“Understanding That He Wants To Manifest Himself To You By Appearances”

What if I told you as a Christian or a sinner that you didn’t have to wait until you die to see Jesus? Further, what if I showed how Jesus Himself promised and desires according to scripture to pay you a face to face visit through an appearance? What if I told that you could see Jesus while you live now here on earth before you die? Are you hungry and desperate for this level of intimacy and relationship with the Lord? If you could have an experience where Jesus came and appeared to you face to face would you want it? What if you could be taken and toured around Heaven before you died would you want to? Have you ever felt that there was a greater relationship that you could have with Jesus above anything you have ever dreamed possible or yet experienced? Has there been a hunger in you to see Jesus face to face?  Well, millions have and now you can too!

It is important to realize what Jesus is totally saying here.  There are so many people who don’t believe this message of intimacy about how Jesus wants this intimate love relationship with them face to face by appearing Himself in person to them.  Some as I have heard who have been Christians for many years go their whole walk with God without realizing that this face to face level with Jesus is even possible.  When we read the Bible  They have never experienced Him in a face to face way.  I declare unto you Jesus’ words by experience that He will manifest Himself to you.

The Face To Face Love Covenant Revealed

“He Just wants Us to Love Him” – The Love Covenant

    Another point, in this context is that Jesus says there’s a requirement of love for Him to do this in our lives.  That is that, “We love Him by keeping His commandments”.  We show Him we love Him by keeping His commandments.  We must be loyal to His commandments by keeping them.  Now don’t get confused here, Jesus is not saying that we have to basically keep all of His commands by being perfect.  If thats what it meant, then all of us is disqualified from this level of relationship with Him.  Others along with myself, including in the bible would’ve never experienced this relationship through appearances I am now talking to you about.  This word keep means “to guard, hold, cherish, and keep in one’s memory to perform the duties told even after you’ve failed to do so”.  This is the personal love covenant relationship that He’s made available between Him and each individual personally. It’s all about loving Him. I call this ongoing face to face appearance manifestation of the Lord in my life according to Jesus words in scripture a “love covenant” since it’s based on Love!  All of this is the basis on a covenant of love toward Jesus.  Jesus is interested in being loved by you in a special way!  He wants your love.  Love is not predicted upon always being perfect or doing everything right.  Your love for Him can increase even as a result of having to be forgiven for your sins, mistakes and failures.  Jesus said:


“To whom much is forgiven the same love much” (Luke 7:47) 

 You also must understand in this context of scripture, that He is not talking about a one time appearance that He allows in His sovereignty but an on going relationship of His face to face appearances to whoever loves Him.

He Wants To Know You Face To Face

“And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face”  (Deut 34:10)

“But then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known”  (1 Cor 13:12)

This is a fellowship that He’s speaking about concerning Him continually coming back again and again appearing to you.  Jesus also said in the verses before this in John 14:18… “I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you.”  In this context He wasn’t just referring to the Holy Spirit being the only comforter, He was also referring to Himself comforting us by coming personally!  You notice, He never said He would just come one time or a limited number of times.  He left it open.  He said, “I will manifest myself to him”.  There is a balance.  Jesus have not made this command, “To love Him” as a law for Him to appear to us.  This is shown to us in how that when Paul murdered Christians for just serving and speaking the name of Christ, the Lord still appeared to him!  There was no love  involved on Paul part but it was a sovereign act of God’s grace and love.  It also was a sovereign act of kindness for God to send Jesus manifested in the flesh over 2000 years ago appearing openly, walking the earth in biblical times.  In this context He’s talking to those who want this on going face to face relationship, one in which He will manifest Himself by appearing to us through the conditions of loving Him by keeping His commandments.
[view:slideshow_inpage_test3=block]    The word “face” first appears in the book of Genesis and it comes from the Hebrew word “parim” which means “the countenance” or the “front side” of something.  It also meant, the surface or the visible side of something or someone, of persons, God, water and the list goes on.  In this book we are talking about having a face to face relationship with Jesus one in which you can visibly see His countenance front side, face to face with Him.  This is special.  Do you want this?  What if I told you that Jesus wanted you to have this level of relationship with Him!  What if I showed you according to scripture Jesus saying that He wanted to do this in your life.  Would you believe it and accept it?  Well, my friends, it is real and Jesus did express and say that He would do this in the lives of His people.  Do you want this with Him.  It is the most intimate way of communication that one can express themselves.
Face to face is the perfect expression of friendship, love and intimacy with a friend, spouse, children, or anyone else you love.  When you cannot show your face in a relationship with a person, something is wrong.  Well, Jesus understands this and that’s just one of the reasons why He comes to you face to face in this way.  Face to face represents intimacy and an expression of love that surpasses talking on the telephone (prayer) and just hearing responds on the other line or other end.
It’s beyond just feeling His presence or sensing He’s there.  These are still wonderful experiences but vague with the Lord.  Most Christians are just content with feeling the Lord presence in a room, in a service or in their prayer time!  There’s more!!!  Yes, much more!  And I’ve experienced it and am continually experiencing Him in this way consistently every year.  But even still I want so much more!  I’m not content with a one time experience or all the ones I had until now!  I still want more from the Lord!  This is not a one time experience but a lifetime intimate adventure of intimacy with the Lord face to face!


    How would you feel if you had just meet someone that you didn’t know and you’ll talked on the phone for hours, days, weeks and months until after a whole year had passed by.  We are so accustomed in this generation now with this type of behavior with email and internet chatting.  We can meet someone, talk to them for a whole year and never meet them face to face.  That’s dangerous!  It not until you meet a person face to face that you will learn values about who they really are!  The face reveals the character of the person.  You learn volumes about a person you have just met when you go out with them and sit down face to face.  This is where the church is presently.  They are content with experiencing feeling the Lord’s presence, fascinated with talking to Him in prayer and getting a response back from His voice.  But I’m not?  And there is a whole generation out there with me too that’s not content with just this limited relationship with the Lord.  God wants to do something new and fresh, that will blow your mind off the charts of where you have ever been with Him or where religious traditions and heretics have limited God!
He is alive and He is a Person.  He will be a friend to you!  Even Now!  Just ask today.  Today is your day to experience this awesome relationship and level of intimacy you have never had with the Lord.

“I will come to you” (John 14:18)

When I say to you that Jesus is going to personally come to you, I’m not just making this up and neither am I going solely on the fact that Jesus personally told me to tell you that He would.  The word of God is the foundation I stand on concerning this!  Jesus told me that He would appear to those of you who are reading this book face to face.  Isn’t that awesome?  You ought to be excited!  Since I’ve been preaching this message of face to face intimacy, thousands have begun to experience this appearance face to face relationship with Jesus as a result of our ministry.
Even my children started having multiple face to face appearances from the Lord.  My two children, Joshua and Destiny had face to face visits from the Lord when they were only seven and nine years old.  I asked the Lord to visit my children because I know how impacting it is for them to have an experience from the Lord on their own outside of the influence of us as parents, teaching them about Jesus.  When Jesus first appeared to me at seventeen years of age I know what this did for me, outside of my parents witness in telling me about Jesus.  Your children too, along with your whole family can experience this as well.  Even the families in the world-wide ministry the Lord has given me on our staff, husbands, wives, and children have had appearances from the Lord Jesus Christ.  It’s happening everywhere around the nation and the world the Lord sends me to minister.  Pastors and their wives along with hundreds of people in their congregations are starting to experience these awesome face to face appearances from Jesus that is changing their lives and revolutionizing their walk with God in experiencing Jesus in a relationship that they never knew that was possible.
In the church we are clear that Jesus said, “Where ever two or three are gathered in My name there am I in the midst of them.”  It is so much easier for us to believe that He will be in the midst of us personally where two or three is gathered but not when we are alone.  I know christians today who are not conscious even of this very fact that where ever two or three are gathered in His name, Jesus promised to personally be there among us!  This is one of His first promises that I stood on in the earlier days of my christian walk.
I was always looking for Him when I would go amongst other believers for I took this scripture literal and was always conscious to this fact.  Like I mentioned earlier it was sometimes during my personal times that I was not conscious mentally that Jesus was personally there with me alone.  When I not only found out that He promised to come in the midst of us when we gathered among two or three but also alone this became an eye opener to me.
For I had read in John 14:18 where He said, (this was not only for the disciples but for us also today) “I will not leave you comfortless”.  After this statement, in the next breath Jesus made a bold promise to us saying, “I will come to you”.  This is what I have stood on for years and He has continually kept His promise to me.  This promise is yours today as well.  Notice, He didn’t specify a limited amount of times.  This scripture can also imply a plural meaning that He can come to us many times.  He says, “I will come to you”.  That’s a promise you can keep and that’s a promise He will perform in your life.  He is going to come to you.  Be awaiting your face to face appearance from Jesus.

This Face To Face Relationship Is An Eternal Covenant between You And The Lord Forever

When the Lord knows you face to face the bible says this means He has set your face before Him forever.  This is an eternal covenant of face to face intimacy with Him.  The Psalmist said, “And as for me, thou upholdest me in mine integrity, and settest me before thy face for ever” (Ps 41:12).  David then turned around and said, “Behold, O God our shield, and look upon the face of thine anointed” (Ps 84:9). David understood and that knew that he had this face to face relationship.  The Lord knew David face to face and he often spoke of this!

 “For David speaketh concerning him, I foresaw the Lord always before my face, for he is on my right hand, that I should not be moved”  (Acts 2:25)

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