The Kingdom of God and His government has come to Orlando Florida! This was the decree of the man of God as placed his feet on the land of Florida in July of 2013. Every place that the Lord sends David Taylor gets shaken and awakened! God is on the earth today! He is working openly with David Taylor to make the enemies of His Anointed One, the Lord Jesus, His footstool (Psalms 110:1). Jehovah has come to subdue all things under the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:24-28)! Jehovah is with a man on the earth and is working openly with him before all people! This is the season and this is the hour of the greatest move of God that the world has ever known! This is the time and this is the hour of the Joel Army arising (Joel 2)! The Lord has raised up His greatest end-time general, David E. Taylor, to sound the call to the army of God in this hour to arise and fight! To God be all the glory!                                                      Principalities and powers of darkness are literally shaken every time David Taylor is sent into a region. God is with this precious man and is using him to shake America! The Lord sends David into different regions to use the Keys of the Kingdom (Matthew 16:19) that he was given from the Lord Jesus Christ in 1997 to break the principalities in that terrain. Because God is with him, the principalities and powers shake and break even at the very moment when the man of God’s feet touch that regions soil! A sign that the Lord showed David that will take place when the principality in a region has been broken is that it will begin to storm. The storm is a result of the wicked spirit getting in the atmosphere and trying to gain the ground back that was lost. This spirit calls on another spirit that is stronger than himself to strengthen his position and take over. The storm that takes place is not a manifestation of the princes of darkness gaining ground, but of them trying to gain back what they just lost! Glory to God! Without fail, this has happened in the regions that the Lord has sent David. And this is what took place in Florida as the man of God came into the region! The atmosphere was brewing and a strong storm took place in Florida when the man of God entered the region! The princes of darkness were being snapped and dethroned! Glory to God!

On July 21st 2013, as a king in God’s Kingdom, David Taylor arose up and led the people in a battle decree to remove the principality of drugs in the region of Florida. Here is a brief portion of the transcript from this most royally epic and monumental moment. These are the words of David Taylor as he speaks under the royal power and government of the Kingdom of God.

I decree to you as a king in God’s Kingdom that the Kingdom of God and His government has come to Orland Florida! I decree to you, that the Kingdom of God has come here! And the Lord says that if you will embrace His visitation, He will do more in this region – now 3 days is not long enough, I heard the Lord say you need to come back to Orlando – how many want this to happen?!– I believe I’ve been sent to this region to also help the leaders – but I am telling you that you all are about to see the biggest drug ring busted in this city – when you see this. you will know that I am not a liar – it’s going to be on the news not too many days from now – you will see on the news one of the biggest drug rings busted in Orlando Florida of cocaine and drug trafficking!

Tremendous power! As the man of God declared the decree, the people began to lift up their voices with the high praises of God in their mouth, and a two edged sword in their hand, and began to bind satanic rulers with chains (Psalms 149:6-9)! Just a few days after the man of God spoke his kingly decree in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, breaking news broke out in Orlando of a major drug bust! This is huge! A major drug ring was busted up just a few days after the man of God, with the saints of the Most High, arose up in battle and dethroned that principality! A ring of 20 people were arrested that were key suppliers of narcotics to counties around the region. Hallelujah! All true victory that takes place in the natural is a result of victory that takes place in the spiritual realm. The battle with drugs is not a natural battle. There are real wicked spirits that rule over and influence the worlds of drugs (Ephesians 6:12, Ephesians 2:2,) The only way to break this evil, and pull down these strongholds, is by using the weapons of God in the might of His Power (2nd Corinthians 10:4)! David Taylor has been trained and taught by the Lord Jesus Christ face to face on how to war effectively in God’s army (Psalms 144:1). The Lord has appointed David Taylor as a 5 Star General in His Kingdom! For the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit, are working notably and openly with him to bring in the greatest move of God that the world has ever seen! God’s visitation in Florida has only yet begun! Many people were experiencing the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ! A ladies back straightened up and was healed, barrenness was being healed, debilitating diseases were being removed, and people were getting set free from drugs in the service! This is miraculous! This is the time of God’s visitation in Florida.

As one Body, and as one Army, let us stand with God’s appointed leader and take over the world with God’s Kingdom, Power, and Glory. When you stand and sow into this God ordained movement, you stand with and sow towards the freedom of millions of precious lives. This is the heartbeat of God. He has ordained this movement! He, Jehovah Himself, is over this end time movement. It is time to arise and get connected into God’s army! For this is the time, and this is the hour, where God’s glory shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together (Isaiah 40:5)!

20 People Arrested in Orlando Drug Trafficking Operations


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