Cleveland, Ohio 
It Then Started Happening In Services In Cleveland, Ohio – 1998

It was an awesome season and the ministry was growing in 1998.  I was introduced to a great Bishop out of Cleveland, Ohio named Bishop McKinney and his wife affectionately called, “Lady Bishop” Shirley McKinney.  They had invited me up to Cleveland, Ohio to do a set of revival services.  In these services we saw the Lord do awesome things and demonstrate glorious and great power.  One night during these services the Glory of God had come in through intimate worship.  It was so heavy I could not minister.  So thick with viscosity that all I could do was sit down on the steps leading off the podium. We had seen many dramatic miracles and awesome displays of Gods power, but this night again was very special.
As I sat down on the steps while the people were still standing in the Lord’s presence all of a sudden Jesus appeared in front of the me in the middle isle.  He smiled at me.  I noticed that when I sat down (for the service was out of my control any way). He then appeared and started taking over the service completely.  We must learn to yield as ministers and more completely out of the Lord’s way!  As Jesus stood there, I told the people that He was in the room while narrating telling them where He was standing.

I could tell that a few people didn’t believe it.  It had to be more so the visitors because CFC which is the name of the church was always lively and ready for a move of God.  They also have an incredible praise and worship team.  Jesus after smiling at me said as He was turning to walk to the back of the audience, “Some of them don’t believe you when you just told them that I’m here on earth in this service with them in my glorified body.” He then had fully turned and walked down the middle isle toward the back.  It was about 1200 people in the service that night.  As Jesus walked I narrated His every move to the people.  I narrated to them how Jesus was walking toward the back.  He got to the end of the last pew and turned to the left all the way to the back at the last row of pews.

Jesus Appears And Heals Young Man With AIDS

At this point because I was sitting down and the people were standing I could not see Him in the back of the church but I could still hear Him.  Then suddenly He began speaking to me saying, “David, there is a young man who is a homosexual on the back pew.  He came here to be healed because he has AIDS.”  Now you got to understand that service and the atmosphere.  It was charged with electricity and God’s presence through awesome worship.  Jesus then continued, He said, “David I have My hands on this young man’s shoulders and he feels electricity going through his body because I’m healing him of AIDS and setting him free from homosexuality.” He said, “Tell it now openly what I’m doing and call this out.”  I didn’t even know or see that anyone was a homosexual neither had I any idea of where he was sitting until I saw Jesus turn to the left side of the audience toward the back pew when He told me what He was doing.  Jesus said, “The people will believe you more that I am personally in the room when you narrate this and tell it openly.”  Then I said it!  Everything that Jesus had just told me from the back about the young man, the AIDS, the healing and deliverance that was taking place in his body, along with pointing on the side of the church and telling them that He was all the way in the back of the church.
Then I said to the young man, “ Come up here,” I was still sitting down. When the young man got up or came out of the back pew he was trembling and shaking uncontrollably because of the power and electricity flowing through his body.  I could then see as he admitted that this was who the Lord was talking about by him being the only one coming toward the front, that he was a homosexual.  Immediately Jesus tells me, “David don’t lay hands on him just point from where you are sitting.”  He was about 30 to 40 feet away from where I was sitting.  As He was approaching down the middle aisle alone, I did what Jesus said and I pointed my index finger at him when I felt and saw a bolt of lightning and electricity flow out hitting him.  This power picked him up about 6 feet in mid air throwing him and flying backwards through the air.  When he landed on the floor slain under the power of God he was completely set free from homosexuality and healed of AIDS.  That’s glorious power!  The people saw as this took place.  The whole audience made an astonishing sound together like, whooo!  They knew Jesus was there in the building personally when they saw this manifestation.

It Was Complete Glory

Jesus then came back down the center aisle again, He walked back down the aisle to the front passing by me and standing facing the front of the church on my left side.  He looked at me and said, “David even after this there are still some that don’t believe I’m here.”  Then He said further, “Have all those who are skeptics come up here where I am directly standing.”  I had already narrated and told them how Jesus had walked up to the front so then I said, “ All of you that are having a hard time believing that Jesus is here personally come up here and stand where He’s standing.  About 40 people came to the front to go over by where Jesus was standing.  When they all got over there they all collapsed under the power onto the floor.  It was power!  All skeptics hit the floor under the power of God for Jesus had touched them all without me.  I was still just sitting down on the steps watching all of this thinking what power and how delightful!  It’s nothing like when Jesus does it!  I love Him working with us!

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