“His Son’s Notable Appearance”

America Needs A Face To Face Encounter With Jesus
In America, we started seeing the healings and miracles from Him in the early 1940’s to 1960’s.  In our country we have seen the prophets walk in their amazing giftings given to them from God.  The one move that America has not experienced yet is the face to face contact and notable appearances of the Lord Jesus Christ in manifestation defying the boundaries of just church.  This is the next move of God in America where God notably, to the world through His son Jesus Christ, is about to show Himself openly to our generation face to face through appearances.  This will happen to whole metropolitan cities in America at one time.  High officials, presidents, kings, governors, businessmen and finally to the rich and famous, wealthy and poor.  This is what all of America needs!  We need a real revival that transcends our churches that will shake our world with undeniable evidence, too notable to be ignored or pushed under the carpet by the world as nothing or not being God.  This next move is to be notable without question concerning who God is or His Son before the end comes.  It will happen!  It’s beginning to happen small now but the latter and shall be great.  America will experience a notable shaking through this coming face to face with the Lord.  I believe and was told by Jesus that this is my assignment to America.  To bring her to meet with God through face to face appearances from Jesus Christ personally.  This is beginning to happen on a small scale but it will happen before the 300 million here in America!
To the preachers and pastors I would say, “Our preaching, gifting’s, anointing’s and the whole body of Christ the church at large in America have not cracked this country yet, to be wide open to God or Jesus.  No matter how many people you have blessed or reached up until this moment by these things even though they are wonderful, they have only reached a small portion of Americans and the world.  We have not given this country this experience yet.  I believe He can get more done in a short time by His personal appearance than we can in a life time with our giftings and anointing given from Him.  This is the answer to the ills of our generation is just Jesus, in reality.”  Today in our generation men just want to experience God.  They want to know if this God we serve is real.  When Jesus appears it solves all doubt.

We In The Church Cannot Change The World If We Have Not Been With Jesus Face To Face

These that have turned the world upside down have come hither also” (Acts 17:6)
“And they took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13)


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