As a young man, David E. Taylor was taken to Heaven and was told that he had been given a very special teaching ministry to release to the Body of Christ. He has been taught directly by the Lord face to face. Through divine involvement, and thousands of hours of study and prayer, he has been divinely commissioned with a special teaching ministry that focuses on restoring ancient understanding and honor to the original message of God’s Kingdom, His ancient paths, and His original intent and purpose for mankind, that has been lost for centuries.

The Lord has given David E. Taylor a special teaching ministry to empower His people and bring them into the fullness of intimacy with Him! He has taught him the depths and mysteries of His Heart and Kingdom. Through face to face visitations, divinely granted trips to heaven, and thousands of hours of study, prayer, worship, the special teaching ministry was birthed! God has personally taught David E. Taylor, face to face, the mysteries of the Kingdom of God! His teaching ministry is characterized and was birthed by face to face visitations from the Lord! The fathers and elders in the Body of Christ around the world testify of the authenticity and revelatory teaching that Apostle Taylor has received from the Lord

The unique teaching ministry of David E. Taylor is infused with Divine involvement, revelation, and impartation. Each teaching is categorized in a specific series based on the unique way the teaching was revealed and imparted to him. You too will be blessed as you listen to these Divinely granted messages from the LORD! There are 4 categories that each message falls under that has been given to David E. Taylor. The teaching ministry is firmly and completely built on the foundation of the Word of God, with Jesus Christ Himself being the Cheif Cornerstone.  These four categories are:

The Platinum Series: This is the highest series! These are revelations given and taught to David E. Taylor by God the Father! These revelations also contain teachings that were given to him during Divinely granted trips to Heaven. These are premier teachings and revelations that will change your life forever and equip you for destiny!

The Gold Series: These are special teachings and messages that were given to David E. Taylor from face to face visitations from Jesus! You have got to hear these messages! Jesus Christ has continually appeared to David E. Taylor and has given him messages and revelations of the Kingdom to restore back to the earth in the 21st century!

The Silver Series: These are dynamic revelations and teachings that the Holy Ghost has revealed and taught to David E. Taylor. They are extremely powerful and awesome! You need to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches!

The Bronze Series: The bronze series are revelations that were given to David E. Taylor through an angelic visitation from one of the Lord’s holy angels.

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