The Biggest Women’s Movement in the 21st Century 

Dear Daughter & Woman of God,

At the recent Women of Destiny Online Seminar, David E. Taylor masterfully explained to a woman – her Purpose by Design. She is the Tiffany blue “surprise” and present that God has blessed man with, as well as the Head of the Church, which is Christ. As a Woman you are unwrapped, just like a Tiffany blue present, how amazing a presentation of artwork and beauty that your Father has originally designed you for.  David E. Taylor explains that you are the surprise. The present is you! The gift is you!

The color Tiffany Blue is the sophisticated, elegant presentation of your heavenly Father of presenting “JUST YOU.” God’s thoughts, plans, and original design for you as a woman that has not been revealed since the time of the garden of Eden, You are His masterpiece. You are His Woman of Destiny!

The Lord spoke to me and said, “If you would employ the help of women, because I did that, you will get a lot done. She is called a helpmeet. I ordained a woman to help me save the world through my Son. That is why I go to women.

If men had this wisdom and strategy, they could be gloriously helped!” When God wanted to save the world, He used a woman to help him save it. There is a war coming. Satan has planned to try to destroy the Earth by causing World War 3. God told me to hold the 2020 Arena Crusade in Orlando, FL for the body of Christ to pray, seek His face and see our land healed (2 Chronicles 7:14). The Lord visited me to employ you to help save and reach America. You can help in some way! The first priority is to pack out the arena, and you can help by getting 10 people.

When Jesus appeared to the woman at the well, she brought a whole city back to Him. That’s why He said, “[I] must needs go through Samaria” (John 4:4). Then the Lord spoke to me and said,“Remember after I rose from the dead, who did I appear to first? Mary Magdalene” (Mark 16:2-7). This has been His pattern. Jesus used a woman to bring these men and speak to them, even though they didn’t listen to her. He still used her!

Even if men will not listen to you as a woman, He will still send you anyway. We must work together. The Lord Jesus has appeared to me and gave me the key to win America. God always raises up a royal male authority to have dominion. Whether He creates that male outside of her before He ever created her, or after He created her- where He puts the male in her womb and he comes through. But she is to assist in helping that male to rule all nations with a rod of iron and we know that ultimate male is Jesus (Revelation 2:27). No matter how young or old you may be, no matter which walk or path of life you are in now, God has given you a very special mission to do something amazing in your life. So my question to you is, what do you have in your house or in your life to be a help to save this nation? How can you work alongside of me, how can you also invite the help of your husband-to-be? In our generation, the majority of the Church is comprised of women because they have the heart’s desire to help.

There are two beings who are seeking to employ women: God and Satan. Satan employed a woman to help stop God and man in the beginning. She stopped her husband from ruling the world and by stopping her husband, it pushed God out of the world and allowed another entity to come in and do evil things. It was a woman who got prayer out of schools. Satan got her to get prayer out of schools. It could be a woman who God uses to get prayer back in schools. You need to know the influence of how the enemy can use you against man and God. That’s why when you are not submitted to a strong leader, your power is not channeled right. That’s why a woman needs to be submitted to a man. she needs to be under a man who can govern and guide her, but it must be someone that God has ordained. God has ordained me to help guide our generation, but Satan wants to pervert it with this attack. We must stop this attack! The Lord told me, “I did not just bring a man-child here. I employed the woman to help me do it with her womb.” God used the woman to help him save the world and He showed me how He went to a woman when He wanted to bring Jesus to the world. The Lord told her what He was doing in her body to get this male authority in the world. It is very important for a woman to work with a man. A woman can take a man away from what He is called to do or help a man to fulfill God’s will.

See, God used man to help him conquer the world and have dominion over it. He used the woman with the man to help save the world. God has given man dominion over the world. He has the power to have dominion to conquer and to save the world through conquering if he used it right, but the woman who God called the helpmeet. There is a difference in the power of the office you operate in. For you, as a daughter of God, He has given me revelation His strategy to save the world. As a young man, God spoke to me about this nation. The Lord appeared to me about the future of this country – that war was inevitable if America did not repent. In a dream, I was in the air looking over America with Jesus. He was standing next to me in a white robe when all of a sudden a nuclear missile flew by. The missile hit the coast of America, killing millions. In the dream Jesus did not stop it. And I got on my knees pleading with Him for my time, and then I woke up. The message is clear. The Lord loves America, but America has kicked Him out of the nation in many ways. God showed me the coming Russian Invasion if America does not repent! God does not want war to come to America. He wants America saved!

He is also not unjust to forget all of America’s labor of love and missionary work that has been done throughout the years. There are also many good reports about America, and these things are not unseen by the Lord. Out of His great love for America, He has given us an opportunity to repent. He has given us an answer to stir and lead us to repentance. His answer for America is the move of Face to Face! When he wanted to save the world he used the woman to help him save it. God gave you the ability to be a helpmeet. God said, “I want to save America but you have to explain this revelation to the women and they have to gather and work with you concerning My purpose and ministry. I’m on the earth to save.” God told me that the women must come together and combine their gifts of help to fill the 2020 arena to help save America. He is not leaving the men out. God has a pattern of how He does things. He makes the man first, then builds a woman to be a helpmeet.

We are 9 months away from the crusade and 9 is the number that God gives a woman to birth a child! It is amazing that God would give this strategy 9 months before the crusade. It is a revelation of God’s purpose in birthing! God is about to spiritually impregnate a lot of His women, so in the ninth month they can give birth to His purposes on the earth, for the 2020 arena crusade! We must consider God’s purpose of saving the world, His plan on how to save it, and His execution of sending Jesus through the womb of a woman! Everything was strategically done and He is doing the same thing today!

God has included you, and all women, to save the world! No matter how old or young you are, you have been included and chosen! You must get busy NOW, so that In 9 months you will help birth and push out what is going to take place in 2020! It’s time for every woman to come forward and get 10 people to the arena and help in any and every way they can. It is time to come right NOW!! 

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