The Divine Vision Given To JMMI

JMMI is a worldwide, multicultural, fivefold ministry (with special emphasis on preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom) committed to invading, shaking and converting the nations, with a specific assignment to America.  This is manifested through the preached word and the demonstration of the Former and Latter Rain Glory of God and not only as a result of the Lord’s gifts and anointings which are also evident in each service around the world.


“he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.”
Hosea 6:3


The Latter Rain Vision

He’s Coming


Face to Face Appearance from Jesus in a Dream Concerning the Latter Rain Outpouring Which Will be the Greatest Move of God to Ever Hit the Earth

In 1992, at the age of nineteen, the Lord Jesus Christ visited David E. Taylor and took his spirit out of his body to show him some things going on in the churches that were hindering the fullness of the outpouring of the Latter Rain.  Standing high above the churches with Jesus, he saw in the Savior’s hand a large kettle of oil.
As he stood over one particular church, he was able to see a number of things occurring in the church that were obviously grieving the Lord.  The pastor of the church sat in the pulpit and watched the things going on but did not speak out against what he saw.  At this point, the dream switched and now instead of sitting in the pulpit, the pastor was laying on his back on the floor, where members would come up for prayer.  He had a microphone in his hand, preaching the gospel on his back.

Jesus then dipped one finger into the kettle and allowed only one drop of oil to roll off of His finger into the church.  As soon as the oil hit the congregation, the entire church went up in a glorious praise. He knew that the Lord wanted to pour out the oil on His people, but because of what the pastor allowed He could not. Jesus left him with this charge:  “I need a man who will stand on the authority of my word… be faithful.”

“I need a man who will stand on the authority of my word …be faithful.”

Angelic Visitation in Dream Revealing Where the Last and Greatest Move of God Will Begin 




In 1995, at the age of 22, David E. Taylor was requested to come to St. Louis from his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee to run a revival at a local church.  With a full agenda of appearances scheduled, he anticipated the usual one-to-two week revival.  A week into the services, an angel descended from heaven and appeared unto him in a dream. The angel’s feet did not touch the ground. The angel started by telling him how wonderful it was in God’s presence, then began to share with him, “The message is this, St. Louis shall be the starting place of God’s Latter Rain Glory and from here it shall spread all over the world.”

“the message is this, St. Louis shall be the starting place of God’s Latter Rain Glory and from here it shall spread all over the world.”

No time frame was given, so he thought that perhaps it would occur in three to five years but instead, that week, God began to call people from all corners of St. Louis as well as others states to this inner-city church. The move of God was so great that what started off as a two-week revival lasted for a full year!

David E. Taylor began to study and research what God had in store and discovered other men and women of God who had prophesied the same move of God, validating what was spoken in the visitation.

During her message at the 1904 World’s Fair, Evangelist and Prophetess, Maria Woodworth-Etter fell into a trance. For 3-days her body remained frozen in it’s spot at Union Station, in downtown St. Louis.  The following is the prophecy given to her from the Lord: “It was a good time to gather the children of the Lord together in [St. Louis], where we might receive the…latter rain in the same month. The called and chosen would scatter out from here to all parts of the world.”*

*Diary of Signs and Wonders, Marie Woodworth-Etter.

Pastor and teacher, David Yonggi Cho prophesied in 1980 about a revival that would take place in Pensacola, Florida. Many believe the fulfillment of this was the “Brownsville Revival.” He went on to say that the last move of God would move on from Florida to the center of the Western Hemisphere, naming St. Louis as the place that it would start.

The following is a paraphrase of what the Spirit prophesied through teacher and prophet Kenneth Copeland in a service he held in St. Louis at the Kiel Opera House 1985

“I see an angel coming from heaven, to St. Louis but he has not touched the ground. When his big toe touches the ground an earthquake…the move of God, shall begin in St. Louis and spread all over the world.”

In Dad [Kenneth] Hagin’s camp meeting in June of 1997 the Lord spoke the following:
“…It shall be manifested here and it shall be manifested there. It will be manifested way over there…[and it shall] happen in St. Louis for that is the center and heart of the nation!”


Angelic Visitation in a Dream Revealing the Amount of Years the Move of God Will Last in St. Louis Before Spreading to the Whole World


In 1999 David E. Taylor was also visited in a dream by an angel. This angel of the Lord said to him that this latter rain outpouring that would start in St. Louis (the center of America), would last for seven full years and after then would spread around the world. He was told by the angel that the world would come to St. Louis for seven full years for this mighty outpouring and after then the move of God would have then spread around the world! Recent information through a dream was brought to David E. Taylor’s attention that this revival would actually take place between the years of 2008 and 2012. Some time between this period the American Revival will take place and the secular world along with the news media will acknowledge this and have coverage. Something greater than the world has ever known is coming – the electrics of God are coming, the thunders of God are coming, the promise of power is coming! The greatest move of God that the earth has ever seen is about to invade the earth – this is the time and this is the hour! The glory of God is about to settle over the whole city and St. Louis will be the kick off of the greatest move of God that the world has ever known!


Current Prophecy 

The Very Year Revealed in a Dream by an Angel When the American Revival Will Start in the year 2010



In this dream that I had in my sleep in 2009 around March or April, an angel was sent to me from Heaven saying, “The new move of God in America will begin in the year 2010”.  After this I woke up out of the dream.

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