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  • MOTH: A moth is a nocturnal insect with feathery antennae similar to a butterfly but often duller coloring and smaller wings.   Positive: Dreaming of moths could represent God’s(...) - Read More

  • a

    An acrobat ant is a type of ant that gets its name from raising their abdomen over their thorax and head when they get disturbed. Ants can represent minor, daily annoyances when they are few(...) - Read More

    An alderfly is a small aquatic parasites that crawl out of water. They are known for digging into damp soil to pupate and are predators.     Positive: Dreaming of an alderfly can(...) - Read More

  • ANT
    Ants are insects with a complex social organization that are known to perform various duties within their groups.   Positive: Dreaming of an ant could represent that you are(...) - Read More

    An aphid is a bug that rapidly reproduces without mating. They feed by sucking sap from plants and are known for causing damage to crops.   Positive: Dreaming of aphids could represent(...) - Read More

    ASH BORER: An ash borer is an Asian beetle with a destructive larva that bores into the wood of ash trees. Ash borers will eat the nutrients in the tree causing it to(...) - Read More

    An assassin bug is a type of insect that are usually predatory on insects but sometimes suck the blood out of mammals.   Positive: Dreaming of an assassin bug could represent that God(...) - Read More

  • b

    A bedbug is a wingless, bloodsucking bug that sometimes infests houses and preys on human blood.   Positive: If you get bit by a bedbug in a dream, it could represent God trying to get(...) - Read More

  • BEE
    A bee is a flying insect that feeds on pollen and nectar with an important role in pollination, producing honey and beeswax.   Positive: In a dream, bees could represent those that are(...) - Read More

    A black widow is a venomous black female spider with an hourglass-shaped red mark on the underside of the abdomen.   Positive: Dreaming of a black widow could represent(...) - Read More

    A boxelder bug is a small red and black insect that feeds on and lays eggs in the boxelder trees in the summer. They are harmless to humans and pets, but in the colder months they can become(...) - Read More

    A brown recluse spider is a brown spider with a violin shaped mark on its thorax and produces a dangerous toxin.   Positive: Dreaming of brown recluse spiders scattering could(...) - Read More

  • BUG
    A bug is a general term people use that encompasses insects and other crawling or flying pests. Bugs are often referred to as things that pester or bother us. Note what type of bug it(...) - Read More

    A butterfly is a slender-bodied insect with broad and usually brightly colored wings. Butterflies are known to represent new beginnings.   Positive: Dreaming of butterflies may(...) - Read More

  • c

    Caddisflies are insects that are nocturnal and attracted to light and go through a complete metamorphosis process. Dreaming of a caddisfly could represent the dreamer being drawn to the(...) - Read More

    A cankerworm is a pest of fruit and shade trees both in larvae and moth form. The Bible refers to cankerworms as the devourer.     Positive: Dreaming of a cankerworm could represent(...) - Read More

    A carpet beetle is a small black beetle that is known to be found in carpet. The larvae are known to be destructive to wool. In the Bible, carpet can symbolically mean that one is looking(...) - Read More

    A caterpillar is a wormlike larva of a butterfly or moth.   Positive: In a dream, a caterpillar could represent the stages of life, growth, restoration of the Lord’s interference, and(...) - Read More

    A centipede is a long, flattened many-segmented insect with each segment bearing one pair of legs. The first pair of legs are modified into poison fangs.   Positive: Dreaming of a(...) - Read More

    A cicada is a large insect with transparent wings and are known for making loud noises, especially at night. In a dream, cicadas could represent pests or plagues.   Positive: Dreaming(...) - Read More

    A cockroach is an insect that is well known as a pest to humans.   Positive: Dreaming of a cockroach could represent endurance or the ability to withstand.   Negative: In a(...) - Read More

    Crickets are an insect related to grasshoppers. They are known for their chirping sounds and making a lot of noise.   Positive: To dream of a cricket could represent that God has(...) - Read More

  • d

    A damselfly is an insect similar to a dragonfly. They live in forest habitats near lakes and like to rest around clean water and hang on small leaves and twigs,     Positive: To(...) - Read More

    A dragonfly is an insect with two eyes, four wings, and a slender body. They have excellent eyesight and can detect movement from for distances. Dreaming of dragonflies could represent(...) - Read More

       A dung beetle is an insect that rolls balls out of its dung where it lays its eggs and the larvae then eats the dung.     Positive: To dream of a dung beetle rolling up a dung(...) - Read More

  • e

    An earwig is an insect that lingers in dark places and are attracted to decay and debris. To dream of an earwig could represent a hearing blockage.   Positive: Dreaming of an earwig(...) - Read More

  • f

    A fire ant is a specific type of ant known by its aggressive and swarming behavior. They are hard workers and team-oriented but are also known for their bites and stings which can cause(...) - Read More

    Also Lightning Bug. Fireflies are nocturnal beetles that produce a bright and soft intermittent light that they use for courtship. Fireflies are symbolic of illumination.   Positive:(...) - Read More

  • FLEA
    A flea is a small wingless bloodsucking insect that feeds on warm-blooded animals. Positive: In a dream, a flea could represent God trying to get your attention. Negative: Dreaming of a flea(...) - Read More

  • FLY
    A fly is any one of the large number of insects that uses one set of wings for flight and one for balance. Fly is commonly used for most small flying insects.   Positive:  Dreaming of(...) - Read More

    A fruit fly is any of the various small dipteran flies whose larvae feed on fruit or decaying vegetable matter. Dreaming of fruit flies can represent annoyances.         Positive:(...) - Read More

  • g

    A gladiator bug is a large carnivorous insect that can represent a spiritual attack or the enemy.   Positive: Gladiator bugs that get squashed in a dream could represent victory over(...) - Read More

  • GNAT
    A gnat is a type of small usually biting fly. They are often seen as nuisances and pests.   Positive: Dreaming of a gnat could symbolize God’s cleansing and adjusting in one’s(...) - Read More

    A Goliath beetle is any of the several very large African beetls that are reddish brown with white marks and can grow up to four inches in length.   Positive: In a dream, a goliath(...) - Read More

    A grasshopper is a plant-eating insect with legs adapted for leaping.   Positive: In a dream, grasshoppers could represent restoration, acceptance, or approval.   Negative:(...) - Read More

  • h

    A Hercules beetle is one of the world’s largest flying insects. It is known for its two long horns on its head. The name Hercules refers to the Greek demigod, Hercules, and his(...) - Read More

    A hornet is a type of wasp, an insect that has a slender body, biting mouthparts, and a stinger.   Positive: Hornets could represent instruments of God’s judgment and protection(...) - Read More

    A hornworm is a caterpillar of the hawk moth. It has a hornlike tail process. Dreaming of a hornworm could represent disgrace, contempt, and repugnance.   Positive: Dreaming of a(...) - Read More

    A horsefly is an insect in the fly family that is much larger than the housefly and is known to suck blood and bite livestock, cattle, and humans. They can represent demonic spirits and(...) - Read More

  • i

    An inchworm is a member of the caterpillar family that transforms into a moth after metamorphosis. Their name comes from the way they move and arch the midsection of their bodies. Positive:(...) - Read More

  • j

    A june bug is a mostly nocturnal orange-ish colored beetle. They are typically active at night and when they land on a person can pinch them.   Positive: Dreaming of a june bug could(...) - Read More

  • l

    A ladybug is a red beetle with black spots often found in humid regions. Biblically, ladybugs could represent a cleansing process or an annoyance.   Positive: Dreaming of ladybugs(...) - Read More

    Larvae are the immature, wingless, wormlike feeding form that hatches from the eggs of many insects. Positive: Dreaming of larvae may represent a new beginning. Negative: In a dream, larvae(...) - Read More

  • LICE
    Lice are small wingless parasitic insects that prey on warm-blooded animals.   Positive: Having lice in a dream could represent God trying to get one’s attention.   Negative: In(...) - Read More

  • m

    A maggot is a soft-bodied grub, the larva of a fly that often feeds on decaying material.   Positive: Seeing maggots in a dream could represent divine assistance from the(...) - Read More

    A mealworm is the larva of a darkling beetle that infests grain products but is often raised as food for insectivorous animals, for laboratory use, or as fishing bait.     Positive:(...) - Read More

    A millipede is an insect with hundreds of legs attached to their bodies. They are natural burrowers that feed on decaying wood or plants and act as the “clean-up crew” of the environment and(...) - Read More

    A mosquito is an insect that sucks blood and can potentially spread disease. They are often known as nuisances and can represent a spiritual parasite.   Positive: Dreaming of a swarm of(...) - Read More

  • MOTH
    A moth is a nocturnal insect with feathery antennae similar to a butterfly but often duller coloring and smaller wings.   Positive: Dreaming of moths could represent God’s righteousness(...) - Read More

  • o

    An orb weaver spider is any of the spiders that have eight similar eyes and typically spin a large elaborate wheel-shaped flat web.     Positive:  Dreaming of an orb weaver spider(...) - Read More

  • p

    A praying mantis is a large insect that eats other insects by holding them in its raised front legs. They are usually green and camouflage well with their surroundings. A praying mantis is(...) - Read More

  • s

    A silkworm is a moth larva who spins silk around its cocoon. Positive: Dreaming of a silkworm could represent honor or glory. It could represent an audience. Negative: Seeing a silkworm in(...) - Read More

    A soldier beetle is a soft bodied beetle that is usually black and red. They resemble fireflies and are beneficial to gardens because they eat the predatory insects, like(...) - Read More

    A spider is an arachnid with a short abdomen and poisonous fangs. Spiders spin silk webs for various purposes such as cocoons for their eggs or to catch prey).   Positive: Dreaming of a(...) - Read More

    A stinkbug is any of the various hemipterous bugs that emit a disagreeable odor.   Positive: God could be revealing something or sometone for you to stay away from.   Negative:(...) - Read More

  • t

    A tarantula is a type of large arachnid and family of spiders. There are around 900 species of tarantulas that have been identified.   Positive: In a dream, a tarantula could symbolize(...) - Read More

    Termites are pale-colored insects that live in colonies and are known to be destructive to wood and trees. Dreaming of termites could represent being assailed by an unwelcomed(...) - Read More

  • TICK
    A tick is a small parasitic arachnid that lives off the blood of its host. Ticks are known to carry diseases and can be hard to removed.   Positive:  Dreaming of a tick being killed in a(...) - Read More

  • w

    A walking stick bug is known as a phasmid that resembles various parts of a leaf or twig. They have excellent skills that allow them to camouflage.   Positive: Dreaming of a phasmid could(...) - Read More

  • WASP
    A wasp is a winged insect with a narrow waist and a stinger. Wasps build nests from wood pulp and their diet consists of insects. Wasps are known for their sting.     Positive:(...) - Read More

    A weevil is a small beetle-like insect that often damages stored grain. There are several types of weevils and they are usually destructive and have a short lifespan.   Positive: To(...) - Read More

    A wolf spider is a small hairy spider. Instead of using webs to capture their prey, wolf spiders chase and hunt their prey. They are camouflaged and active at night making them effective(...) - Read More

  • WORM
    A worm is a burrowing invertebrate with a tube-like body and no limbs.   Positive: Seeing worms in a dream could represent lowliness and humility.   Negative: Dreaming of worms(...) - Read More

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