He Began Working With Me In A Personal Way In Ministry 

“And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.” (Mark 16:20)

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It Was More Now Than Just Anointing, It Was Glory

Jesus started notability working with me personally in ministry, through not only appearing to me but to others also.  I’ll never forget when this first started happening in 1996 in St. Louis, MO.  I was praying in the office on a Saturday evening.  As I was bowed over on a chair on my knees, all of a sudden without warning Jesus came walking through the walls of the office building and stood in front of me.   He started talking to me about some personal things but then, He went on to share with me that He wanted me to train a young man that was about 16 years old in the apostolic ministry.

At this time I was overseeing a small church and the pastor of this local congregation had a family there that was very anointed and called to destiny in ministry.  This young man was one of the teenagers in that family.  Even though he was only a teenager, the Lord had a great call on his life.  Jesus went on to say to me,“I want you to begin his training for ministry for he is called to be an apostle.”  Knowing the prerequisite and requirements for being called to the office of the apostle, I took it seriously. I responded to Jesus with inquiry but also in a way of great honor saying, “Lord you must appear to him before I train him seeing that this is your requirement for true authentic apostleship.”

To my amazement I was not rebuked by Jesus but His respond toward me was refreshing.  He replied, “I know David and I’m going to appear to him tonight.  He went on saying, “Tomorrow when you see him at the church you are to tell him everything I’ve told you.”  Well, that Sunday morning when the church service was over, I walked up to him in greetings and began telling him what the Lord had said to me concerning him.  Then I finally at the end told him saying, “Jesus told me He would appear to you last night”… “Did He?” He opened his mouth in amazement saying, “Yes, I saw Him in a dream this morning in my sleep.” How awesome!  From there I began training this young man in the apostolic office and ministry.

It Kept Happening

“For wherever two or three are gathered together in My name there am I in the midst of them” (Matt 18:20)

Summer 1996 –  When I saw and caught on how Jesus would literally appear to men working with me in this notable fashion something went off in me.  I began to realize how this could change the world and the lives of men.  I know that’s what this face to face initial visit from Jesus did in my life when I experienced Him in a real way.  So in seeing this I thought “This is revolutionary.” So I started using my faith in this area to believe the Lord to work with me in a personal way with men as I witnessed to them following this experience with the young teenager in 1996.  At this same church, I lead a witnessing campaign to the surrounding neighborhood.  I gathered the pastor of the church and his members and lead them on the streets of their church community to witness. Before we actually did this, I lead them on a three day fast just to put my faith in action in this area to ask the Lord if He would work with me and the team in this special way by appearing to the people we meet that needed salvation.  I asked Him if He would appear to them the night or day before in dreams or while awake in visions to prepare them to receive our witness of Him like He had appeared to me at 17 years old.

To my amazement after the fast we went out on the streets witnessing and we meet a number of people that Jesus had appeared to in a dream the night before.  He had did it!  When we were was witnessing on the street I met one man that was unsaved who started telling me how Jesus appeared to him in a dream the night before telling him to receive Him as his Lord and Savior.  He began explaining this to me having never known what I had ask the Lord on the three day fast.  I was so encouraging and I was elated at the same time!  How awesome this was!  I thought, how powerful to have the Lord working with us in our witness for Him.  I knew this was special and I didn’t let up on this type of awesome manifestation.  This is what the bible records that happened with the apostles.  In Acts there where those that saw them turn the world upside down which happened as a result of them being with Jesus (Acts 4:13 / Acts 17:6). It didn’t stop. He kept working with me appearing to others.  My staff started having visitations to join the ministry as well as while they were in the ministry.

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