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    An acrobat is one who performs gymnastics feats that require skillful control of the body. Dreaming of an acrobat could represent one who is skilled in spiritual battle or the things of(...) - Read More

    An actor is a person whose profession is acting on television, in movies, or in plays. Dreaming that you are an actor could represent your roles or offices that you hold in(...) - Read More

    An admirer is someone who has feelings for another person. Sometimes these people are also known as “secret admirers.” Admirers can show their love openly or keep it a(...) - Read More

    An amateur is one who engages in a pursuit as a pastime rather than a profession.   Positive: Dreaming of an amateur could represent that God is showing you the area of your calling and(...) - Read More

    An ambassador is an authorized representative or high ranking diplomatic agent that represents one’s government. The Bible describes ambassadors as messengers.   Positive: To dream of(...) - Read More

    An angel is a supernatural being or spirit depicted as a celestial being who act as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth.   Positive: Seeing an angel in your dream may represent a(...) - Read More

    An archaeologist is a person who conducts studies on ancient artifacts. Archaeologists often discover ancient items and fossils.   Positive: Dreaming of an archaeologist could(...) - Read More

    An athlete is a person who is trained, skilled, or proficient in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina. To dream of an athlete could represent(...) - Read More

  • b

  • BABY
    A baby is an extremely young child. In the Bible, Jesus taught about being born again.   Positive: Dreaming of a baby can represent spiritual rebirth or being in the incubation period(...) - Read More

    A babysitter is a person who attends to the care of children for short or intermittent times when the parents or guardians are not present.   Positive: In a dream, a babysitter could(...) - Read More

    A baker is a person who makes bread, cakes, and other desserts, especially for trade. Dreaming of a baker could represent several different things.   Positive: In a dream, a baker(...) - Read More

    A bartender is a person who serves alcohol or other drinks to people in a bar or restaurant.   Positive:  A bartender who is denying people alcohol could represent godly counsel in(...) - Read More

    A boyfriend is a frequent or regular male companion in a romantic or sexual relationship.   Positive: Dreaming of a boyfriend could represent one’s literal boyfriend. It could also(...) - Read More

    See Wife. A bride is a woman who is just married or about to be married.   Positive: Dreaming of a bride may represent a covenant or relationship. It may represent the church or the(...) - Read More

    A brother is a male who has the same parents as another or one parent in common with another. Jesus is known as the friend who sticks closer than a brother.   Positive: Dreaming of a(...) - Read More

    A brother-in-law is the brother of one’s spouse. Biblically a brother-in-law could represent the same thing as a brother, but under the law.   Positive: Dreaming of a brother-in-law(...) - Read More

    A butcher is a person who prepares meat, usually for consumption. A butcher can also mean one who slaughters or kills ruthlessly or brutally.   Positive: Dreaming of a butcher could(...) - Read More

  • c

    A candidate is a person who aspires to be nominated or qualified for an office, membership, or award and contends against an opponent in order to obtain it.   Positive: In a dream, if(...) - Read More

    A carpenter is a worker who builds or repairs wooden structures or their structural parts.   Positive: Jesus was a carpenter, so dreaming of a carpenter could represent a visitation(...) - Read More

    A caveman is defined as a cave dweller especially of the stone age. Metaphorically, it represents a man who acts in a rough or crude manner.   Positive: Dreaming of a caveman could(...) - Read More

    A champion is the winner of some sort of fight, match, or game. The champion usually receives a trophy or a medal to symbolize their win.   Positive: Dreaming of a champion could(...) - Read More

  • CHEF
    A chef is a professional cook, usually the chief cook in a restaurant or hotel. Chefs have ability, knowledge, and talent and are known for preparation.   Positive: Dreaming of a chef(...) - Read More

    A child is referred to often in the Bible and most characteristics of the word pertain to the literal state of childhood. A child could also refer to one who is unlearned or(...) - Read More

    A clown is a person who dresses up in makeup, wigs, and eccentric clothing and accessories and is a performer or entertainer. In a dream, clowns can often symbolize someone’s(...) - Read More

    A competitor is someone who competes against someone or contends for something.   Positive: If you are competing in a dream it could represent that you are fighting the good fight of(...) - Read More

    A construction worker is a person who builds, fixes, or repairs things. Dreaming of a construction worker could represent God getting ready to fix things in your life.   Positive:(...) - Read More

    A counselor is a person who offers guidance or advice to someone. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are often viewed as counselors.   Positive: Dreaming of a counselor could represent the Holy(...) - Read More

    A coward is a person who lacks bravery, courage, boldness, and purpose.   Positive: In a dream, helping those who are cowards could represent wisdom and strength in the Spirit. Jesus(...) - Read More

    A crowd of people is a large gathering of people assembled together, usually with similar interests and for a similar purpose.   Positive: Dreaming of a crowd of people may represent(...) - Read More

  • d

    A daughter is a female offspring to human parents. If you dream of a daughter, look at her characteristics.   Positive: Dreaming of a daughter could represent a child of God, it could(...) - Read More

    A dealer is a person who is giving or selling something to someone. In the Bible, Jesus counsels us to make deals with Him in the form of purchase. Dreaming of buying could represent paying(...) - Read More

    A doctor is a person who is trained to treat those with physical ailments or diseases and has the ability to address and solve an intricate problem, usually related to one’s health and(...) - Read More

    A drag queen is a usually gay man that dresses up as an exaggerated woman often for performances.   Positive: Seeing a drag queen in your dream may represent expressing feminine(...) - Read More

    A driver is a person who drives a vehicle. Pay attention to what and who he or she is driving.   Positive: In a dream, a driver could represent one who is in control of a ministry or(...) - Read More

    Also Alcoholic. A drunkard is one who is habitually drunk or addicted to alcohol.   Positive: In a dream, a drunkard could represent one who is continually filled with the Holy Spirit or(...) - Read More

  • e

    Earth movers in the Bible are people who work by the flesh. In dreams, Earth movers can be people who do manual labor.   Positive: Dreaming of Earth movers could be symbolic of one’s(...) - Read More

    An editor is a person who edits other people’s written work as an occupation.   Positive: Dreaming of being edited could represent God’s correction or chastisement as an act of(...) - Read More

    An employee is one who is employed by another usually for wages or salary. Dreaming of an employee shows one who is in submission.   Positive: Dreaming of an employee could represent a(...) - Read More

    An employer is one who makes use of somebody for work and pays them wages or a salary. An employee represents authority.   Positive: Dreaming of an employer could represent someone who(...) - Read More

    An entrepreneur is one who organizes and operates a business, taking on greater than normal financial risks.   Positive: Dreaming of being an entrepreneur could represent that you are(...) - Read More

    An ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is a former significant other.   Positive: Dreaming of an ex could represent the need to forgive someone. It could also symbolize that you may be in a(...) - Read More

  • f

    A family is a group of people that are related, not necessarily by blood, but have similar interests and have something in common.   Positive: Dreaming of a family could symbolize your(...) - Read More

    A farmer is one who cultivates land or crops or raises animals.   Positive: In a dream, farmers can be symbolic of ministers. It could also represent sowing and reaping, diligence,(...) - Read More

    A father is a man who has begotten a child. The Bible mentions fathers several times and seeing a father in your dream can mean several things. It could represent someone who has physically(...) - Read More

    A firefighter is someone who fights fire with water. They are people who would risk their lives to save people. To dream of a firefighter may represent that you or someone else is working(...) - Read More

    A flight attendant is a person who attends to passengers on an airplane.   Positive: Airplanes usually represent ministry, so dreaming of a flight attendant can represent a person God(...) - Read More

    A foreigner is a person from another country or someone from an outside group. Foreigners are often seen as outsiders to the native group of people of a certain place.   Positive:(...) - Read More

    A friend indicates one who is an associate, neighbor, or companion who is trustworthy or held in high regard. It is important to note how the friend is acting toward you or how you are(...) - Read More

  • g

    A general is the title of the highest ranking official in an army. In the Bible, the term “general” is interchangeable with “commander.” In the Body of Christ, the Apostle is also known as(...) - Read More

    A giant is a person, animal, plant, or organization that is much larger than usual. The Bible describes giants as the offspring of fallen angels and mortal women.   Positive: Dreaming(...) - Read More

  • GIRL
    A girl is a young female that is unmarried. A girl is also referred to as a damsel in the Bible.   Positive: If you see a girl helping you it may represent the Holy Spirit or some form(...) - Read More

    The Godhead is a term used to reference the three members of the triune office of divinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).   Positive: Dreaming of the Godhead is a(...) - Read More

    A governor is a ruler with property over his subjects or the chief of a tribe or a family.   Positive: Dreaming of a governor could represent dominion, government, rule, power, and(...) - Read More

    A grandchild is a child of one’s son or daughter by birth or by marriage.   Positive: Dreaming of yourself as a grandchild may represent your spiritual inheritance as an heir or a(...) - Read More

    Grandparents are the parents of a person’s parent who sometimes become caregivers to their grandchildren.   Positive: Seeing grandparents in a dream can symbolize the past, wisdom, or(...) - Read More

    A groom is a man who is just married or is about to be married. Biblically, a groom could represent Jesus as the church is called the bride of Christ.   Positive: Seeing a groom in(...) - Read More

    A guard is one who protects someone or something from attack, injury, or danger and keeps watch over a person, place, or thing. Note what the guard is watching over in the(...) - Read More

    A guest is a visitor or a person received into one’s home, business, etc. and treated with hospitality.   Positive: Dreaming of a guest could represent a messenger from God or a(...) - Read More

  • h

    Also Prostitute. A harlot is a woman who prostitutes her body for money and mentioned in the Bible several times.   Positive: A harlot could represent ownership or employment, that you(...) - Read More

    A highway patrol officer is an officer who enforces traffic safety compliance on roads. Biblically, angels have spiritual authority to carry out God’s Kingdom rules and regulations on the(...) - Read More

    A hitchhiker is a person who travels by securing free rides from passing vehicles.   Positive: Dreaming that you are a hitchhiker and you get picked up could indicate that the Lord has(...) - Read More

    A husband is a male partner in a marriage or one who is married to a wife.   Positive: In a dream, a husband could represent the actual person. It could symbolize the Lord Jesus and a(...) - Read More

  • j

    Having a Jezebel dream may represent how the Jezebel spirit is operating through the dreamer or attacking the dreamer in different ways. For example, dreaming of a controlling wife may(...) - Read More

    In the government, a judge is a public official authorized to decide questions that are brought before a court. Biblically, a judge often refers to God being out judge. Dreaming of a judge(...) - Read More

  • k

  • KING
    A king describes someone who is a set ruler or authority over a specific group of people or area. Kings often inherit this position through lineage.   Positive: A king could represent(...) - Read More

  • l

    A landlord is the owner of a house or a building and rents out their spaces to tenants. In a dream, a landlord may represent one who is in authority and is over you(...) - Read More

    A lawyer is someone who gives counsel to others, usually in a court of law. A lawyer could represent the Holy Spirit and Jesus as your counselor and advocate.   Positive: Dreaming of a(...) - Read More

    A leper is one who is dealing with leprosy. IT could also represent one who is rejected or an outcast.   Positive: Dreaming of a leper could be a representation of God wanting you to(...) - Read More

  • m

  • MAN
    A man is an adult male human. Seeing a man in a dream could represent the man himself or have a spiritual meaning.   Positive: Dreaming of an old man could represent wisdom. A man(...) - Read More

    A mother is a female parent. Dreaming of a mother could represent the church or Jerusalem.   Positive: In a dream, a mother could symbolize charity and love, comfort, the Holy Spirit,(...) - Read More

  • n

    A nurse is a person who nurtures the sick. They are typically licensed health-care professionals who are supervised by a doctor or serve independently in their profession.   Positive:(...) - Read More

  • o

    An outsider is a person who does not belong to a particular group.   Positive: Dreaming of being an outsider could mean that you do not fit into the box that others have made for(...) - Read More

  • p

    A pirate is a person who sells the sea with a crew in large ships. They typically raid and rob land and other ships they come across for goods and treasures.   Positive: Dreaming of a(...) - Read More

    A police officer is a member of the police force whose job is to serve and protect.   Positive: Dreaming of a police officer could represent a spiritual authority of the church,(...) - Read More

    A pastor or a preacher is a minister over a congregation and is one of the fivefold ministry offices. Pastors are known as shepherds and their congregation the sheep.   Positive:(...) - Read More

    A president is the highest elected or appointed officer within an organization or government. It could be a president of a company or a president of a country. A president could represent(...) - Read More

    A prisoner is a person who becomes incarcerated for committing crimes, or even for standing up for the truth in certain instances. A prisoner is subject to a person or(...) - Read More

    A psalmist is a composer or author of a psalm. Musicians or lyricists are often referred to as psalmists.   Positive: Dreaming of a psalmist could represent one who has the fear and(...) - Read More

  • q

    A queen is a female ruler, especially one who inherits the position by birthright.   Positive: Dreaming of a queen could represent favor or to be chosen by God. The office could also(...) - Read More

  • r

    A receptionist is an office assistant or a clerk who does tasks such as answering phone calls, taking messages, and planning meetings or appointments.   Positive: In a dream, being a(...) - Read More

    A repairman is someone who restores or fixes something that is broken.   Positive:  Seeing a repairman fix something in a dream could be symbolic of the Lord healing an area of a(...) - Read More

    A reporter or journalist is one who reports news. This could be for newspapers, televisions, or other avenues. Reporters can have a negative connotation and could be known as being(...) - Read More

  • s

    A scientist is a person who is an expert through knowledge, observation, and experimenting through systematic studies to gain facts and truth through research. Dreaming of a scientist can(...) - Read More

    A singer is a person who sings, especially professionally. A singer in a dream could symbolize a person in worship or praise. It could also be symbolic of celebration of victory or(...) - Read More

    A sister is a female who has one or more parents in common with another.   Positive: Dreaming of a sister could represent a sister in Christ. It could represent the sister herself or(...) - Read More

    A soldier is a person who serves and fights in an army, naturally or spiritually.   Positive: Dreaming of a soldier could represent a spiritual warrior in warfare such as, bringing(...) - Read More

  • SON
    A son is a human male offspring. Biblically, a son could represent Jesus, the Son of God, or us as sons of God.   Positive: In a dream, a son could represent the child himself,(...) - Read More

  • t

    A teacher is one whose occupation is to instruct, especially in schools.   Positive: Dreaming of a teacher could represent Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. It could also represent the(...) - Read More

    A terrorist is a person that uses intimidation and violence illegally against individuals to promote a political or religious agenda.   Positive: Dreaming of a terrorist attack can(...) - Read More

    A thief is one who takes something that is not theirs in a sneaky way or by force. A thief can steal a number of things and represent the devil.   Positive: Dreaming of a thief(...) - Read More

    A traitor is one who betrays the trust of a person, place, or thing. They are one who commits treason. A traitor dream could be a warning for you or someone else.   Positive: If God(...) - Read More

    Transgender refers to a person who identifies with a different gender than the sex they were born as.   Positive:  If you are a woman and you dream of being a man, it could indicate(...) - Read More

  • u

    An undertaker is a person who prepares the dead for burial.   Positive: Seeing an undertaker in a dream could represent a person who is dying to flesh. It could represent one who is(...) - Read More

  • v

    Dreaming of a vampire could be symbolic of being totally sold out to the devil. It is symbolic of a resurrection of something from the past that sucks the life out of you. It could also(...) - Read More

    A victim is a person who is harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event.   Positive: In God we are victors so there aren’t too many instances where(...) - Read More

    A villain is an individual who is devoted to wickedness. They are often depicted as fictional characters in movies or tv shows, but many everyday people could be(...) - Read More

  • w

    A wanderer is a person who travels around the world searching for their sense of accomplishment. This person aimlessly travels, sometimes without a purpose.   Positive: Dreaming of a(...) - Read More

  • WIFE
    A wife is a female who is married to a husband. A wife could represent Israel or the bride of Christ.   Positive: Dreaming of a wife could represent the wife herself, a covenant, being(...) - Read More

    A witch is one that is credited with evil supernatural powers and practices witchcraft.   Positive: Dreaming of a witch could represent God showing you warnings of an upcoming(...) - Read More

    A woman is an adult female person. Dreaming of a woman could represent the woman herself.   Positive: Seeing an angel in a dream could represent an angel or someone that is coming to help(...) - Read More

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