Wherever God sends David E. Taylor, Drug Rings are Continually Broken and Dismantled!

wherever God sends David E. Taylor, Drug Rings are Continually Broken and Dismantled!

The billion dollar enterprise of illegal drugs is coming down in America through Face to Face! As God sends David E. Taylor into every region, He comes down personally to work with him to break demonic principalities! When he makes the decree and releases the Lord’s prophetic word for the region, the news proclaims and validates that the Kingdom of God has come to that region! Countless lives are being saved from drugs and death!

Ontario, Canada – August 2017: The biggest drug bust in the history of Ontario happened! Over 250 million dollars (a quarter of a billion) worth of cocaine was seized as prophesied by David E. Taylor!·

Fort Wayne, Indiana – December 22nd, 2014 The biggest heroin bust in the history of Northern Indiana happens just a few weeks after the Miracle Crusade with David E. Taylor in Fort Wayne!

San Diego, California – October 2015: The biggest underground tunnel funneling drugs from Mexico to the united stats is confiscated and found, just like David E. Taylor prophesied at the Miracle Crusade in California!

Detroit, MI. – February 10th, 2010 – The very night he prophesied a major drug bust in Detroit would happen, just a few hours later it happened! It was reported on the news the next morning! Detroit police seize over 4 million dollars in drugs within a 2 hour blitz!

Ontario Providential Police make largest drug bust in their history, confiscating 1,062 kg of cocaine worth $250 million!

This happened after David E. Taylor held Miracle Crusades in Canada, decreeing that the principality of drugs shall fall!

Another principality of Satan has been dethroned and dismantled as David E. Taylor proclaimed and demonstrated the Kingdom of God in Canada! The glory of God manifested in the service and Apostle released the decree that a move of God shall hit Ontario, and the whole nation of Canada, and prophesied that the principality of drugs shall come down! The Ontario Providential Police showed off the largest ever drug seizure of its nearly 110-year history. Three men have been arrested, accused of importing 1,062 kilograms of pure cocaine.

The OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes said, “This is a massive seizure, bigger than I’ve ever seen in my 33 years of policing.” Typically, cocaine found on the street is about 30%-40% pure, the cocaine in this bust was 97% pure. Hawkes went on to say that this was “an intercontinental smuggling operation,” later confirming to have connections to Mexican drug cartels.

This is the Season of Canada’s Visitation!

Ontario Providential Police make largest drug bust in their history

Everywhere God sends David E. Taylor, Satan’s kingdom and princes that are ruling over regions are being completely crushed! He is removing their crowns, scepters, thrones, and control over the minds and society of the people! The Father showed Himself to Canada in the most notable appearance to date. This is sure proof that God has come down on the earth, working with David E. Taylor, and is bringing deliverance to His people, not just in America, but in Canada and all over the world!

It is time now to go forth and reap the spoils and the harvest of the earth. God has visited Canada! All manner of satanic principalities and strongholds of drugs are being completely exposed and dismantled! The Kingdom of God is the message, Face to Face is the move! Call now to get connected and to be a part of the greatest move of God that is now hitting the earth!

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Here are A Few of the Places Where David E. Taylor Prophesied Major Drug Busts:

Canada – Michigan – Pennsylvania – West Virginia – California – Virginia – Ohio – Michigan 2 –  Florida



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