Shocking! Daughter Reveals Her Dad’s Racism Against Blacks
as the Spark Behind the Recent Social Media Lynching Attempt Against The Character of David E. Taylor

There has been a recent outcry of injustice that has taken place against Apostle David E. Taylor, the president and CEO of Joshua Media Ministries International. There have been video clips and statements released on the Internet and social media websites, attacking the character of Apostle Taylor. What you need to know is that the edited and spliced video clips from a deposition that were created by a man named Rick Frazier, and were the direct result of a calculated and malicious attack, designed to injure the man of God’s reputation, character, and ministry. What you are about to read is the truth that they did not want you to hear… Katie Frazier, the daughter of Rick Frazier, recently came forward to the public, speaking out against her father’s racial vendetta toward Apostle Taylor.

Daughter Reveals The Truth – Her Dad was the One Behind The Lies In The Video

Over the past 25 years of ministry, Apostle Taylor has never mishandled your money or precious gifts as he has been accused of and would never do such things. He is a man of great integrity and has made enormous sacrifices for the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Katie Frazier- “my dad is just mad that my mom, his ex-wife, donated a large sum of money to the ministry… my dad is angry at you…because my dad is a racist. My dad views black people as less than himself and feels that he is the only one who can help them overcome this ‘tragedy.’ This is the reason he is upset that my mom donated money to Joshua Media Ministries. He is horrified at the fact she gifted money, as he called it, to a ‘black man’s ministry.’ He even recently dressed up the family dog as a KKK member.”

About Apostle Taylor: Through the Years


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