden calf is an object of materialistic unworthy worship. The golden calf is known as the idol the Israelites constructed on Mt. Sinai to worship instead of God. Moses came down from the(…) – Read More

  • GOLF
    Golf is a game played on a large, open-air course in which a ball is struck with a club into a small series of small holes in the ground.   Positive: To dream of golfing successfully(…) – Read More

    The Gospel is the doctrine and revelation of Jesus Christ, and the good news from God.     Positive: Dreaming of the Gospel could represent God’s desire for you to study the words of(…) – Read More

    Government is both natural and spiritual. God establishes rule on Earth and in Heaven. You may be dreaming of earthly government or God’s government.   Positive: Dreaming of government(…) – Read More

    Granite is a type of course rock that is produced when a mixture of other rocks, like feldspar and quartz, come in contact with volcanic heat. Granite is very strong and has a high melting(…) – Read More

    A grape is a smooth-skinned juicy berry that is used to produce wine.   Positive: Dreaming of grapes could represent fruitfulness or a harvest. It could also symbolize the fruits of(…) – Read More

    Grass is a ground covering and could represent the Word of God.   Positive: Seeing grass in your dream could represent the Word of God or oneself and one’s flesh. Mowing the grass may(…) – Read More

    Grease is a thick or fatty oily substance, especially used in producing, cooking, or as a lubricant.   Positive: Dreaming of grease could represent a smooth transition in one’s life.(…) – Read More

    Guns and bullets are used as weapons and can represent power and words.   Positive: Guns and bullets may represent power and words. A .357 caliber gun (or other high-powered pistol or(…) – Read More

    A gutter is a groove usually located on a roof to collect rainfall and carry it to low ground.   Positive: Dreaming of a gutter could represent the revival of one’s spirit. It could(…) – Read More

  • h

    A habit is a fixed pattern of behavior that is developed over a period of time. Habits are activities that one becomes accustomed to doing.   Positive: Dreaming of a habit could(…) – Read More

  • HAIL
    Hail is a form of precipitation consisting of small balls of ice. Hail could represent judgment.   Positive: Hail can represent the justice and divine judgment of God on the(…) – Read More

    A hairbrush is a tool used for grooming purposes. Brushes and combs are symbolic of vanity, grooming for self-glory, and examining oneself. It could also represent cleanliness and(…) – Read More

    Halftime is the middle point of a sporting event. It is an intermission that provides a moment of rest for the players and the fans. Dreaming about halftime may represent that God is showing(…) – Read More

    A hammer is a tool consisting of a solid head on a handle and used for pounding.   Positive: Dreaming of a hammer could represent the Word of God or preaching. It could also represent(…) – Read More

    A handicap is a disadvantage that makes achievement unusually difficult.   Positive: Dreaming of a handicap could indicate the healing process from a disability or weakness. It could(…) – Read More

    A handrail is a railing used for support when walking up or down stairs. In a dream, it could represent an area of life where you need to trust God.   Positive: Dreaming of a handrail(…) – Read More

    A hardship is something that causes suffering such as persecution, affliction, trials, tribulations, or adversity.   Positive:  Dreaming of a hardship could represent God showing you(…) – Read More

  • HARP
    A harp is a stringed musical instrument and is mentioned in the Bible. Harps are known as glorious and heavenly instruments.   Positive: Dreaming of a harp could symbolize a place or a(…) – Read More

    A harvest is the season for gathering crops or the act or process of gathering in a crop. Harvesting can represent harvesting souls for the Kingdom of God.   Positive: Seeing a harvest(…) – Read More

    Haste is a word used to describe someone who acts fervently to accomplish something because they are being motivated by a sudden urgency. Haste usually involves making rash decisions without(…) – Read More

  • HAY
    In a dream, hay could represent preparation or something of little value.   Positive: Dreaming of hay may symbolize preparation as in “make hay while the sun shines.”   Negative:(…) – Read More

  • HEAT
    Heat is the condition of being hot. It could represent the presence or power of God in one’s life.   Positive: Dreaming of heat or being hot may represent the power and glory of God.(…) – Read More

    A hedge is a fence or boundary formed by a dense row of shrubs or low trees. Dreaming of a hedge could represent protection.   Positive: Seeing a hedge in a dream may represent(…) – Read More

    A hieroglyph is a character or picture from an ancient Egyptian writing system. Pay attention to what the symbol is depicting.   Positive: Dreaming of a hieroglyph could represent that(…) – Read More

    Also Road. A highway is a main direct road and it could symbolize Jesus being the way.   Positive: Dreaming of a highway may represent Jesus (the way). It may also represent a person(…) – Read More

    Homosexuality is a sexual attraction between members of the same sex. In the Old Testament, this sin was punishable by death and one of the sins that caused Sodom to be destroyed by God with(…) – Read More

    Honey is a substance from flowers that is collected by various insects, especially bees. The Bible often refers to honey as a blessing.   Positive: Seeing honey in your dream could(…) – Read More

    A hunchback, or kyphosis, is a condition in the back which produces a curved or arched spine.   Positive: Dreaming of a hunchback could indicate that your enemy is being(…) – Read More

    A hurricane is a tropical cyclone accompanied by rain, thunder, lightning, and high winds.   Positive: Dreaming of a hurricane could represent God’s divine intervention. It could also(…) – Read More

    Hygiene is the condition or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease through cleanliness.   Positive: Dreaming of good hygiene could be symbolic of being(…) – Read More

  • i

    Incense is a substance that is burned for the sweet scent or fragrance it produces.   Positive: In a dream, incense could represent prayer going up before the Lord. It could also(…) – Read More

    Incubation is when something is being controlled under certain conditions to help aid development – for example, creating an artificial environment for the growth of a premature(…) – Read More

    Insurance is a means of guaranteeing protection or safety. Insurance can represent salvation.   Positive: Dreaming of insurance could represent faith and protection. It could also(…) – Read More

  • IRON-
    An iron is a household device with a flat metal base that is heated to smooth, finish, or press cloth or other fabrics.   Positive: Dreaming of an iron could represent correction and(…) – Read More

  • IVY
    Ivy is a deep green color that is also a widely cultivated ornamental climbing vine with evergreen leaves. Dreaming of the color ivy could represent the Earth, pastures, creation, or(…) – Read More

  • j

    Japan is a technologically advanced nation that is full of rich history and strong traditional culture. Japan is considered a nation that does not know Jesus Christ and a nation that doesn’t(…) – Read More

  • JAZZ
    Jazz is an American music style that developed from ragtime and blues and features varying degrees of improvisation. Jazz could represent spontaneous worship or(…) – Read More

    Jello is a gelatin dessert that is soft and delicate without any defined shape besides the shape it was molded into.   Positive: Dreaming of jello could represent a person who has a(…) – Read More

    Jewelry is decorative ornaments worn on clothes or on the body such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. Jewelry is often made from or contains jewels, valuable metals, or precious(…) – Read More

  • JOLT
    A jolt is synonymous with a shock. It is defined as a sudden movement that causes a shock.   Positive: Dreaming of a jolt may represent the electricity or power of God. It may also(…) – Read More

    A junction is a point where two or more things come together or join. It could be two rivers, two roads, or two points in time.   Positive: Dreaming of a junction could represent(…) – Read More

  • k

    A kaleidoscope is a toy whose reflection produces changing patterns of rainbow style colored glass or paper in a tube containing mirrors that are visible through an eyehole when the tube is(…) – Read More

    A kettle is a metallic vessel usually used for boiling water or cooking with high heat.   Positive: Dreaming of a kettle being put away could indicate deliverance. Dreaming of a kettle(…) – Read More

  • KEY
    A key is a metal instrument by which the bolt of a lock is turned. Keys allow access into something.   Positive: Dreaming of a key may represent knowledge or authority. Someone who(…) – Read More

    A kiosk is a small structure with one or more open sides used to vend merchandise. Kiosks are often found in malls or on the street corners of busy cities.   Positive: Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

  • KITE
    A kite is a lite frame covered with paper, cloth, or plastic, designed to be flown in the air at the end of a long string.   Positive:  Dreaming of a kite could represent having a(…) – Read More

    A knife is an instrument consisting of a sharp blade fastened to a handle. A knife could represent words or accusations.   Positive: Dreaming of knives may represent words of(…) – Read More

  • l

    A label is something that brings identification and definition regarding someone or something.   Positive:  To dream of seeing a label might represent that there is a need for order(…) – Read More

    A ladder is a structure used for climbing up and down. A ladder could represent spiritual ascension.    Positive: Dreaming of a ladder could indicate ascension in the spirit. You may(…) – Read More

    A landmark is an object or feature of a town or city that is easily seen and recognizable. A landmark is something well-known and can define a place.   Positive: Dreaming of different(…) – Read More

    A laser is a device that shoots out a light beam often used for precision, accuracy, speed, and intensity.   Positive: Dreaming of a laser could represent following precise(…) – Read More

    Laundry is clothes and linens that need to be washed or that have been newly washed.   Positive: Dreaming of washing your clothes could represent a state of purity and cleanliness. It(…) – Read More

  • LAVA
    Lava is an extremely hot liquid that erupts from volcanoes and carries molten rocks.   Positive: Seeing lava in a dream may symbolize a foundation in the making which can mean(…) – Read More

  • LAWN
    A lawn is an area of short, maintained grass in a yard or garden. Dreaming of a lawn could represent a person.   Positive: Dreaming of a lawn could represent a person who has been(…) – Read More

    A lease is a contract agreement upon a certain property for a specific time. Dreams of leases may be symbolic.     Positive: Dreaming of signing a lease agreement could represent that(…) – Read More

    A leash is something that is used to keep control of something, usually an animal. Leashes are used to maintain control and to protect against danger.   Positive: Dreaming of a leash(…) – Read More

    Leather is a material made from animal skin, such as the hide of cattle. Leather in a dream could represent the Elijah lineage, judgment, a move of God, an offering, or a voice in the(…) – Read More

    A leather jacket is a coat or jacket made out of leather and is usually worn on top of other articles of clothing. Biblically, it could represent a mantle, authority, or(…) – Read More

    Leaven is a substance like yeast that is used to make bread rise.   Positive: Dreaming of leaven or leavened bread could symbolize having a positive and light spirit. It could also(…) – Read More

    A lemon is an acidic fruit that is known to be sour.   Positive: Dreaming of a lemon could represent an awakening in the Spirit.   Negative: Seeing a lemon in a dream could(…) – Read More

    The liberty bell is a traditional symbol of United States freedom. Dreaming of a liberty bell could represent that there is a proclamation of salvation, the Gospel, or an outbreak of the(…) – Read More

    Light is often symbolize of God or Christ. It is used to illustrate holiness, faith, revelation, or illumination. Light exposes darkness and reveals truth. It could also describe God’s(…) – Read More

    A light pole is a light source often along streets and in front of houses used to see in the dark. Biblically, a light pole could represent Jesus as the eternal light of the world. It could(…) – Read More

    A lighter is a device that produces a flame or lights a fire. Note what you are lighting on fire and how big the lighter is.   Positive: To see a lighter in a dream could represent(…) – Read More

    Lightning is the flashing of light produced by a discharge of electricity in the atmosphere. Electricity could represent the power of God.   Positive: Dreaming of lightning could(…) – Read More

  • LILY
    A lily is a perennial flower with a notable smell native to the northern hemisphere. They are used to treat different ailments and are often used in funerals.   Positive: Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

    Linen is a textile fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. It is a strong fiber that dries quicker than cotton.   Positive: Dreaming of linen could represent a robe of(…) – Read More

  • LOGS
    Logs are cut pieces of trees for fire or other building material.   Positive: To see a log floating in water could symbolize being in the spirit or staying on top of things. To see a(…) – Read More

    A lookout is a high, strategic point from which to keep watch or to view landscape. The purpose of a lookout is to not miss anything and to be prepared for what’s to come.   Positive:(…) – Read More

    Lost and found is an area where lost items are collected especially in public places.   Positive: Finding something may represent receiving revelation knowledge or gifts received from(…) – Read More

    A lottery is a process or a thing whose success or outcome is governed by chance.   Positive: In a dream, winning the lottery could represent that a blessing is coming your way.(…) – Read More

  • LURE
    A lure is something used to attract or entice a person or animal into doing something in one’s favor. Lures are often used in fishing.   Positive: In a dream, a lure could represent(…) – Read More

    Luxury is a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort that may not be necessary, but provides pleasure and satisfaction.   Positive: Dreaming of something luxurious could(…) – Read More

  • m

    Machines are mechanically, electrically, or electronically operated devices used for performing a certain task.   Positive: Dreaming of machines could represent productivity or doing(…) – Read More

    The mafia is a secret criminal society taking part in organized crime.   Positive: Dreaming of the mafia could indicate loyalty and being in one accord. The structure is organized and(…) – Read More

    A malfunction is a failure to function in a normal or satisfactory manner.   Positive: In a dream, seeing something malfunction could be God showing you the future and giving you the(…) – Read More

    A mantle is a loose garment such as a cloak, but it could also refer to a spiritual mantle on one’s life.   Positive: Dreaming of a mantle could represent a spiritual covering over(…) – Read More

  • MAP
    A map is a visual representation of an area that measures distance and location. It also provides one with a sense of direction to help them reach their destination.   Positive: A map(…) – Read More

    Dream symbol of the Day:   Marriage is a covenant between a man and women where they vow to be wed. Biblically, marriage is a sacred, God-ordained covenant.   Positive:(…) – Read More

  • MAZE
    A maze is a network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one has to find a way out.   Positive: Dreaming of searching for someone in a maze could be symbolic of you(…) – Read More

    A microphone is a device used for amplifying sound. Dreaming of a microphone could represent a voice or authority.   Positive: Dreaming of a microphone could represent a voice or(…) – Read More

    A microwave is an oven by which food is cooked by the heat produced by microwave energy. Microwaves represent something that happens quickly.   Positive: Dreaming of a microwave could(…) – Read More

    The military represents who we are as warriors in God’s army. The military deals with rank, order, discipline, and following commands or instructions.   Positive: Dreaming of the(…) – Read More

    The militia is a section of the armed forces that is comprised of those who are able to be called upon within a country’s population for military service, usually only in a state of(…) – Read More

    Dreaming of a miracle could represent the healing ministry or God’s power.   Positive: Dreaming of a miracle in your dream may be indicative of what God is going to do in your life. It(…) – Read More

    A mirror is an object that is used to create a clear reflection of whatever it faces.   Positive: Dreaming of a mirror could represent the truth of a matter or God revealing the truth(…) – Read More

    A miscarriage is a spontaneous expulsion of a human fetus.   Positive: Dreaming of a miscarriage could represent the abortion of the enemy’s plan in your life. It could also mean(…) – Read More

    A missile is an explosive object or weapon for throwing or being launched used to attack. Dreaming of a missile could represent a literal missile or might words of demolition or(…) – Read More

    Money is currency that is used as a medium of exchange, value, or payment.   Positive: Money in a dream could represent power, authority, and provision. It could also symbolize wealth(…) – Read More

  • MOON
    The moon is the Earth’s natural satellite. Dreaming of the moon could represent ruling the night.   Positive: Dreaming of the moon could represent to rule the night. It could also(…) – Read More

    A mountain is a landmass that is much taller than its surrounding and is taller than a hill. Dreaming of a mountain could represent faith and overcoming.   Positive: Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

    A mushroom is an edible fungus used for food. Mushrooms are also known as a psychedelic drug.   Positive: Dreaming of a mushroom could symbolize a quick or sudden growth, or an(…) – Read More

    Dreaming of music can represent praise and worship.   Positive: Dreaming of music could symbolize worshiping God from the heart. It could also represent prophecy and ministering in the(…) – Read More

  • n

    A nail file is a metal or cardboard implement with a specific surface used in manicuring one’s fingernails.   Positive: A nail file could symbolize smoothing out the rough edges when(…) – Read More

    Nails are a slender pointed fastener designed to be pounded in. Nails could represent something secure in one’s life.   Positive: Seeing nails in a dream may represent the Word of God.(…) – Read More

  • NAME
    A name is the word or phrase that designates a person or a thing.   Positive: Dreaming of someone’s name in a dream could represent someone’s identity. It could represent operating in(…) – Read More

    A napkin is a small cloth, often served with food, to wipe or clean the hands or face.   Positive:  In a dream, seeing napkins could indicate order in one’s life. It could symbolize(…) – Read More

    A nation is a large group of people that are gathered together by a common culture or language that have assembled some sort of government or territory.   Positive: Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

    A needle is a small metal stick with a loop and pointed end. The loop is used to hook thread, and the pointed end is to pass through thread. Another type of hollow needle with a pointed end(…) – Read More

    Neon lights are electric lamps filled with neon gas which can be colored and is very bright.   Positive: Neon lights can represent people of God who let their lights shine. They can(…) – Read More

    A newspaper is a paper that is printed and distributed often sharing news and events. Dreaming of a newspaper could represent and announcement or message from God.   Positive: Dreaming(…) – Read More

    Night is the time from dusk to dawn when no sunlight is visible. Dreaming of night could represent darkness.   Positive: Dreaming of the night may represent God warning you to be(…) – Read More

    A nightlight is a small lamp connected to an electrical outlet, emitting a dim light during the night for seeing in dark hallways or rooms.   Positive: Dreaming of a night light may(…) – Read More

    Dreaming of noise could represent voices in your life. It could represent the voice of someone speaking to you.   Positive: Hearing noise in your dream could represent life. If(…) – Read More

    A nose bleed is an internal attack of bleeding within the nose which can have several different causes.   Positive: If your nose is bleeding in a dream, it could mean that God is(…) – Read More

    A notepad is a small book of blank pages used to take notes.   Positive: In a dream, a notepad can symbolize someone who is studying, learning, or desiring to learn God’s Word. Having(…) – Read More

    A nozzle is a round spout that is located at the end of a hose, tube, or pipe. The nozzle controls the speed/flow of what comes out of it.   Positive: Dreaming of a nozzle could(…) – Read More

    Nudity is to be naked. It could represent being uncovered and exposed.   Positive: Nudity in a dream could represent innocence or being open. It could represent humility, honesty, and(…) – Read More

    Dreaming of nuts and bolts could symbolize wisdom.   Positive: Dreaming of nuts and bolts could represent the bottom line of an issue. It could also mean indispensable wisdom. They(…) – Read More

  • o

  • OIL
    Dreaming of oil could represent an anointing in a dream. Pay attention to what kind of oil it is and if there are other people in the dream.   Positive: Dreaming of oil may represent(…) – Read More

    An olive is a small oval fruit with a hard pit. The flesh of the olive is used as food and a source of oil. Olives are mentioned often in the Bible.   Positive: When dreaming of an(…) – Read More

  • OVEN
    An oven is a chamber used for baking, heating, or drying. In a dream, an oven can represent one’s heart.   Positive: Seeing an oven in your dream could symbolize one’s heart. It could(…) – Read More

    Also Fat. Being overweight is having excessive fat on one’s body that can lead to health problems, but is also symbolic.   Positive: In a dream, seeing someone who is overweight could(…) – Read More

  • p

    A pacemaker is an electrical device for stimulating or steadying the heartbeat or reestablishing the rhythm of an arrested heart.   Positive: Dreaming of a pacemaker may represent(…) – Read More

    A pacifier is a nipple-shaped deviced used for babies to suck or bite on. Pacifiers usually calm down a baby when they are upset or teething. It helps soothe them by replicating the feeling(…) – Read More

  • PACT
    A pact is often an international treaty, but could also be more casual and made among friends. Pacts are often a form of solemn agreement or promise between people.   Positive:(…) – Read More

    Paint is a mixture of pigment used to cover walls or other objects or to create art. In a dream, paint could symbolize a covering.   Positive: Dreaming of paint could represent a(…) – Read More

  • PALE
    Pale means a deficiency in color or intensity of color. Usually, if someone is pale it could represent being sick or having an illness.   Positive: Being pale in a dream could(…) – Read More

    A pathway in your dream could represent your walk with God. Pay attention to what condition the path is in.   Positive: Dreaming of a pathway that is nicely kept up may represent Jesus(…) – Read More

    Pavement is a hard surface used to refer to sidewalks or walkways.   Positive: Seeing pavement in a dream could indicate moving forward. It could also represent God’s direction or(…) – Read More

    Payroll is the total calculation of what each person will get paid.   Positive: Dreaming of a payroll with large amounts of money could represent a blessing or reward from(…) – Read More

    Peach is an orangey color named for the pale color of the interior flesh of the peach fruit. Peach is a symbol of youth.   Positive: Dreaming of the color peach could represent God’s(…) – Read More

    A pen or a pencil are instruments used for writing or drawing.   Positive: Seeing a pen or a pencil in your ream could represent the power of the tongue. It may represent a contract or(…) – Read More

    A penalty is a disadvantage, such as a punishment, for breaking a rule or a law.   Positive: Dreaming of someone receiving a penalty for a wrongdoing could be a warning from God so(…) – Read More

    A pendulum is a body suspended from a fixed point so as to swing freely under the action of gravity.   Positive: Dreaming of a pendulum could represent something in your life that is(…) – Read More

    Perfume is a fragrance that people apply to their bodies. Perfume and fragrances are mentioned several times in the Bible.   Positive: Perfume in a dream could represent influence,(…) – Read More

    A photo album is a physical or digital book that holds pictures which represent memories or identities. Photo albums deal with remembrance.   Positive: Dreaming of a phot album could(…) – Read More

    Pay attention to who or what is in the picture because a picture could represent a message within itself.   Positive: Seeing a picture in your dream could represent a memory or a past(…) – Read More

  • PIE
    Dreaming of pie could represent happiness in life. It is a sweet treat that could indicate that things are going well in one’s life.   Positive: Dreaming of a pie could represent(…) – Read More

    A pillow is an item used to support one’s head, usually while laying down to go to sleep. A pillow could be a cloth bag stuffed with feathers, foam, or other soft materials. In a dream, a(…) – Read More

    Pizza is a dish made from flattened bread dough, sauce, and other toppings, and baked in an oven. Pizza is typically known as a meal that is quick and can be delivered. It is symbolic of a(…) – Read More

    A plague is an unwelcome outbreak or an epidemic disease causing a high rate of mortality. Plague is mentioned in the Bible and to dream of one may symbolize broad issues that negatively(…) – Read More

    Playing cards are used for playing different games with identical designs printed on the back. Playing cards date back to the 9th century. In a dream, it is important to note which suit and(…) – Read More

    A postcard is a small rectangular card for mailing which can be sent without an envelope, just a stamp. Postcards usually have a picture on one side and people often send them from vacations(…) – Read More

    Powder is a variety of fine, dry particles that are crushed our ground. There are many different types of powder which could mean different things.   Positive: Gun powder could(…) – Read More

    Dream symbol of the Day:   Pregnancy is when a female is holding a developing embryo or baby in her body. Symbolically, pregnancy means fullness or could represent a new thing or idea(…) – Read More

    Note what the price is and look up the numbers to see their meaning.   Positive: Seeing a high price tag in a dream could symbolize the worth or value of something or someone in your(…) – Read More

    A printer is a machine that is used to print out words or pictures from a computer or other device. If you see a printer in your dream, pay attention to the words that are being printed. God(…) – Read More

    A propeller is a mechanical device for propelling a boat or aircraft.   Positive: Dreaming of a propeller could represent acceleration or elevation in the Spirit. It could symbolize(…) – Read More

    A prosthetic limb is an artificial body part used for when one has lost a limb or has been amputated.   Positive: Dreaming of having a prosthetic limb could represent that God is(…) – Read More

    A pumpkin is a member of the gourd family that is a symbol of the fall season including Halloween.   Positive: Dreaming of pumpkins could represent autumn or fall which could symbolize(…) – Read More

    Dreaming of a puppet could indicate that one has lost control over themselves.   Positive: Dreaming of a puppet may symbolize letting God have complete control of your life or(…) – Read More

    Also Wallet. A purse is a bag often carried by women and used to store their belongings. Dreaming of a purse could represent your heart.   Positive: Dreaming of a purse or wallet could(…) – Read More

    A puzzle is a test of the mind or a game that challenges one’s mind.   Positive: Dreaming of a puzzle may represent that God is showing you a difficult situation that requires(…) – Read More

    A pyramid is a structure that starts with a broad base and gets smaller at the top where four triangles meet.   Positive: Dreaming of a pyramid could indicate that you have a strong(…) – Read More

  • r

    Radiation is the process of emitting radiant energy in the form of waves or particles.   Positive: Dreaming of radiation could represent the presence of God, glory, transformation, and(…) – Read More

    Seeing or hearing the radio in a dream could represent the gospel being broadcast or a continuous and unceasing sound. It could also represent truth or witness. It could represent hearing(…) – Read More

  • RAG
    A rag is an old cloth used for cleaning. They are usually torn from a cloth and have a negative connotation of being tattered, dirty, or filthy.   Positive: Dreaming of a clean rag may(…) – Read More

    Dreaming of railroad tracks could represent the path that God has made for one’s personal life or ministry.   Positive: Dreaming of railroad tracks could represent something that is(…) – Read More

  • RAIN
    Rain is a form of precipitation where water falls from the clouds. Rain is symbolic of life.   Positive: Dreaming of rain could represent life. It could also symbolize a revival or an(…) – Read More

    A rainbow is symbolic of God’s covenant and promise.   Positive: Dreaming of a rainbow could represent God’s covenant and promise. It could also symbolize goodness and protection in(…) – Read More

  • RAKE
    A rake is a large plastic or metal comb with a pole used for gardening or yardwork to gather leaves, twigs, grass, etc.   Positive: Dreaming of a rake could represent that one has the(…) – Read More

    The rapture is known as the second coming of Christ where He will take those up with Him to Heaven in the clouds who have the right heart.   Positive: Dreaming of the rapture could(…) – Read More

    A rave is a party that usually features electronic/techno music, flashing lights, smoke, and drugs or mind-altering substances. It is symbolic of sinful activities.   Positive:(…) – Read More

    A razor is a sharp edged instrument most commonly used to remove hair off of one’s body.   Positive: Dreaming of a razor could represent God cleaning up certain areas of  your life. A(…) – Read More

    A receipt is a record of purchase. In a dream, a receipt could symbolize spiritual purchases you have made with your decisions or choices.      Positive: Dreaming of a receipt could(…) – Read More

    Recognition can be a formal acknowledgement or that your identity is being revealed to someone.   Positive: Receiving recognition in a dream could represent God acknowledging you for(…) – Read More

    A recurring dream is having the same dream more than once or multiple times. If God shows you the same dream more than once, it could represent something very important that He is trying to(…) – Read More

  • REED
    A reed is a wood-like plant that is stabilized in a marsh environment. Reeds have many uses in society and can also represent a weak or impressionable person.   Positive: Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

    A refrigerator is an appliance used for keeping food cool and fresh. A fridge could represent one’s heart.   Positive: A refrigerator could symbolize your heart or motive, attitudes,(…) – Read More

    A refuge is a place of shelter and a place where one is kept safe from pursuit or in times of danger.   Positive: Dreaming of a refuge could represent the secret place of the Most(…) – Read More

    Reinforcements are extra or additional forms of assistance, troops, or supplies needed to be successful.   Positive: In a dream, reinforcements could represent God sending you help in(…) – Read More

    A remote control is a device that controls something, like a television, from a distance. It can represent authority or decision making.   Positive: If you are holding a remote(…) – Read More

    A remote control car is a toy car that is usually battery-operated and can be controlled via a remote from a distance.   Positive: Seeing a remote control car could represent a strong(…) – Read More

    Dreaming of words being repeated can represent a serious need to pay attention and God trying to tell you something specific. A voice from Heaven said “Abraham, Abraham” in Genesis 22:11;(…) – Read More

    A reservoir is a place where something is stored, such as an artificial lake holding water. It represents a reserve or an extra supply of something.   Positive: Dreaming of a reservoir(…) – Read More

    Revelation is knowledge revealed to you by God that you previously did not know. Pay attention to the revelation given.   Positive: Dreaming of receiving revelation could literally(…) – Read More

  • RICE
    Rice is a grain used for food. It symbolizes the Word of God and can be referenced as the substance of faith and the potential produce of hearing the Word.   Positive: Dreaming of rice(…) – Read More

    A ring is a circular piece of jewelry worn on the finger. Rings usually represent covenants or eternity.   Positive: Dreaming of rings may represent a covenant or something that is(…) – Read More

    A river is a flowing stream of water with a current. Dreaming of a river could represent life.   Positive: Seeing a river in your dream could represent the Spirit of God or life. It(…) – Read More

  • ROAD
    A road is a path on which one follows to get to their destination. Dreaming of a road could represent one’s journey or life choices.   Positive: Roads in a dream may represent Jesus,(…) – Read More

    Road construction is the act of repairing or fixing the roads and highways. Construction can represent God doing a spiritual work in you, but it could also symbolize a blockage or hindrance(…) – Read More

    The robe of many colors in the Jewish culture represent honor of a high position. An example of this would be Joseph’s coat of many colors.   Positive: Dreaming of clothing that is(…) – Read More

    Robotics is a branch of technology that deals with design, construction, operation, and application of robots. It could represent a religious person or someone who is(…) – Read More

  • ROCK
    Also Stone. A rock could be symbolic of various things in a dream. It could represent Jesus as our rock and firm foundation. A rock could also represent complacency.   Positive:(…) – Read More

    Rock & roll is a genre of music that is often tied to sin and worldliness such as lust, sex, and drugs.   Positive: Dreaming of turning off or walking away from rock music could(…) – Read More

    A rocket is a fast and advanced device that has the power to travel far distances. It could represent fast spiritual growth or the Lord propelling a move of God. A rocket could also(…) – Read More

    A rocking chair is a char set on two pieces that allow the chair to tilt forward and backward. A rocking chair produce a soothing motion and are often used by the elderly or in a nursery for(…) – Read More

    A roller coaster is usually a ride at an amusement park or carnival where cars roll on an elevated railway with steep inclines and sharp curves.   Positive: Dreaming of a roller(…) – Read More

    Roller skates are shoes with wheels attached to the bottom and are used for skating over a flat surface.   Positive: Dreaming of roller skates could represent speed or being fast and(…) – Read More

  • ROOF
    A roof is the covering of a house. In a dream, a roof could symbolize a spiritual covering over one’s life.   Positive: Seeing a roof in a dream could symbolize a protective covering in(…) – Read More

  • ROPE
    A rope is a large cord of strands or fibers braided together.   Positive: Dreaming of a rope could represent rescue or salvation. It could symbolize God reaching out and saving you in(…) – Read More

    Rubies are a red gemstone and are one of the most valuable gems on Earth. They can represent something of high value or blessings.   Positive: Dreaming of rubies could represent that you(…) – Read More

  • RUG
    A rug is a type of floor covering that can be used for décor or protecting what’s underneath.   Positive: Seeing a rug in your dream could represent a covering over your life. It could(…) – Read More

  • s

    Safety is the state of being safe from harm, danger, accidents, injuries, and risk. It is the quality of being kept secure and being sheltered under somewhere sage. To dream of being safe(…) – Read More

    Sailing is the activity of sailing in a boat. Dreaming of sailing can represent navigation, direction, journey, exploration, and travel.     Positive: Dreaming of sailing in a boat(…) – Read More

  • SALT
    Salt is a seasoning that is also used to preserve food.   Positive: Dreaming of salt could represent a preservative or something that is covenant acceptable. It could also represent(…) – Read More

    Sarcasm is a type of satirical or ironic language designed to cut or give pain. The word “sarcasm” can be traced back to the Greek verb “sarkazein” which means “to tear flesh like a(…) – Read More

  • SAW
    A saw is a hand tool used to cut through various materials. There are also power saws that require less force to be exerted by the person handling the tool and usually get the job done(…) – Read More

    A scavenger hunt is a game or a quest in which people seek to find hidden clues in order to win the game.   Positive: In a dream, seeing someone doing a scavenger hunt could represent(…) – Read More

    A seatbelt is a vehicle safety device that secures the occupant in a vehicle. It is used to protect an individual from sudden stops that may result in collision or death.   Positive:(…) – Read More

    Sewage refers to matters of waste that are carried away by a sewer system for disposal.   Positive: Dreaming of your belongings being carried away in a sewer could represent God’s(…) – Read More

      A shelter is something used for protection or safety. It could be a building, a tent, a ditch, or a spiritual shelter. Dreaming of a shelter could represent God’s protection or a sign of(…) – Read More

    Shoes are objects used to protect and cover the feet from injury. Not only are shoes used for protection these days, but also fashion.   Positive: Seeing shoes in a dream could(…) – Read More

    A shovel is a tool used for digging. Dreaming of a shovel could indicate questions you may have about something.   Positive: Dreaming of a shovel may indicate a confession or inquiry.(…) – Read More

    A signature is a person’s name written in a distinct way, mainly for authorization and identification purposes on legal documents. In a dream, pay attention to what is being signed and who(…) – Read More

    Silicone is a heat resistant, rubber-like material. Silicone is often used as a protection agent from heat or fire. Silicone is also used in cosmetic surgery or body(…) – Read More

  • Silk
    Silk is a natural fiber material composed of fibroin which is produced by the larvae of certain insects. Silkworms are most commonly known to produce the best silk and it is considered a(…) – Read More

  • SINK
    A sink is a bowl or a basin typically fixed to a wall or pedestal with water pipes and used for washing. In a dream, a sink could represent one’s heart, cleansing, washing, sanctifying, or(…) – Read More

    A skateboard is a board mounted on small wheels used for coasting and performing athletic stunts.   Positive: Dreaming of a skateboard could indicate that one is skilled in maneuvering or(…) – Read More

    A skirt is an article of women’s clothing used to cover the lower half of the body.   Positive: Dreaming of a skirt may symbolize a covering or grace on one’s life. It may also(…) – Read More

    Slate is a piece of construction material for roofing and siding. It is a fine grained metamorphic rock which can be used as a tablet for writing. It is dark gray in color and has(…) – Read More

    Dreaming of smiling or seeing someone else smile in a dream could represent kindness and the joy of the Lord.   Positive: Dreaming of someone smiling at you could represent benevolence(…) – Read More

    Smoke is the gaseous products of burning materials and could represent mystery or the glory of God.   Positive: Dreaming of smoke could represent the presence of the Lord or the glory(…) – Read More

    Snow is a form of precipitation made of crystalized ice. In a dream, snow represents purity.   Positive: Dreaming of snow or ice could represent purity, grace, and forgiveness. It(…) – Read More

    Snowshoes are large shoes that resemble tennis rackets that attach to the bottom of your shoe to make it easier to walk in the snow.   Positive: Dreaming of snowshoes could symbolize(…) – Read More

  • SOAP
    Dreaming of soap could represent cleansing and becoming pure before the Lord.   Positive: Seeing or using soap in a dream could represent forgiveness or prayer. It could symbolize(…) – Read More

  • SONG
    A song is a short poem or other set of words set to music or meant to be sung. A song can represent a feeling or emotion depending on the tone and words that are being sung. A song can(…) – Read More

    A spear is a long stabbing weapon for thrusting or throwing, consisting of a wooden shaft to which a sharp-pointed head is attached.   Positive: Dreaming of a spear could represent(…) – Read More

    A spiral is a winding movement or shape that can be demonstrated during falling from a height.     Positive: Dreaming of a spiral could represent communication from God to you. If you(…) – Read More

    Spring is a time or season of growth or development. Dreaming of spring could represent spiritual or natural growth.   Positive: Dreaming of spring could represent a fresh start or new(…) – Read More

    A square is a geometric shape with four equal sides of the same length.   Positive: Dreaming of a square could represent perfection or equality. It could also symbolize being an(…) – Read More

    A staff is a long stick that is carried in the hand for support when walking or standing. A staff or rod is also carried as a symbol of office or authority.   Positive: Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

    Stairs are a series of steps for passing from one level or floor to another. Pay attention if you are going up or down the stairs in a dream.   Positive: Going up a set of stairs in a(…) – Read More

  • STAR
    Dreaming of a star could represent divine direction from the Lord.   Positive: Dreaming of a star could represent an apostle, preacher, minister, Christians, or good role-model. Stars(…) – Read More

    A stoplight is a traffic sign with different colored designed to notify drivers. The red light means stop, the yellow light means prepare to stop, and the green light means go. Pay attention(…) – Read More

    A storm could indicate a trial or tribulation you must endure, but God is offering a way to get out or to be your help in time of need.   Positive: Seeing a storm in your dream could(…) – Read More

    Strangulation is the action or state of being strangled. It is the compression of the neck which can lead to death by asphyxiation.   Positive: In a dream, if you are strangling an(…) – Read More

    A stream is a flow of water that is smaller than a river. It is a steady and unbroken current that moves continually.   Positive: Dreaming of a stream could represent progress or a(…) – Read More

    To stumble may mean to fall into sin or to make an error.   Positive: Dreaming of someone stumbling may represent God causing your enemies to stumble and fall. If you stumble in a(…) – Read More

    Suicide is the act of ending one’s own life.   Positive: Dreaming of suicide may represent crucifying the flesh or dying to self. It may represent giving up your own will and surrendering(…) – Read More

    A suitcase is a portable case designed to hold a traveler’s clothing and personal articles.   Positive: Dreaming of a suitcase could represent travel or a change in location. It could(…) – Read More

    Summer is the warm season of the year and can represent a season of opportunity and blessing in one’s life.   Positive: Dreaming of the summer may represent an opportunity that is(…) – Read More

  • SUN
    The sun is the most powerful star around which the Earth and other planets revolve. The sun could represent God’s creation.   Positive: Dreaming of the sun could represent God and His(…) – Read More

    A surfboard is a long, narrow, buoyant board used in the sport of surfing which could indicate endurance in a dream.   Positive:  Dreaming of riding a surfboard could indicate that on(…) – Read More

    A surprise is an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, or thing. Surprises often have positive connotations, but can also be negative.   Positive: Dreaming of a surprise party could(…) – Read More

    A swimming pool is a small and rather deep body of usually fresh water recreation, sport, or leisure.   Positive: Dreaming of a swimming pool could represent the Holy Spirit. It could(…) – Read More

    A swing can represent rest or fun. Swinging could also symbolize quietness and peace.   Positive: Dreaming of a swing could represent rest, quietness, and peace. It could also(…) – Read More

    A sword is a weapon with a long blade for cutting or thrusting. They are often used as a symbol of honor or authority.   Positive: Seeing a sword in your dream could represent the Word(…) – Read More

    A syringe is a device used to inject or withdraw fluids from something. Syringes are most commonly known to administer medication into the body.   Positive: In a dream, pay attention(…) – Read More

    Syrup is any of the various thick, sweet, liquids prepared for able use from molasses, glucose, etc.   Positive: Dreaming of syrup could represent a good thing that requires patience.(…) – Read More

  • t

    table is a piece of furniture consisting of a smooth slab set on legs. Tables are usually used for eating or working.   Positive: Dreaming of a table could represent a conference,(…) – Read More

  • TAPE
    Tape is a strip of material that is used to bind or keep something together, or to outline something when painting.   Positive: In a dream, tape could represent God bringing to people(…) – Read More

  • TAR
    Tar is a sticky black substance with a notable smell and used to make repairs, especially on roads.   Positive: Seeing tar in a dream could symbolize a repair or patchwork. It could(…) – Read More

    Tarot cards are a set of pictorial cards which are used for fortune-telling and in witchcraft. Note what design is on the tarot card in a dream.   Positive: Seeing a tarot card in a(…) – Read More

    Tears are drops of clear fluid that come out of one’s eyes when crying. You may even wake up with real tears. The Bible says that the Lord bottles our tears.   Positive: Tears in a dream(…) – Read More

    A teddy bear is a stuffed toy bear that can represent children or childhood.   Positive: Dreaming of a teddy bear could represent a childlike spirit or remembrance of the former(…) – Read More

    Dreaming of a telephone could represent communication or lack thereof in one’s life.   Positive: Dreaming of a telephone could represent communication through God in prayer. It could(…) – Read More

    A telescope is an instrument designed to make objects in the distance appear closer. Telescopes can zoom into objects that are anywhere from 1 billion to 10 billion lightyears away. Dreaming(…) – Read More

    A television is an appliance that can be used for entertainment. Note the size of the television and how old it is.   Positive: Dreaming of a television may represent what is to come.(…) – Read More

    A testimony is written or spoken evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something.   Positive: If you are telling a testimony in a dream, God is leading you to(…) – Read More

    Thanksgiving is a holiday representing thankfulness and can be an expression of gratitude toward God. A cornucopia usually symbolizes thanksgiving which is representative of a(…) – Read More

    A thermostat is a tool used to determine the temperature in a certain area or place. When dreaming of a person using a thermostat, they could be adjusting the temperature of a(…) – Read More

    A ticket is a piece of paper or small card that gives the holder a certain right, especially to enter a place, travel by public transport, or participate in an event. A ticket can also be a(…) – Read More

    A torch is a light, usually through a burning stick or an object that causes light to remain in dark areas.   Positive: Dreaming of a nation being represented with a torch could mean(…) – Read More

    Dream symbol of the Day:   A tornado is a destructive violent wind that forms in the clouds. It causes a lot of damage and can destroy houses and entire communities. Dreaming of a(…) – Read More

  • TRAP
    A trap is a metal clamp device that is used to ensnare or capture without notice. A trap could represent being confined or restricted. Traps often represent the schemes of the(…) – Read More

    Treasure is wealth such as money, jewels, or precious metals, that are stored up or hoarded. It could also represent something of great worth or value or a collection of precious(…) – Read More

    A tree stump is a remaining portion of roots from a tree after it has been cut down.   Positive: Dreaming of a tree stump could symbolize that there is hope for new growth to take(…) – Read More

    A trumpet is a brass instrument with a flared opening. It has a smooth but strong tone. It is played by using its three valves at the top of the instrument to change keys.   Positive:(…) – Read More

    Tweezers are tools used to grab small objects. They are used to remove something with accuracy and care.   Positive:  Seeing tweezers in a dream can be symbolic of a time or(…) – Read More

    A typewriter is a device used to type words on paper through the transfer or ink or carbon impressions onto paper. Typewriters were revolutionary during the time of their production as it made(…) – Read More

  • u

    Unity is a condition of harmony or oneness. To be united is to be in one accord. It is a symbol of strength and power.   Positive: Dreaming of unity could represent God’s goodness and(…) – Read More

  • v

    A valley is a pit or a low place in between mountains or hills. Valleys can represent a trial or a low point in life.   Positive: Dreaming of a valley can symbolize that God is getting(…) – Read More

    Vandalism is the willful or malicious destruction or defaceent of public or private property.   Positive: In a dream, vandalism could represent taking territory for God’s Kingdom. It(…) – Read More

      A vault is a locked room in a bank where treasure and things of great worth are stored.   Positive: Dreaming of a vault could represent the goodness of one’s heart. It could also(…) – Read More

  • VEIL
    A veil is something that covers, separates, screens, or conceals. It is a piece of material used to cover something or someone’s face.   Positive: Dreaming of a veil could represent(…) – Read More

    Velvet is a fabric of silk, cotton, or nylon.   Positive: Dreaming of velvet could indicate comfort, royalty, or lavishness.   Negative: Dreaming of dirty or damaged velvet could(…) – Read More

    A vessel is a container or earthenware that is shaped in the potter’s hand. The Bible uses the metaphor that God is represented by a potter. The shaping of a vessel by the potter refers to(…) – Read More

    Vinegar is a sour liquid with acid used as a condiment and preservative.   Positive: Dreaming of vinegar could represent something powerful in one’s life. It could also represent(…) – Read More

    A violin is a stringed instrument usually made from wood. It is a bowed instrument that can also be plucked.   Positive: In a dream, a violin can represent the heart as an instrument(…) – Read More

    Vitamins are any of a group of organic compounds which are essential for normal growth and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by(…) – Read More

    A volcano is a vent in the curst of the Earth that is full of explosively violent potential.   Positive: Seeing a volcano in your dream could represent the power of God and His might.(…) – Read More

  • w

    Wages are fixed regular payments, typically paid on a daily or weekly basis by an employer to an employee for their work done.   Positive: Dreaming of receiving wages could represent a(…) – Read More

  • WALL
    A wall is a structure used to separate rooms or used as an enclosure or barrier.   Positive: A wall could represent a defense or protective border. In a dream, it could also symbolize(…) – Read More

    A wallet is a pocket-sized, flat, folding holder for money and plastic cards. Wallets are typically seen as an item of value and can represent the heart in a dream.   Positive:(…) – Read More

  • WAR
    A war is an active and vigorous conflict between two groups. It is characterized by violence, destruction, and aggression.   Positive: Dreaming of a war could represent prayer and(…) – Read More

    A wardrobe is a large storage cabinet that contains the total collection of one’s clothing.   Positive:  In a dream, if you are looking to change out of your dirty clothes it could(…) – Read More

    A warrant is a document that gives authorities authorization to make an arrest or to search someone’s property.   Positive:  Dreaming of a warrant means you have been given the(…) – Read More

    Water is a liquid that covers most of the Earth and is used for everyday activities and necessary for human survival. In a dream, water could represent the Holy Spirit or thirsting for the(…) – Read More

    A watermelon is a large fruit that is sweet and made mostly of water.   Positive: Seeing a watermelon in your dream may indicate a time of refreshing in one’s life. The seeds could(…) – Read More

    Waterproof material is something that is made out of a material that does not absorb water, but repels it for protection.   Positive: Dreaming of something that is waterproof could(…) – Read More

  • WAVE
    A wave is a moving ridge or swell on the surface of a body of water. In a dream, a wave could represent being overtaken by the Spirit of God.   Positive: Dreaming of a wave could(…) – Read More

    A wheelchair is a device used for those who can’t walk or are debilitated. In a dream, a wheelchair could represent miracles of healing or that one is not walking by faith.   Positive:(…) – Read More

  • WIG
    A wig is a manufactured covering of natural or synthetic hair for the head.   Positive: Dreaming of a wig could indicate authority or covering. Removing a wig may indicate exposure or(…) – Read More

  • WIND
    Wind is a natural movement of air. Dreaming of wind could represent the Holy Spirit.   Positive: Wind in a dream could represent the Holy Spirit or having dominion over the(…) – Read More

    A window is an opening in the wall of a building that you can see through, usually to let in light or air.   Positive: In a dream, a window might symbolize blessing, truth, or(…) – Read More

  • WINE
    Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermenting of grapes. Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine.   Positive: Dreaming of wine could represent the Spirit, joy,(…) – Read More

    Note what kind of wings they are. If it is an animal, also look up the animal.   Positive: Seeing wings in a dream could represent the Holy Spirit, angels, or a prophet. Wings could(…) – Read More

  • WOOD
    Wood is a substance that makes up trees and has several uses including building and making fires.   Positive: Dreaming of wood could represent life or the root out of dry ground. It(…) – Read More

    A wound is an injury that can be physical or emotional. Biblically, it could represent how Jesus was wounded for our transgressions.   Positive: Dreaming of examining wounds on your(…) – Read More

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