“Chicago Visitation 2007”

We also saw this happen in Chicago.  In Chicago there was one of the most greatest visible manifestations of God’s glory revealed in the face of Jesus Christ.  This all started really about two years prior.  One of my sons in ministry who pastors in Chicago came to me one day saying, “I had a dream about you coming to Chicago and when you came a move of God broke out and people came from everywhere.”  I didn’t know how long it would take this dream to come to pass because when God shows dreams most of the time there is an interval involved before they are fulfilled.  So I held this dream he had in respect, to await the day when it would happen.  In 2006 of April during a time I was seeking the Lord in Dad and Mother Nichols church in Port Huron, the spiritual mother and father to Juanita Bynum.

The Lord appeared to me. Jesus appeared in the room in front of me saying, “The covenant that I made with you a few years earlier in the year 2001, I am about to fulfill with you that not only Me, but now My Father is are about to also work notably with you on the earth in front of My Church Body and the world.”  He then went on to tell me that thousands, even millions were about to experience open appearances from Him in dreams and in open daylight in America!  After Jesus said this and some other things we left but I had no idea when season would begin of this taking place.  All of a sudden later that year in 2006 it took place.  A move of God hit Washington State and as a result Juanita Bynum’s sister in-law Samantha Bynum heard about it.

She is a pastor in Chicago and has such a hunger for God.  When she heard the things that were happening in Seattle and Washington State with the Lord appearing, she asked if I could come to Chicago to her church and wondered if the Lord could do something like this in Chicago.  I replied, “Sure.”  I then said, “Before long, the Lord is going to allow every state in America to experience a visitation from Him like this.  So by this she asked me to come.  The Lord told me to go so I did.  We scheduled one week of services Monday through Friday…we had an awesome time but something unusual took place.

A Move Of God Hit Chicago

The third night of the service while I was preaching, Jesus appeared in the middle of the service in the aisle way.  I mean He literally interrupted me as I was preaching in the height and the climax of my message.  So when I saw Him I stopped preaching abruptly and started looking at Him gazing.  Jesus stood there so regal and awesome like as at other times before when I had seen Him.

He had on the beautiful, cleaner than white robe that I have seen Him in usually.  He started to speak to me saying, “David I am about to walk the streets of Chicago and prepare this city for a move of God and at the appointed time I will bring you back here”. Now you got to understand that the people saw me stop preaching and start gazing for a minute.  They wondered what was happening and why I stop preaching abruptly at the height of my message. They did not see Jesus but I did.  The Lord then disappeared and left just as suddenly as He came.  I then told the audience and pastor what had just happened.

They rejoiced and believed God.  I finished up the next two nights when I finally went home to rest.  The day after these services, Pastor Bynum was on the streets of Chicago taking care of some business when she ran into a woman, who she didn’t know. The lady come up to her saying she felt led to show her some pictures.  The lady told her she hadn’t shown anyone these pictures.  When she showed Prophetess Samantha Bynum these pictures, she was astonished because the pictures showed Jesus walking the streets of Chicago.  The lady began sharing with pastor Bynum how she was on the street of Chicago taking pictures of the buildings and all the pictures came out normal except four of them which was unusual.

In two out of these four pictures, you see Jesus plainly walking the streets of Chicago with one foot up off the ground.  I put the pictures on this website to prove that Jesus is still alive and that He is making notable appearances in America!  Pastor Bynum was astonished when she saw these pictures saying, “The Lord is doing what He promised!”  “He appeared to this apostle in my church a few days ago and said He was going to walk the streets of Chicago and He has.”  Samantha Bynum got copies and brought them for me to see in another place where I was holding another meeting.  When I saw them I was astonished and encouraged at the same time! 

The Original Photos Taken on the Streets of Chicago


The following year a move of God hit Chicago in 2007

Thousands came from five different continents of the world and 25 different states in America.  It was awesome, night after night salvation and miracles took place.  It was tremendous.  The youth was on fire and they began catching on when they started having face to face visitations from the Lord, about 250 of them.  It was amazing!  Jesus had prepared Chicago for a move of God and it was taking place!  It’s an experience I’ll never forget!  The Lord is going to visit America in this way on a broader scale!  This is an exciting time for America and the nations of the earth.

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