Prophecy to America: “CRISIS IN UKRAINE”
Russia Has Strategically Started War

Ten years before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Apostle David E. Taylor received a divine face to face visitation from Jesus where the Lord showed him that Russia paid off terrorists from the Middle East to attack the United States’ financial centers, as a decoy to conceal the real source of the attack. Apostle Taylor was also shown that some time, after this first attack, Russia would launch a sneaky, undetected submarine attack on America, striking California and central Florida, ultimately thrusting America into a nuclear war. Jesus showed Apostle Taylor that America would not win this war, and as a result, millions of Americans would lose their lives and America would be brought under communistic regime.

Americans all over the nation are witnessing the devastating news that the Invasion of Ukraine has begun. What is currently happening in the Ukraine, with Russia starting war, is a confirmation of the character and plot of the Russian government that Apostle Taylor has been giving warning about for nearly 30 years! God does not want to see America destroyed and He has sent Apostle Taylor as His messenger and end-time general to warn His people of this coming attack, and to give the answer and solution that will avert this war. America must listen!

God continues to validate His friendship and covenant with David E. Taylor! Jesus promised Apostle Taylor that He would make special face to face appearances to anyone who comes in contact with his ministry! This covenant has resulted in millions around the world seeing the Lord, face to face!

In January 2022, a young woman on Apostle David E. Taylor’s staff received a special series of visitations from the Lord that gave warning about Russia’s upcoming plans for the Ukraine, and how it is also Russia’s strategy to move forward in their attack against America. Read what Jesus told her…!!

Her testimony ~

“I looked over toward my window and I saw a very bright, pure, white light in front of my curtains. I sat up on my bed to look closer, and when I did the light became the outline of a figure. I felt such peace. The light was so bright at first that it was hard for me to keep my eyes open. But the light dimmed a little, and I could see better… and then I saw the Lord. It was Jesus! He stood in front of my window and allowed me to look at Him. His beautiful robe was all white and came down to the top of His feet. Something about it seemed to shine, or sparkle, for lack of a better word. I wish I could describe what I saw. He was glowing… just beautiful, impeccable! His eyes at first were like an electrifying, gorgeous blue but then they changed to an amazing honey or bright-brown amber color. They also had a deeper brown tone and depth to them. It’s hard to describe… I’ve never seen such beautiful eyes! They were intense, but so comforting and filled with love and kindness. The Lord stretched out His hand to me and said, “Come, I have things to show you.”

Instantly, we were in a tunnel of light, traveling and soaring faster than I could comprehend! When everything stopped, we were standing in snow. I heard the sound of a train on a track and looked over my left shoulder to see a huge train with military tanks and vehicles rolling by. Jesus began walking forward alongside the tracks, about 20 to 30 feet away. I followed Him. I noticed His robe was far more white than even the pure, untouched snow on the ground. He walked in silence. I then saw many military men running. As I looked closer, I saw it wasn’t our military. On the other side of the field I saw another army. Tanks began to shoot out missiles. Bombs and missiles went off. I heard men screaming commands on both sides amidst constant gun firing. It was so loud it took my breath away.

“Lord, are we in the Ukraine?” I asked. Jesus nodded “yes” to confirm we were there. The Lord took my hand again and we were instantly in a small, dark, secret room in the Kremlin. I saw Vladimir Putin sitting in a chair around a short, circular table. Jesus said, “I have tried to speak to Vlad in his youth.. even after all of these years, but he prefers to keep an open ear to Lucifer. He spends his time with Satan.” A man entered the room and handed a cell phone to Putin. I could hear a Chinese voice talking to Putin through the phone. Putin began speaking back, they were both speaking in their own languages.
Jesus said, “Listen closely… and pray! America must pray. Pray to My Father!”

Putin hung up the phone and walked out of the small room. I watched him walk down to a podium in a large room. He was speaking in Russian but somehow, I was able to see a T.V. screen with the news on. The headlines read, “Putin to Declare War on America. China to Support. Other Nations to Follow Suit.” I clutched Jesus’ arm and said, “No, Lord, this can’t be!” Then Putin left the podium and exited the room. I saw him enter another room and begin to speak to leaders and presidents of other countries on the phone. He looked cold-hearted in his face. Jesus said, “He enjoys causing fear and confusion. He tells half-truths. He says one thing while doing the other.”

The Lord took my hand again, and within what felt like a second, we were standing in another room. I saw the President of the United States, President Biden lying in bed. Mrs. Biden was sitting, leaning towards him, patting his forehead with a damp cloth. He didn’t seem to be in the best health. It didn’t seem like he was dying, but I able to see that this was how he really feels when the cameras or people aren’t around. Jesus spoke and said, “Tell My people they are to pray that God’s will be done in my friend (David’s) life so that America will not be attacked.” I said, “Yes Lord, I will tell them.” I then thought of the Ukraine again, and I asked, “Lord, when will this happen?” Jesus replied, “This does not have to happen…Pray…”

These are very serious warnings. Apostle David E. Taylor is calling every Christian in America to gather with him this July 22-23, 2022, for the Global Online Virtual Arena Crusade, leading up to the major “Heal the Land Crusade” at the Amway Center in July 2023. This gathering is God’s hope and solution to turn America back to Him and avert the coming nuclear war!

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land,” (2 Chronicles 7:14).


Why is Russia after the Ukraine? For those who ask, “Why does Ukraine matter?” This is why Ukraine matters:

By area, the Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe, has a population of over 40 million, and Ukraine ranks:
-1st in Europe in proven recoverable reserves of uranium ores
-2nd in Europe and 10th in the world in terms of titanium ore reserves
-2nd in the world in terms of explored reserves of manganese ores (2.3 billion tons, or 12% of the world’s reserves)
-2nd largest iron ore reserves in the world (30 billion tons)
-2nd in Europe in terms of mercury ore reserves
-3rd in Europe (13th in the world) in shale gas reserves (22 trillion cubic meters)
-4th in the world by the total value of natural resources
-7th in the world in coal reserves (33.9 billion tons)

Ukraine is an important agricultural Country:
-1st in Europe in terms of arable land area
-3rd in the world by the area of black soil (25% of world’s volume)
-1st in the world in exports of sunflower and sunflower oil
-2nd in the world in barley production and 4th in barley exports
-3rd largest producer and 4th largest exporter of corn in the world
-4th largest producer of potatoes in the world
-5th largest rye producer in the world
-5th in the world in bee production (75,000 tons)
-8th in the world in wheat exports
-9th place in the world in the production of chicken eggs
-16th in the world in cheese exports
-Ukraine can meet the food needs of 600 million people.

Ukraine is an important industrialized country:
-1st in Europe in ammonia production
-Europe’s 2nd and the world’s 4th largest natural gas pipeline system
-3rd largest in Europe and 8th largest in the world in terms of installed capacity of nuclear power plants
-3rd in Europe and 11th in the world in terms of rail network length (21,700 km)
-3rd in the world (after the U.S. and France) in production of locators and locating equipment
-3rd largest iron exporter in the world
-4th largest exporter of turbines for nuclear power plants in the world
-4th largest manufacturer of rocket launchers in the world
-4th in the world in clay exports
-4th in the world in titanium exports
-8th in the world in exports of ores and concentrates
-9th in the world in exports of defense industry products
-10th largest steel producer in the world (32.4 million tons)
The Ukraine matters! Its independence is important to the rest of the world and these resources are why Russia is chomping at the bit to take it.

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