“Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour” -Romans 13:7

Bishop Harold Ray with David E. Taylor – TBN – Praise the Lord

Around the globe, countless fathers and elders in the Body of Christ attest to the authenticity of his teaching ministry. Just recently, Pastor Taylor received an honorary Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and a Doctorate of Divinity from Life Christian University. Each time he teaches and preaches the gospel of the Kingdom, there is manifestation & demonstration of God’s glory, miracles of all kinds and all sorts erupt!! Every crusade has impacted and brought restoration to millions of lives.

Blinded eyes see, deaf ears open, bodies untwist out of wheelchairs, wombs are opened, cancer is eradicated, marriages are restored, finances are released, the dead are raised, and hundreds of thousands of people have received a miracle of salvation! Throughout the years David E. Taylor has used various media outlets (TV, his own radio show, Internet, etc.) to preach the good news of Jesus Christ. He has appeared on NBC, ABC, FOX, The Word Network, TBN, and the Impact Network. He is a man of integrity, vision, & compassion. Pastor Taylor continues to lead massive humanitarian efforts!

“He is a powerful man of God who literally has taken the power of God into communities, challenged local communities, and governments ..and has seen God back him up..!” -Bishop Harold Ray


“When I interviewed David E. Taylor on 120 Live, he brought a revelation on having a “vision for your giving!” It was an amazing revelation! I had never heard it before, but I am going to use it now!” -Pastor Rod Parsley

“He is 100% accurate on prophetic dreams. He has seen the future of America!” -Sid Roth


“David E. Taylor wrote a book that is just taking off, entitled “Face to Face!” He is an apostolic and prophetic voice in the nation.” -Bishop George Bloomer

David E. Taylor was invited to join Lou Engle and pray on the stage at “The Call” in Detroit, as thousands gathered at Ford Field.

While David E. Taylor was in Korea, Dr. David Yonggi Cho met with him and shared how his book, Face to Face Appearances from Jesus, had been spreading all around Korea causing a massive outbreak of Jesus appearing to hundreds of thousands of Koreans!

“During the National Crusade Against Cancer I just came into agreement with David E. Taylor, that the name of Jesus is greater than any disease that has a name! In the name of Jesus cancer is defeated!” -Israel Houghton

“The body of Christ needs young men like yourself, who are young, but who have been given old men’s wisdom, and know how to give God the glory, walk in humility, that is an amazing gift from God! God is using David E. Taylor in a Powerful way!” -Bishop Tudor Bismark

“In this season God says for you to carry on writing, because you have truth that must be written. And people must purchase it and they must read it. There is a secular world that is crying out for the truths that you have! You understand the dynamics of the Kingdom! You are going to cause people to be restful in their desires and destiny! You are a man of destiny!” (Prophetic word given to David E. Taylor) -Kim Clement

“It is my belief that we are in the shallow part of one of the greatest visitation that we have ever seen. I really do believe that we are presently entering in! God has anointed David E. Taylor to have this special crusade against cancer. God has anointed you to have this special crusade against cancer. This is a big step! Not too big, because God is big! But I believe what you are doing is going to be bigger than what medical science has been able to do! This is a big step! Not too big, because God is big! I believe what David E. Taylor is doing is going to be bigger than what medical science has been able to do! -Don Clowers

“The moment I walked into this place (Joshua Media Ministries Headquarters in Taylor, MI) with David E. Taylor, I said ‘WOW!’ I saw all the wheelchairs on the stage… I had never seen this before.. and I travel all over..!” -Vickie Winnans
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