A New Move of God has begun!!! This same angel furthermore said to me in the dream, “It takes God 18-20 years to raise up a true Apostle, Prophet or General to stand on the forefront. Every 18-20 years God prepares a new group of Leadership for a New Move. When I awoke I researched scripture to see if this was true and to my surprise it was biblical! The scripture records that Jesus was 12 years old when He entered the temple.  At 30 the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in a special way and His real ministry began. I subtracted 30-12=18 years! I said, “Wow!” I had never seen this before in scripture and it had been there all this time! The angel was right!!

It took Jesus this process and all the great Apostles and Prophets of old.  It’s no different for us! It was also revealed to me further that the reason why the angel mentioned 18-20 years is because 18 years is the Fathers perfect timing for this process. It was told me that because of His perfection and obedience Jesus is the only man who accomplished the Fathers perfect timing but every other man it has taken 20 years because of the fall of Adam and mans sin.  Joseph was 17 when he had a dream of his father, mother and brothers bowing to his position of authority. He was 30 when he stood before Pharaoh to interpret his dream about the 7yrs of plenty and 7yrs of famine.  30-17 only equals 13 years but 7 years of plenty had to pass until the time of the famine which was during the time when his father, mother and brothers came to Egypt and bowed to him.

This put the fulfillment of the prophecy in the dream at 20 years.  Joseph’s real assignment and destiny was not just to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams but it was to save alive much people.  God gave him promotions along the way in Potiphar’s house and with the prison guard and even the promotion with Pharaoh over the whole land but these moments of promotions was not his real life’s assignment from God. Many prophets get deceived by these moments of promotions and breakthroughs during their 20 year process but don’t realize that this is not what God originally intended for their life destiny and assignment thinking it is their real ministry! It wasn’t until the 7 yrs of famine that the dream the LORD had given Joseph was fulfilled which puts the whole process at 20 years before the fulfillment of the dream he was given at 17 years old!

Another example was the prophet Samuel. He prophesied to Eli concerning his house and the bible says the Lord let none of his words fall to the ground. He could have taken this accuracy he had from God and the Lord backing his words to deceive him into thinking he was ready for his real destiny and ministry. Many Prophets and Apostles would take this to mean that they are ready to fulfill their life’s assignment and destiny. The LORD kept on record the fact that Samuel was not even heard of until 20 years later..!! It says in (1 Sam 7:2-3) “And it came to pass…that the time was long; for it was twenty years…And Samuel spake…”

David was 17 when he was anointed to be king of Israel in the midst of his brethren…He slayed Goliath at 17 with this powerful anointing but he still wasn’t ready!! Many would be deceived that they are ready after such a mighty exploit and being anointed in the midst or around others for it to be seen, but this is deception!  At 30, he was made king over Judah at Hebron but this isn’t what God promised him. He was told that he would be King over all Israel which didn’t happen until over 7 years later after he had turned 30 and not until 7 years after the promotion at Judah. His promotion at Judah was just his training for reigning!

Many would have thought this was Gods sign to the fulfillment of the prophecy.  God has a timing, be patient!  King David was 17 years of age when he was anointed to be king over Israel. 30 years old when he was anointed and promoted king over Judah which = only 13 years. But then he was anointed King over all Israel… (This was the real prophecy over 7 years later which puts the fulfillment of the prophecy to start his real destiny at 37 years of age which equals to a 20 year process exactly!) This message the Lord sent me from the angel was right!

Scripture background research shows us that Elisha poured water on the hands of Elijah for 20 yrs before stepping into his “real” ministry at Jordan. Now, concerning Paul in the New Testament he says in his own words, “After three years I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter… Then fourteen years after I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas 3+14= only 17 years. Though, if you will read in the book of Acts, it says that when certain prophets and teachers were at Antioch the Holy Ghost said, “Separate me Paul and Silas unto the work which I have called them”.  So when you research, you will find out this happened 3 years after he left Jerusalem. 3+14+ the extra 3 years=20 years before Paul started His real ministry!

Also remember when Jesus completed his 18 years of the Fathers training for ministry the Holy Ghost meet up descending on Him in a special way that He hadn’t before just as He did Paul here. Today in our generation we see that at the close of the 1980’s Christian television stations were changing as well as the men and women God had placed on the scene. In the 1990’s we saw the beginning of a New Move of God. 20 years later puts us at 2010! God has raised up a new era of leadership, young and old generals that are prepared to be placed on the forefront this year! They have finished their 20 years of intensive training in ministry from God. They are ready!! This is what the angel told me. He said that I had completed the 20 years of training to stand on the forefront! Some of you have too!! The New move of God in America has started and God is ready to use the next generation that He has raised up!!!

David E. Taylor


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