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    Aluminum is a bluish silver-white metal that is pliable, conducts electricity well, resists corrosion, and is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. It is cost-effective and often(...) - Read More

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    Brass is an alloy consisting of copper and zinc in different proportions. It is often used for door knobs, plumbing and electrical equipment, and brass instruments such as horns or(...) - Read More

    Bronze is a yellowish-brown color and also an alloy of copper and tin. Biblically, bronze can be used as a symbol of judgment. Naturally, bronze is used to denote a third place(...) - Read More

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    Chrome is a metallic material that is reflective, corrosion resistant, and used for several different things. Chrome in a dream could represent a cold or hardened heart.   Positive: If(...) - Read More

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  • IRON
    Iron is a silver-white malleable magnetic heavy metal that rusts in moist air.   Positive: Dreaming of iron could represent crushing power and strength.   Negative: Seeing iron(...) - Read More

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  • LEAD
    Lead is a soft and ductile heavy metal that is denser than most common materials.   Positive: Seeing lead in a dream could represent strength.   Negative: Dreaming of lead may(...) - Read More

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    Platinum is a chemical element that is often used for jewelry and technology.   Positive: Dreaming of platinum could represent the “platinum rule,” treating others the way you want to(...) - Read More

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    Silver is a white ductile metal often used and sold as a commodity.   Positive: Dreaming of silver could represent understanding, knowledge, purity, cleanliness, redemption, words of(...) - Read More

    Steel is a commercial iron that is often used for weapons, structures, and large machinery. Steel appears multiple times in the Bible and can represent strength and power.   Positive:(...) - Read More

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  • TIN
    Tin is a soft lustrous metallic element that is especially used to make containers, tinfoil, and protective coatings.   Positive: Dreaming of tin could represent being practical and(...) - Read More

    Titanium is a dark gray, silvery material that can be combined with other metals to make them stronger. It represents the natural strength of man.   Positive: Titanium could represent(...) - Read More

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