Jesus Appears In Denny’s

One day during my special prayer time before a crusade, I heard the Lord say to me, “Go to the restaurant Denny’s, for I’m going to appear to you there.” I replied back to the Lord,“Is this really you?”  I said this because I would always most of the time before a major miracle crusade stay inside and go nowhere to prepare for that night.

Then He replied back, “Yes go because I have an appointment with you there.”  So I gather two of my pastors and we went to Denny’s.  I told them what the Lord said to me, how that He was going to walk in Denny’s and meet us there.  They had always saw the Lord keep His promise in showing up in the Crusades.  So when we arrived I didn’t know anything to do but sit there and wait.  There were people there in the restaurant and we waited.

Revival Breaks Out In Restaurant by Jesus Appearance

“Many Slain Under The Power In Denny’s”

About 30 to 40 minutes went by when suddenly I saw the Lord walk in the place! All of a sudden the atmosphere in Denny’s was filled with Glory and electricity.  We could feel it, the people could feel it, even sinners.  Then without us doing anything a young man, the waiter and other people just started feeling drawn to our table saying what is this that we are feeling in this room.

We then began witnessing to them about the Lord and praying for them.  Before it was all over, a growth disappeared off a young man, unbelievers were delivered and still saved now until this very day!  Many people were found in that restaurant slain under the power of God on the floor.  It was glorious.  I didn’t know He was going to do this.  That’s why I learned that it’s just better to obey God’s voice even if you don’t understand it.  I thought in my mind … Denny’s?  Why?  But it was glorious!

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