You Will Experience the LORD – RAW, UP-CLOSE, and PERSONAL – Face to Face!! 

You are called to be a part of this end time army, the one spoken about in Joel 2! This is the time for us to turn the world upside down!

David E. Taylor

Welcome!!! I am so excited to hear that you have said “YES!” and joined the greatest move of God that the world has ever seen! The moment has come – the harvest is ripe – the Father is coming – and you have been hand-selected by Him to work with Him and reap the harvest!!!

I want to personally welcome you into the global family that God is using to bless every nation of the world! I want you to know and understand that it was the Father that drew you here! In fact, many of you have been visited by Him in dreams, telling you to come and connect! This is His Kingdom and Ministry on earth! We are not in a place where the Father is distant, He and His Son are very much present and many of you already know and understand that this is THEIR ministry on Earth! Get ready for an exciting adventure in the Kingdom of God!

We are the Army that God will work with in the Earth. We will not faint, we will not grow weary, and we will not break rank! We will endure and we will WIN! Intimacy brings Victory! Face to Face is the ACE that trumps religion, and the devil!! I want you to know how much I love you. I am praying for you and I am committed to seeing you become all that God called you to be! Welcome to Destiny!!

Always Remember,
God has not planned any defeat for you!

 David E. Taylor

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