Pastor’s Churches Are Visited As A Result Of Jesus Appearance
Revival Breaks Out Again

One pastor, who came to a move of God, that was happening in a city where revival broke out, life was so dramatically changed.  We saw God do miraculous things: salvation, healings, etc…  It was wonderful.  The Lord had started visiting scores of pastors and the youth face to face.

When this certain pastor, who came from the Dominican Republic, heard of this He cried to the Lord saying, “Lord, I want to see you, I need this face to face relationship with you.”  Well, while he stayed for 3 days here in America nothing happened.  So when he went back home he believed the Lord to do this in his life and ministry.

When he went to sleep, on a Tuesday, suddenly there Jesus was in a white robe immediately talking to Him in a dream saying, “I will return to you and meet you at the church on Sunday…”  after this he awoke!  That following Sunday after this appearance from the Lord, Jesus did as he said and visited the service and a revival broke out at this pastors church.

As a result they started having revival in the Dominican Republic.  How Awesome!  You wonderful and faithful pastors that has been waiting for revival or a move of God to break out in your church, this face to face relationship with the Lord will serve as the key for true revival for your church, city and country!

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