On June 3rd 2006, God the Father made a Grand Appearance in the town of Colville, Washington

This appearance happened a few years after David E. Taylor had been prophesying that God would come down in America before His people!

In May 2006, David E. Taylor was requested to come to Washington State by Len Phelps, pastor of Shiloh Church, a small local congregation in Colville. He was ministering there with one of the fathers in the body of Christ, C.S. Upthegrove. Not knowing anything about the church prior to the invitation, he did not know what to expect. On his initial trip, he had fallen asleep on the airplane from St. Louis where my ministry is based and while asleep the Lord gave him a dream. He saw a small, shoebox church that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and hundreds of people were coming from everywhere. The Lord said to him that there would be a move of God in Washington. Some of the greatest moves of God have started in the smallest of places. Jesus, Himself was born in a stable, not a palace. When he first went to Washington, about the third day of the revival, Jesus appeared in the service. After that, he did not see Him anymore. David was concerned because he had been accustomed to seeing Him in every service, until God spoke to him and said that Jesus is here but I, the Father am over this move. From this point forward he knew that the Father was on earth now. This is the time of the latter rain. We are not waiting for it, we are in it!

In 1997, the Master, Jesus visited David E. Taylor in a dream in his sleep and gave him the keys to the Kingdom, the same way He did with Simon Peter when he was alive. Jesus talked to him and said that Peter was dead and that He needed a man to carry those keys to this generation and loose Heaven on earth. He instructed him that every region that He sends him to, that he is to use the keys of the Kingdom in that region and when the prince demon over that region has been broken that prince will call on a stronger prince than him and will invite him in to strengthen his position and to take over. That demon would then get into the atmosphere and cause it to storm. It has not failed that every place God has sent him, whenever the principality has been broken; he has been able to recognize it because it would storm.

A Demon Principality Manifests

Well, as he was getting to know my hosts, he told them about this and let them know that this would be a sign to them that the principality over Colville was broken. Apostle Taylor’s lodging while in Colville was in the mountains. Local residents informed him that this area never suffered from violent storms because the mountains shield the area from tornadoes and other strong wind storms. As I talked one evening one of his gracious hosts, Pastor Brenda Price, the daughter of Pastor Upthegrove, a demon came in the yard in the form of a whirlwind, picked up heavy swings and other objects and tossed them around like toys in the back yard and headed toward us, yet suddenly it was driven away. This spirit was angry because his position was lost in the air and he was knocked to the ground! This was a notable sign to my hosts that God was involved in these services – it was and is a move of God! From that point on, we began to see breakthroughs occur in the services. We saw great miracles for the next two weeks. People began to come from everywhere and pack out the church. Young people flooded the altars and gave their lives to God. Healings and miracles were manifested. Truly this was a Heavenly outpouring!

The Father Announces His Coming…

Upon his second trip to Colville, David E. Taylor was informed that a young lady named Deborah had a dream where she saw the Father in the form of a cloud descend upon Colville and consume that entire region. Apostle Taylor began to share with those who were transporting him from the airport that I felt that God was moving out of Colville and was beginning to move into Chewelah and Spokane, which he discovered were to the south of Colville. To his surprise, when he received the full written copy of the dream that the young lady had, he discovered that in the latter part of her dream, she saw that the cloud that was consuming Colville, was moving south! Hallelujah! If you have dreams in the move of God, you should tell them, because they give direction as to what God is doing. When God pours out His Spirit, He pours out dreams and visions to give direction and interpretation concerning what He is saying. God is moving in Colville, Chewelah and Spokane. One week after the young lady had this dream, he was handed a newspaper clipping from “The Spokesman’s-Review,” the local newspaper for Spokane, Washington. It showed the glory cloud that appeared on June 3rd! Wow! What a confirmation! This was the first open appearance of the Father working with David E. Taylor and from that moment forward the Lord has been making very notable appearances before thousands and even millions everywhere that He sends Apostle Taylor all over America and the world!

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