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A Man Who Has Seen the Future of America in Dreams

David E. Taylor is first and foremost, a friend of Jesus Christ, which allows him to serve in all the five-fold ministry offices, in which the offices of apostle, prophet and healing evangelist are the most notable. These offices enable him to conquer spiritual territories and dethrone demonic princes and their principalities in different cities and regions he goes to on behalf of a breakthrough for God’s church the Body of Christ.  They serve to equip, empower and launch sons and daughters into God’s vineyard, to minister Jesus Christ and demonstrate His Latter Rain Glory to this generation.

A man whom the Lord Jesus has appeared to face to face

He prizes and emphasizes the personal face-to-face relationship with Jesus and presence of God above ministry, which he began to experience at his conversion. Since 1989 from the time that he was 17 years old, he has been granted many face-to-face visitation appearances from Jesus Christ personally which is the touchstone and cornerstone of his special dynamic ministry.  Through these visitations over the years, it was told him from the Lord that his main assignment from God was to America which has begun to manifest through the “Miracles in America Crusades” and the “Prophecy to America” conferences and mission.
The Lord also has chosen to grace David E. Taylor with the office of the dreamer with the unusual gift of dreams.  This gives him the ability to interpret, translate and relay what the Lord is saying through dreams on a national and world class level to avert disasters and warn nations, their kings or presidents concerning future events that brings about deliverance, salvation and victory for whole continents. This is similar to the gift that the Lord gave Joseph to cause national deliverance, salvation and to preserve the destiny and welfare of a whole nation. Dreams and night visions have been used by God in his personal life and ministry as a prophet.  Jesus has appeared to David on many different occasions and for different purposes, one of which is concerning America’s future and her preservation.
In a dream, the Lord said that He would use David E. Taylor to shake America though  he would also use him as well to shake the nations of the world some.  It was also said from the Lord, that He had given David a special teaching ministry along with being a healing shepherd to the sick and diseased in America by a healing and miracle ministry which is manifested by doing crusades.  Through this, he has also been given a mandate to host Miracle Crusades and to pray for the sick, birthed out of a godly compassion and love. Assigned as an apostle to America, David E. Taylor     was called  by the Lord to the Miracle Ministry of Jesus Christ. Hosting “Miracle Invasion Crusades” in St. Louis, Missouri across the United States and the world, this apostolic outreach has ministered to millions over the years and is subduing the kingdoms of this world and submitting them unto the Kingdom of our God.
David ministers in conferences across America and the world as Jesus directs him.  With a special teaching ministry, he is sought after to minister in Conferences, Prophetic Conferences, Singles & Marriage Conferences and Youth Campaigns.

Given a Special Miracle Healing Ministry

Millions have been touched by the miracle healing power of Jesus Christ demonstrated through the Holy Spirit in his life. Scores of people have risen from their wheelchairs and have been totally healed. Cancerous growths have fallen off in services and disappeared.  Jesus personally visits each crusade and manifests massive miracles without fail.  AIDS, Hepatitis C and other various diseases have been healed and verified by doctors. In multiple crowds many have been healed from breathing machines, crutches, canes and walkers. People have been raised from the dead and twisted bodies have untwisted during these services in America. The impossible has been proven possible and special signs and wonders have come and given credence to David’s testimony (after having seen Jesus in a dream during his conversion), that our risen Lord’s resurrection from the dead is valid, proving unequivocally that Jesus is alive today!
David serves as the founder of Joshua Media Ministries, International (JMMI). JMMI is a worldwide, multicultural, five-fold ministry (with special emphasis on preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom) committed to invading, shaking and converting the nations, manifested through the Glory of God and not as result of just his giftings or anointings.
Under the Lord’s direction, David E. Taylor launched the “Miracles Today” television broadcast, and strategically positioned air campaign commercials on major television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, BET, CW11, My46) as well as the “Latter Rain Outpouring” live, call-in radio broadcast heard throughout the St. Louis bi-state metropolitan area.

Graced to be a face to face friend and prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ

Besides his unique ability to help people experience the Lord’s intense presence through worship during services, the ministry that the Lord Jesus has entrusted to David is a special face-to-face relationship and friendship with Jesus personally.  The Glory manifested out of this friendship is what flows over to the people’s lives and brings them to meet with the Lord, just like it says about Moses’ life and ministry, “…and he brought the people to meet with God” Exodus 19:17.
Jesus told David that through His face-to-face covenant and friendship with him, that this would allow those who have never had a face-to-face appearance from Jesus in a dream or while awake to start experiencing Him in this way, for the purpose of deepening their intimacy with Him. These encounters have been documented and reported by many pastors and leaders and seen in the express testimonials of God’s people for years whom the Lord appeared to.  Jesus told David that He would appear to those who came in contact with his ministry with divine face-to-face appearances from  Himself not only once but on a consistent basis like He has done in David’s own life.
This has been one the greatest privileges in experiencing David E. Taylor’s ministry with Jesus. It has been confirmed by the testimonies of leaders in the Body of Christ (those who have 400 churches under their leadership), pastors, spiritual fathers and other five-fold ministry giftings along with multiple thousands of people (including youth) who have had face-to-face encounters with the Lord as a result. Men who have never seen Jesus along with leaders who already have experienced face-to-face visitations have noticed an increase in their personal visitations from the Lord Jesus in dreams and in the open broad day light.
The people who were experiencing these appearances in America ranged from his little children Joshua and Destiny (when they were seven and nine years of age) to the people in his multicultural staff, to the open appearance of the Lord in Washington State in the sight of three million people at one time over three whole regions in 2006.  This appearance lasted for an entire hour and was captured by the secular media on television, in photographs and in print.  This type or some similar manifestation happens where ever the Lord sends David.  In whatever city or church David enters, he is accompanied by the special privilege of the Lord personally working with him.
These supernatural signs, wonders, experiences and miracles are followed-up by the Lord giving David a special teaching ministry.  By the Spirit of revelation he is empowered to divide the Word of God accurately and interpret the move of God, explaining by scripture what the Lord is doing. He is also the author of 12-powerful books including 5-Premier books entitled “When God Preserves the Destiny of a Nation through Dreams,” “Triumph in Humility; Victory over Pride,” “Inheritance by Lineage: A Visit to Heaven,” “The Voice of God” and “Intimacy Beyond Ecstasy.” Other dynamic teachings are available on video and compact disc.
David came from humble beginnings of Memphis, Tennessee born to his parents, James and Katie Taylor. Before and after his conversion he grew up at Mount Zion Baptist Church where the late C.J.  Patterson, Jr. was pastor.  He later moved to the ministry of the late G.E. Patterson, presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). Considered a son in his ministry, Bishop Patterson expressed his approval of David openly, by acknowledging him in various services. Sensing the call of God, David stepped out in obedience to the Lord into a worldwide ministry.
Today regions (where ever the Lord sends him) are experiencing the move of God. The ministry the Lord has given him was explained personally by Jesus in a face-to-face visitation in Heaven. He was told that his ministry was not just a spiritual gift or an anointing operating through his life but it is the glory of God and Jesus Himself, working on behalf of His people through his life and ministry.  Lives have been changed, bodies healed and countless thousands saved through his ministry over a span of 18 years.
Humility and the meekness of Jesus, characterize David’s ability and character when serving the Lord. These two attributes are stressed and admonished along with lived.
He has been entrusted with the end-time message of the “The Kingdom,” “The Power,” and “The Glory” for this generation.  During a face-to-face visitation appearance from the Lord in a dream, in his sleep, Jesus instructed him saying: “David, I am giving you the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven,” He continued saying, “whatever you bind on earth, I will personally back you up; and whatever you loose on earth, I will personally back you up.”  This has been seen throughout the years of the Lord personally working with David, notably and appearing to others during his ministry in face-to-face visitation experiences.

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