The Warning, Restoration

I am an American and I love this country.  I am thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for placing me in a country where we are free to worship Him, unlike many of our dear brothers and sisters in other nations, where they must worship in secret and in fear.  They are martyred, tortured, whipped and beaten for carrying His name.  However, it is because of the love that the Lord Jesus and I have for this nation and its people that certain things must be exposed, confronted and crushed if this nation is to truly be one nation, under the true and living God.  Listen, I say this with all humility but over the past 14 years, not one of the dreams that the Lord has given me has fallen to the ground.
I do not have popcorn dreams.  Every dream that the Lord has given is not only backed by the Word of God but has been confirmed by signs and wonders in this realm.     The revelation of this message comes from one of these such dreams that have been proven to be accurate by supernatural signs, manifested on earth and recorded as history.
Americans ask,
“Where Was God on 9/11?”

The answer to this question is apparent. God was right where America has put Him…out of the nation.  America has pushed God out so far by taking prayer out of the schools that when they did, lawlessness hit.  Children began shooting their teachers, parents and even each other, which was unheard of before.  Now America has taken the Ten Commandments  (God’s Law) out of the courts, which inevitably will open the door to more lawlessness in the land.  The events of 9/11 were not the fault of a small group of foreign terrorists. No!  It was the result of an American people who have turned their back on and rejected their God. When you reject God and His Son Jesus you give place to the devil and his works to invade and that is what has happened.  America is very, very   prideful.


Whenever a nation commits itself to serve God, God will bless her.  This has been true with America.  America has been known as a Christian nation; a nation whose Lord was Christ and because of her missionary and benevolent efforts to the world, was blessed by God and prospered above other nations in wealth and military strength.  But tragically, America has opened her doors to idolatry, witchcraft, homosexuality, false religions and all manner of evil because of her pride.
Pride opens the door in an individual’s life and in a nation to demonic infiltration.  America has become a prideful nation.  God has blessed this country and crowned it with beauty but America, seeing her beauty, riches and strength, has become lifted up and prideful and has turned her heart from her first love.  This nation has gone a-whoring after other gods; she will not pray unless she hears that war is about to be waged and will then call for a day of prayer.   God spoke to me through a series of dreams that America is going to be judged and that a war is coming here.  This is very important for me to share with you because, like I mentioned to you earlier, parts of these dreams have already come to pass.  This is not the word of a man, but God confirmed this years ago.
The Lord showed me America’s future in two dreams. He revealed that Russia was going to attack and bring war to America and that Russia would win.  I saw these two dreams when I was in college at the age of eighteen and this is how the dream went. The Lord showed me years ago that a war would happen in America but it wouldn’t start with Russia attacking with bombs first.  In the first dream, I walked up to the American eagle.  The eagle was prophesying and rhyming to me, saying that Russia and America were going to war.  After this prophetic rhyme was finished, the Lord showed me a summit meeting where Former President George Bush, Sr. and some Russian officials were coming together on a Peace Treaty. However, during the break, Russia and America were plotting a war.  Russia was planning a strike against America.  God showed me, in this dream, that Bush’s son, George Bush, Jr. would be the president (which has come to pass) when the war would begin. This was a natural sign that what God had spoken in the dream was accurate.  No one knew 12-years ago that George Bush, Jr. would be president but he was a marker in time to signify the beginning of these events.
In this dream, the war did not begin with Russia attacking America with nuclear missiles, but they instead attacked America at the seat of her strength, which are her financial centers.  This was fulfilled with the Trade Center Tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001.  This tragedy confirmed yet again that what God had said in these dreams was accurate.  America…take heed.
In another dream, the war began as Russia paid terrorists to come to America to create a diversion (or decoy) to make the American people think that it was only about terrorists bombing America and other countries, when in actuality Russia was behind the entire scheme. Russia has created an allegiance with terrorists.  I saw where terrorists would attack the World Trade Center.

The Fall of the 
Twin Towers
…the war begins!

I was in New Haven, Connecticut, two hours from New York, doing a Miracle Crusade, the week that the Twin Towers fell, after being hit by two terrorist controlled airplanes.  The Lord began to reveal to me that the dreams He had given 11-years ago were about to begin because George Bush, Jr. was now in office.  The Lord dealt with me that the Trade Center was about to be bombed by terrorists.  I went to the Towers the day before the day of the attack.  I asked those who were hosting the crusade to drive me to New York to see the Trade Center.  We drove around the Trade Center over and over and I told them how God showed me that terrorists were going to bomb this place and I prophesied in New York, telling people about this but people would not listen.  We eventually had to leave, in order to get back in time for the crusade service.  We arrived back in New Haven, held the crusade and God moved in a powerful way and the Lord instructed me to go back to the Trade Center again.  So right after the crusade we drove back to New York. It was between 11:30pm-12:00am.  We arrived at the Trade Center at about 2:00am and began circling the Towers again.  I told those in New York (and those that were hosting the crusade) that God showed me that terrorists, assigned by Russia, were going to bomb the Trade Center.  We stayed there until about 6:00am or 7:00am until the Lord spoke to me and said: “Get out of here.”  We left and I arrived back at my hotel room and the news was on.  The reporters were already talking about how the second plane had crashed into the Trade Center.
What hurts me America and those who are reading this book, is that I had been prophesying this message for 12-years.  The comments I received back was that America is invincible, untouchable…a super world power.  Pride!  We received a call at our ministry from a young woman who said she informed her husband about this prophecy. She said her husband laughed at her, saying that Russia is a poor nation and unable to handle waging war against America.  Unbelievable!  This unfortunately is the mindset of many in America and that is why God said the judgment that has begun in America is because of her pride.  Pride will cause you to overlook, underestimate and downplay the strength of others while exalting your own.  Pride!  America is looking at Russia as a poor nation well my friend; they may appear poor, but only because they are investing their money into their military forces.  The masses in Russia may be poor but do not be deceived by your pride…Russia is rich in military strength.
Preachers would ask me, “why are you prophesying all this doom and gloom, God does not want that to happen?”  That is right.  God never wanted it to happen but when a nation forsakes God, God turns them over to judgment unless that nation repents and that is what God is saying about America.  This is the time for America to repent of her sins.
Not one dream that God has ever given me has fallen to the ground and these dreams and visitations that God has given me concerning America have already begun to come to pass. America wake up! The war has already begun!  Most people don’t realize it but the war began with the Trade Center attack.  Many think that Osama Bin Laden and Sadam Hussain are our problems. They are not; they are only puppets used by Russia as decoys and diversions so that America would not know where the real attack was coming from.  September 11th was strategic and the systematic strikes of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the attempt on the White House shows a strategic plan beyond Bin Laden.  Many in America were angry with Bin Laden but missed the point that God is allowing other nations to attack America because she has not repented of her sins.

War is Inevitable
…because of  America’s refusal to Repent

The Lord said that He would allow this war to happen because America will not repent; she will not ask for forgiveness.  Her presidents, mayors and senators allow corruption and wickedness, homosexuality and abortion.  Instead of standing up for God they bend over for anything that comes through this nation.  We now see legislation being changed; the Ten Commandments taken out of courts…let me tell you America, the Bible says that all nations that forget and turn their back on God shall be turned into hell.  The Bible is right; judgment is coming to America and it has already begun.
What saddens me is that the Church is not ready.  She is preaching about prosperity, and don’t get me wrong, I believe in prosperity but we have made it the main message and we are not preaching what needs to be heard.  The nation needs to hear what God is saying.  God is speaking to America and is saying that if America does not repent she will perish and that is what is happening.
The Lord showed me in a dream, on a television there were two world leaders, one from America and the other from Russia and they shook hands and said, “We are friends.” I could not believe what they said.  I looked at the television and asked, “You are friends?”  I knew that they were never friends.  They were making a peace agreement and all of a sudden another leader walked onto the set and said: “I have a lot of power.”  Now, I want to say this, to clear something up, I am not speaking against Russia.  I believe Russia has some beautiful people there but I believe that parts of their government, like America’s, is wicked and they need to repent.  I am not saying that only the people need to repent.   No! The president needs to repent.  The mayors need to repent…they need to repent on behalf of this whole nation for the last one-hundred years of wickedness that they have allowed to continue in America, including the lesbian and homosexual agendas and homosexual marriages.  God is going to bring judgment whenever you allow such things and there is no restraint.  I’m telling you what is going to happen.  America Wake Up!  Judgment has already begun in America.
In this dream, after they made this peace agreement, immediately came sudden destructions; a war suddenly broke out and I saw Russia dive under the sea and then came up with a surprise attack on America’s side and begin to attack and bomb the nation.  From the dream, God said that, “Russia is going to attack by submarine.” Russia is planning an under sea war against America.  It will not happen overhead first, it will happen from under the sea.  The first attack by terrorists has occurred.  The next one will be from under the sea.
It is important that America listen.  The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:3, “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. “
God loves America and He loves every nation but any nation, whether it is godly or not, that goes a-whoring after other gods and turns their back on Him will be judged.  He has been known, even in Israel’s time to allow an enemy to come upon them and bring them into captivity until they return and repent.
The Lord wants to protect His people but He cannot if they will not wake up.  America…repent!
In these dreams, I saw bombs and how they attacked America and in the middle of that war Jesus was about to come back.    I do not know the day nor the hour that Jesus will return, no man does.  Jesus Himself does not know but in this dream the sun blacked out and then someone said that they saw lightning in the sky.  I looked up and saw lightning go across the sky from east to west.  Suddenly all of the stars of Heaven fell out of the sky and the moon turned to blood.  The Lord gave me this dream after I had come off a season of fasting and consecration.  Jesus split the sky and I woke up out of the dream but before I woke up, I heard the voice of the Lord say:  “Tell my people, I’m coming and that things are about to drastically change in America.”  I was seeking the Lord for the manifestation of the Glory in my life like I had seen in the life of Kathryn Kuhlman.  I was asked right after this consecration to minister at a church.  The message I preached that night was the dream concerning the “Prophecy to America.” An evangelist I knew came to me after the service and said that she had seen the entire service in a dream the night before. In the dream she said that “more people need to hear this message” and this is why this “Prophecy to America” magazine is being published.
Many in the religious community tried to justify and pacify this country with false words and watered-down messages.  God plainly laid out for us his response to this situation in the Word through Jesus.  Jesus was answering some men who told Him about some people who were killed in a tragedy and one of His answers was…
Luke 13:4-5, “4) Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? 5) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”
God is asking America, do you think that those that died in the Trade Center Towers were sinners above all of you who are still alive? That is not true.  Jesus was saying that if you don’t repent, you shall likewise perish.  America needs to hear the Gospel, believe the Gospel, repent and be saved.

The Greatest
Move of God
…will occur in the
midst of tragedy!

In 1995, the Lord sent the Angel Gabriel to me in a dream and told me that in the midst of this war, during all of this tragedy, the greatest move of God was going to hit America, starting in St. Louis, Missouri and from there it would spread all around the world.  Gabriel’s feet did not touch the ground. He was in mid-air and he said that the Father and Jesus sent him to tell me that St. Louis would be the starting place of the Latter Rain Glory (the greatest move of God that will hit the world; the greatest move that God has ever done on earth).  From the center of the Western power, which is St. Louis, the move would spread all over the world. In the midst of all this darkness, there will come great glory and light will arise up on the people of God. That is why saints, we have to get ready for what is coming to America.
Confirmation of Prophecy

I had been prophesying this for some time and someone heard the message and they sent me a tape of Demetrius Dudamin.  They knew that the tape would confirm what the Lord had been speaking through me.  Dudamin was a prophet from Romania.  God sent the angel Gabriel to him and told him the exact date, time and hour that He was going to take him out of Romania and send him to America because He had a Word for America.  It happened just like the angel said.  I was astounded to discover that the Lord had spoken the same thing to this man of God that He had me prophesying about America!  When Dudamin arrived in America, the angel visited him again and said: “Tell America that She is going to burn.”  This was the same thing that I had seen in dreams!  America is going to burn because she has not repented. The angel told Demetrius to tell America that Russian spies had already discovered the locations of all America’s secret nuclear bases and that from under the ocean they would attack.
If you read in the Bible, whenever God’s people forsook God, He always allowed an enemy to bring them into bondage. We have left God.  God is just; His ways are righteous and His judgments are true. America Needs to Repent!
America has become “…the habitation of devils” that it speaks of in Revelation 18:2-3:
“2) And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is becoming the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. 3) For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.”
America has allowed her land to become polluted with every foul and unclean thing and it is because of this blatant rejection of her God that she will be judged and without true repentance, war is inevitable.  I’m not talking about the shallow and useless “prayer” that America offers up in time of extreme hardship, but true repentance.  To repent means to change; to turn around.  After the towers fell, America proved that she had not truly repented because shortly after this event, she removed the Ten Commandments out of the courts and is beginning to allow homosexuals to adopt children!  To avert the impending judgment, America must repent of her wickedness and bring forth fruits of repentance, which is change and the rejection, and elimination of the evil that she has allowed to flow into this country.


America is allowing homosexuals to adopt little boys.  Homosexuals have no way to reproduce naturally so how does this spirit reproduce itself?  By transferring this spirit to the next generation through molestation.  This proposal is a direct attempt to propagate the homosexual agenda.  When the government allows this, what protection do the children have from being homosexual?  They give them no choice.  America and her government have allowed homosexuals to run this country and she must repent of this wickedness.

America and her media has allowed the public demonstration of this evil on television by kissing on public television (Madonna and Britney Spears on the recent MTV Music Awards) and God is not pleased with this.  They are influencing little girls and making them think this is “cute” and acceptable.  America must repent of teaching homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle.  It is not.  It is wicked and has provoked the judgment of God.

Satan has always launched an all-out attack against the unborn children in this country.  He did it in Bible days and now America is allowing the same murdering, destroyer spirit to permeate this country.  They have just covered it up under the sophisticated guise of convenience.  Who would have thought that the most deadly place for children to be was in the womb of a woman?  More children are killed in the womb of women than on the streets, by drugs or alcohol.  The cries of these children are coming up before God and America will be judged for them.

-Pride of Wealth-
America has exalted money.  A spirit of mammon, materialism and idolatry rule here. America has on its money “in God we trust” and that is true, the only god they trust is money.  Sadly, this is also true in the church, serving god with a small “g”  …the god of money.  The church has forgotten that “gain is not godliness” even though godliness will produce great gain.

America is guilty of blocking Christian ministers from airing on secular television stations to air the Gospel of the Kingdom of God but they will give airtime to warlocks like Kenny Kingston and David Blaine to propagate the kingdom of hell.  America will be judged for this. They will not give preachers a national platform and consequently, we have to establish our own television stations in order to air.
God is also going to judge the media stations in America for cutting down preachers and making blasphemous slights about their wealth when they will parade and show-off the wealth of basketball players and movie stars.  The media will exalt their wealth but when a man of God gets blessed they want to cut him down.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these people start falling dead because of the judgment of God.
God is going to judge the governmental officials for listening to devils and not standing up against the unrighteousness sweeping this land.  It’s not about what the president says, it’s about what he does.  If he proclaims salvation then he needs to stand on the Word of God and bring a stop to what is happening in this country.  Action is what God is concerned about.  We have presidents, governors and officials calling the psychics and inquiring of witches and warlocks. America needs to repent of this.

-Idolatrous Worship-
We have opened the doors of this country to accept other idolatrous religions like the Nation of Islam, Muslims and Buddhism.  America has exalted other gods but they are liars and imposters!  Jesus is the only God.  Due to blasphemous worship to other gods, America is going to be cut down in one day.
With America’s present course of action, war in this country is inevitable.  This is why the Twin Towers fell.  This is why Russia is going to be allowed to attack America and overcome her.  America…Repent!
America, this is the time to repent of your sins.  If you are homosexual or lesbian, repent…God can and will deliver you.  If you are in witchcraft, Repent…God can and will set you free!  God has no problem with your sins; He only has a problem with unacknowledged and unrepentant sins.  Repent (which means to turn, change your mind) and be free!

I want to see
America Saved!


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