Week 37 Ancient Writings

Welcome to week 37 of our study from the ancient writings and records about divine ascensions and trips to Heaven that the men of old received in their lifetimes, and have been preserved for our generation to learn. Over the next few weeks, we will study more trips to Heaven that were written by Enoch, detailing what he experienced when he visited the Lord in Heaven and the countless mysteries he learned concerning the visible and invisible! You will learn and gain understanding about his initiation into heavenly mysteries, what his eternal position would be to God, and how Enoch brought uncommon pleasure to the Lord that caused Him to unveil great mysteries to Enoch!

This week we will study Zephaniah, the prophet, and his trip to Heaven and Hell. We know that he was shown much more, however, only fragmented pieces of his writings were found. Even in those fragments, divine keys and details of what takes place in the eternal realm were found. They showed people on Earth are watched and recorded, with much anticipation, by the angels in Heaven and the angels of the great accuser, who stands in the presence of the Lord accusing men day and night. Great mysteries continue to unfold as we study these ancient men and their accounts of what was shown to them from the eternal realm. 



  • Hear how the Lord sent two large angels to bring Enoch to Heaven.
  • Hear how Enoch divinely dreamed about the two angels and when he woke up they were at the foot of his bed calling his name.
  • Learn what the angels instructed Enoch to tell his sons so nobody would search for him while he was in Heaven
  • Hear Enoch's instructions to his sons about how to walk in true reverence before God and not to turn to vain gods while he is gone from the Earth.
  • Hear about Enoch being taken to the 2nd Heaven and shown prisoners waiting with unceasing weeping for their immeasurable punishment.
  • Hear about Enoch visiting the 3rd Heaven and paradise.
  • Hear details about the Tree of Life and what Enoch was shown.


  • Hear how Rick Joyner spoke to people in Heaven who shared what they would have done differently while on Earth.
  • Hear Rick Joyner's conversation with the man who rejected the people he was assigned to mentor on earth,
  • including himself.
  • Hear the rewards he missed in Heaven because of rejecting people on earth and his regret.
  • Hear how he was assigned to be a spiritual father and entrusted to bring others to maturity, but out of insecurities he only helped who he could control.
  • Hear Rick Joyner share that what looks good on Earth is often seen very differently in Heaven.
  • Learn what will make you a king on Earth is often a stumbling block keeping you from being a king in Heaven.
  • Learn that what makes you a king in Heaven is mostly lowly and unacclaimed on Earth.
  • Hear how the would be mentor failed the greatest tests and opportunities given to him on Earth.
  • Hear Rick Joyner's share the would be mentor’s accomplishments were famous and looked astounding on Earth, but were very little in Heaven.
  • Hear how after Rick Joyner met the man's wife she shared the shortcomings the couple fell into in ministry.
  • Hear the wife admit that her manipulation behind the scenes led to many of her husband's accomplishments but almost caused him to lose his soul until regaining it moments before he passed away.
  • Hear the pitfall her husband fell into, by doing most of his accomplishments for her instead of the Lord.
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